Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Solstice (June21st- Sept 22)

Summer is the season of care free and in human life, is symbolic for human age 19 to 45. In the first part of  Summer, this is usually the onset of parties, vacations, good times, hot weather, so less clothing meaning sex might be on the mind a little more; however Summer is also a major transition and growth season. Usually the fun and games start to taper off about mid August as you get closer to Fall. Summer can be a confusing season because it has a hypnotic spell. During this part of the year, one should be preparing for the harsher part of life so it can be as care free as summer; but actually, one is enjoying the warmth and the ambiance that is summer.

Summer is symbolic to our youth because in our youth, we're still deciding what we want to do; there's no pressure because the attitude of summer is care free, not to mention the long days which give the allusion of day being longer hence the lag on wanting to do things and get you life on the role. A lot of people can get caught in the hypnotic doldrums, the dreamy filter of life summer can present; when this happens, usually by mid to late summer, everything hits you in one shot. This is what they call the Saturn return which usually shows up in one's life starting around 27 and ending at 30. In summer, the signs play a role. You have Gemini ending spring and introducing you to summer, Cancer starting summer, Leo the dominant drive and influence, and Virgo ending your summer and helping you organize for fall.

The planets and stars that our key here are, The moon, The sun, Mercury, (on the Virgo side and Gemini side) Mars and Jupiter, the two planets not as dominant . Each one of these planets in Summer play crucial roles. Mercury is the planet of communication and intellect which shows up introducing you to Summer and conjuncts with the moon. The moon is responsible for care free,  deep intuition, and feeling. In the first part of summer or in youth, this helps one become in individual, expressing how they feel. Mercury is in our skies till the end of June; as Cancer takes over, we become more influenced by the moon; which in youth, is the rise of care free, emotion, and deep intuition. The onset of Summer can be chaotic in a good way because cancer usually smooths out feelings and intuition guides us in the right direction.

As we move through summer, fire sign Leo shows up which in human life is about age 25. It gets tricky here because who we thought we were in cancer, gets thrown out the window. Leo brings the sun (shining light, yet warmth) Jupiter brings, wisdom, expansion which can be associated with graduating from college, an expanded mind and a few lessons learned, and Mars brings vitality, drive, which can be associated with prime and the time of life when we start thinking about kids and starting our career; on the flip side, youth is still dominant and wanting to hit the bars or travel is still an option, it becomes confusing.

Once we hit late summer and the light of Leo and jovial influence of Jupiter take back seat, organized intellectual planet of Mercury shows up again with Saturn and Venus in Virgo. In late summer or in human years mid to late 30's until about 45, we're organizing for later in life. Late summer is the cross roads where youth is still present but nothing compared to when we were in June. Summer comes to an end and who we were in June is a totally different person compared to September. Summer is growth, change, fun, passion, curiosity (but not as much as spring) a tad philosophical because we no longer are influenced by our parents, we've become individuals only for Leo to shine light on who we really are using the hypnotism of summer to ease the shock, and Jupiter's expansion to grow into a new and solid individual. Mercury shows up in compassionate and loving Virgo to connect with Venus for understanding and healing but with stern Saturn to make sure you don't repeat Summers lessons. Welcome to Summer and enjoy.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Jorja Smith - Where Did I Go?

What is love?

I remember the
moment I layed
eyes on you and
I knew it was you

I knew what
to say, I remembered
that feeling as my broken
heart tried to feel love, racing
against time and watching how
things should have played out.

I knew that instant, that something
was off... its rare, that one gets to see
 the time line of their life play out how its
suppose to, its like watching the tracks
and the train go on a different route, one
can only wonder what would've happened....

Something stops
me from conveying
my vision into words,
possibly youth or confused,
possibly to many emotions
are infused, I am blindly in
love with you so my visions
explanation to the heart is
construed, ghastly lies turned
 to romantic lullabies, dreamy
eyes turned into good byes, restless
nights soothed by the moon made for
number sequences and good
morning surprise, like tangled hair
our eyes lock and dive into a dream,
for a second we escape the mean, for
those seconds we are free, for a
moment is just you and me......

Rudely we come
crashing back into
a world of chaos, a
world of turns and
burns, back stabbing
and deceit, greed and
lies, jealous snakes,
zealous fakes, a rebellious
state, we fight for space,
causing havoc for peace,
using the opposite of emotions
to find a right in-between.....
What is love?

Tom Misch & Carmody - So Close - Official Video

Chasser l'amour

 Love doesn't understand material, passion doesn't fulfill wants, only lust fuels greed from what I can see...

I don't know why when you chase money you find love, maybe its because chasing money puts you on so many paths, possibly the numbers are a formula, a language that unlocks the code of love...

math is formulas, chemistry, its solutions, problems, it divides, multiples, adds, subtracts, much like a relationship filled with tears and laughs, kids and romantic baths, an understanding and connection, the only thing that requires perfection yet mistakes are made...

you make it we count the dollars, we dream of a life, this dreamy world of perfection because money... does it lead us to love? Why when one chases money does one find love? Why is it when one chases love one finds money? It's  Like two trains passing each other with passengers wanting to go in the opposite direction of where there going...I don't know why when one chases money one finds love...

Two sides

I dont know why I must fight with you, why you like to stir my emotions, why you like to hurt me, why you take my kindness for weakness, I dont know why...

the moment I strike back and don't nurse the dirt you dished you begin to wish I didn't exist, your eyes flood with tears, you ears drown out sound as the lump in your throat gets tight and your dried damp red eyes swell like if they were wishing wells and your tears were thoughts, its like we transferred emotions and you feel the hurt you call love...

I know its love, I know the cliche Hollywood romance is for the screen of mind, I know you have freeze frame moments, you layed on top of rose pedals surrounded around boquets...

you can't tell something is an addiction until you try to give it up...

what's the difference between love and addiction? Why does love feel like lust? Why does anger feel like hate? I went for a walk in the rain and  people looked at me strange. I realized what I see as a strange look might be someone's look of content. What do emotions look like? Everyone responds differently


Without blue there's no red, without water there's no land, without cats there's no dogs and the list continues...

why does one need the other? How come one can't exist without it? Is it in human nature to rebel? One day I got fed up with my boss and his tyranny and I wanted to throw a tire wrench through his windshield: the irony, I was to the point where I didn't give a fuck if these assholes were going to fire me, but I knew this year was the year that I would hit them with an iron fist but like night to day I realized we have different views but its the same date....

I don't know why when we're sure we're  wrong, and when we're wrong we are right, when we plan it differs, without a plan we bicker and miss the bigger picture, lose the course and we become bitter...

balance is beautiful but it appears everything born from it isn't. As I open all the windows in my house, open the back door, open the front door, the wind ravish through the house when it pleased,  rustling through the trees, carrying sweet scents of distinct flowers and swirling dead leaves....

tranquil by the cool air and the sun playing peek-a-boo behind the clouds, I shut the door to my room only for a gush to push the door open...

I want it closed, the wind opposed, I wanted fresh air in the house, the wind blows, but I close one window and things change...the door closed and the house stayed fresh...what is balance?

Late spring conversing with early spring

Early: what's the difference between psychosis  and religion?

Late: what? Dude, that's soo unappropiate.

Early: It is?

Late: Yes, your basically implying that people who are religious have a mental problem and that's totally not cool.

Early: I wasn't trying to hurt anyone...I was talking to winter and winter said religion doesn't exist and people with psychosis see things that aren't there and---

Late: You were talking to winter? Dude Winter is harsh, cold, and old, of course he would imply religious people are crazy...did you ever think winter is crazy?

Early: why would I think that?

Late: because winter lives for Nostalgic moments and never gives an answer or if Winter gives an answer, he tells you to look with in to find the true meaning or some bullshit that makes no sense. Look, Religion is real, however the stories are kind of questionable.

 Early: I don't get it..

Late: ok, religion exsit. We have artifacts, books, temples, churches, all kinds of real stuff to show religion exist. The stories are questionable but they have meaning.

Early: what's the meaning?

Late: read it dude, besides your too young to understand it.

Early: too young? Your only older than me by a few years.

Late: true, but I comprehend things a little different....look I'll tell you this much early, the stories religion present to us are a guideline, an example of what we should do...just keep reading, trust me you'll begin to change...and by the way, your question is totally unappropiate but sinceits something you're pondering, what do you think the difference between religion and psychosis are?

Autumn conversing with Spring

Spring: what is love?

Autumn: ......its an emotion that's intense, a tad impulsive, its joy, happiness... love changes you and can make you do things you never thought before...

Spring: I don't understand.

Autumn: nobody understands it completely.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Janet Jackson - That's the way love goes (1993)

What is it like to kiss?

I often wonder,
I plunder, and
fight the thunder
of passion that
constantly implodes,
What is it like to kiss?

It looks
disgusting at first,
its the initial shock,
the exchange of spit....

from a different
perspective it looks
soft and slow, like time
stopped....the way ones
lips slowly drag across the
face like a train to a wedding
dress, the obsessed stare and
tugging of hair, the ability of hands
moving across each others body
like a mime, pulling each other
closer signaling your mine,
kisses on the neck sending
goose bumps up the spine,
the light bites on the ear lobe
like your whispering naughty
thoughts to my mind, the
light grind against my zipper
telling me its time....

What is it like to kiss?
What if its not quite right?
What if the person is a lip bitter
but to damn hard, like from
erotic to pain, confusing my

What if its sloppy?
What if its a stingy
kiss from someone
with full lips? Like
there heart is still on
the cliff while the brain
went spelunking unequipped...
night eyes graze the sky with
a wish, what is it like to kiss? 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


My parents said
to never trust strangers,
those are people you
don't know, those
are folks who want
to hurt and say all kinds
of nasty words, those
are not your friends...
but I'm starting to undestand,
strangers aren't just unfamiliar
faces either...

Sunday, April 16, 2017

We are

Why does everything
sound the same?
How come when
water hits a car, it
sounds like wind ruffling
through the leaves? Why
are things different with similar sounds?
I was at the ocean the other day and
I watched the sun rays glare, the water
splashed on the pier and left a puddle
at my feet. I saw a reflection in the
puddle and I saw the mirror that was me.

Is God a liar?

You told me
he created
the son, you
told me the
devil is his son,
you told me it
was his most
beautiful creation,
you told me he
loves us but
damns us in revelations,
you told me 7 days
everything came into
creation, you told me
he loves me, you told
me Lucifer is evil but
God created him, Is
God a Liar?

Are lies
only meant
for the divine?
Are lies real?
What's a lie?
What is God?
What is religion?
Is it real? Are
visions real?
Is God a
lie or is
man a lie?
Is God a
man or woman?
Do Animals
go to hell?
They Kill?
and aren't
we animals?
I was
told me
and the cat
are mammals?
If we pray,
our prayers
don't always
manifest yet
we were
told to speak
into existence?
Sometimes we
get hurt by her
plans, What's
Ego? What's evil?
Why do we do
bad for good?
Why do we hurt?
Why did we fall
from grace? Why
did we lose immortality
to a snake? Why use metaphor?
Why not be direct? 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Tom Misch - In The Middle Of The Night

Spring Equinox (Mar 20th- June 20th or 21st depending on the year)

Spring is a season of growth, rebirth, warmth, love, and change. Spring can be a complex season. As we wake from winters mystic slumber that aggressively tries to keep a grip on us, the energy of spring battles with winter, trying to keep the deathly cold grips of winter in its place. At times spring loses, other times winter loses, it really is a back and forth kind of situation yet unique. The symbolism displayed in Spring is symbolic to a person in youth, full of vigor, spontaneous, impulsive, energetic; there's not much tact in spring but the force spring has makes up for being tactless. Winter on the other hand is old, tired, very little to no vigor, yet is an extremely wise person with an abundance of tact, patients, and will. Winter is use to harsh weather and doesn't fear the force of spring. Winter teaches us to wait out the storm and attack when tired; yet spring whose also fearless, due to a lack of tenacity, a naive outlook, and a thought of nothing can kill me,  teaches us with a enough force and stamina, you can prevail and defeat even the hidden.

Spring would fall with in the human age range of new born to about age 21. In these years, one does so many changes that one is practically a new person by the time summer arrives. Winter being the season of death, and Spring being the season of rebirth, really plays with the idea of reincarnation. In a post I have called Imagination, I've mentioned that I believe the imagination and imaginary friends that we have early on could be a connection to a past life; or it could be a child being a child, I'm open minded. In spring, its time to transform, search for answers and reasons; during this time of year, Jupiter shows back up in the skies and is a dominant planet. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, truth, education,  knowledge, wealth, luck, justice, optimism, wonder, philosophy and mystic. This planet rules the sign of Sagittarius and teams up with Aries (Usually Mars ruled) in the third week of April (10th-20th). Venus, Mars, and Mercury also accompany the giant planet.

The energy these planets send to humanity is what ushers in the change. The luck from Jupiter, the fearless masculine energy of Mars, the love goddess Venus, and the intelligent communication skills of Mercury mix in spring. It gives spring many questions which is also sprinkled down from Jupiter, random love affairs from Venus, and the intelligence from Mercury to communicate and learn from past love mistakes or tips that Venus lovely bestows upon us. Mars is the undertone that keeps us fearless all through out spring. That fearlessness helps us grow due to constant mistakes. Once summer arrives you can look back with nostalgia and say, "Yeah, I made that mistake when I was 16." Winter never dies, its tactful and impacts you even when you thought you defeated it;  you can't defeat the inevitable. Welcome to Spring.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mom Tudie & Tom Misch - Waiting On You

Cracked Egg

I cracked the shell
and out came life
teeming with spirit,
rebelled by energy,
forced by nature and
spelled by human dna...
one can crack the egg or
be the crack in the egg, one
can be the yolk or be the chick
you decide which grass is greener on
either side of the fence...nothing makes
sense in these final days, it all seems
everything is cracked, we're all walking
on egg shells, just the wrong slip of the
tongue is like the blunt end of the of a
counter...crack, boom, crack, slowly our
emotions ooze out into a pan sizzled and stirred
our society is scrambled...I want to be the force
within, I want to be the reason for the crack, not the
reason why its cracked...I guess either way you look
at it, why is the question that emerges....peace winter,
I'll see you next life time...

Untitled XVII

Nothing has changed from 20 years ago, you're only looking at it differently; apply that on a global scale and it makes you wonder. Has anything changed? Of course a few things have changed...everyday, every minute, second, something changes our vision;  the only thing that gets in the way of our change is ego and emotion. Nostalgia, as beautiful as it is, it allows for one to live in a time that doesn't exist anymore. One can be proud of past achievements as if it happened 15 minutes ago, that can be dangerous. Dangerous because you wonder if everyone is living in a fantasy. We all ignore that little voice that tells us the truth about ourselves but we let our ego take the wheel. A world full of 7 billion people have this problem.

Imagine if everyone told the truth about themselves, what insecurities for others would break down. There's one person in your life who you idolize, but if you only knew there problems, you'd realize you're just as equal or similar.

We judge others yet we have  dirty secrets; we make others feel as if they're worthless but the moment your demons are called out, you get a little a funny acting. Nobody cares. Call out the demons. The more we call out, the more we see we are similar. A demons job is to divide and conquer and they do that well with man. That's why we have people who feel like outcast in our society because of our judging. Let go of the ego. As I've read before, the Devil spelled backwards is Lived, a past tense, meaning it happened but its not happening today so it would be a lie to make someone feel like they are the person from yesterday.

What about Nostalgia? Winter shows us, Nostalgia is tricky. Nostalgia is seen as good and it is, but we should connect it with tradition. Tradition allows us to do that same thing we did last year but as the current person we are today so we don't live in the past. peace world and welcome to Spring.

When I fell asleep

I knew my eyes
would close because I
was sick of looking,
watching while everyone
smiled and dived into their

I got sick
of looking out,
watching others
oversleep so I dived
into the trance myself.
I became a light sleeper,
one eye up, one closed,
I slept in my clothes only
because when danger lurks,
its hard to sleep.

I get sick
of hearing
wake up when
I sleep, fuck you,
I've been shaking,
waking your ass up
for some time and all
you do is roll over yelling
"five more minutes" 4 times,
now you got 10 minutes
to get an hour away. 

Why do we wait?

I've been
warning you
and now
you're mad at
me, in disbelief,
like I would lie
to you keeping
time discrete.
Stubborn fools,
don't worry about
the now its here, look

I knew my
eyes would
close, my
lids felt heavy,
I knew the storm
was windy, but
the bombs broke
the levy, I know
that was yesterday
but you seemed
to not learn from
the afternoons
lessons, you keep
praying to a God
asking for blessings,
he keeps speaking
through people
because God is
with in us, you
keep saying man
is full of sin but
how could divine
be in us? Because
dark without light
is asinine we're holy sinners...


There's a ghost
that knocks
at your door,
3 in the morning
yelling, "I want in!!!"
But nobody can hear.
The knocking from the
door is a vibe you
can feel, so I guess you
can hear through the
raised hair on your arm,
the ghost means no harm
just a tad confused, hasn't
quite figured out its need
to cross...there's a ghost
at your door, they want in,
pounding and pounding, screaming
and yelling, "haunting unfinished" and
yelling replenish, repeating a
sentence, screaming in penitence,
"I want in!!" There's a ghost that
knocks at your door...

Monday, March 13, 2017

Too Many

There's too
many of us
for everyone
to treat each other

There's too
many of us to
not fight, there's
too many people
with different definitions
of what means equal, the
only time a math symbol
isn't tied to a fixed answer,
a oxymoron species, we
don't understand emotions,

everything is connected
one word can trigger
commotions, we have
too much feelings in
our speech and careless
about the position of feet,
we care too much about lies
dismissing the truth, there's
too many of us to fall
under one religious roof,
we are a sensitive species,
we die too soon to know
life, even in winter years as
you grow wise you still search
the skies for right...

The Sun

I can walk
down these
empty Hollywood
streets, walk
down sunset obliterated
out of my mind...what is a sunset?
It's when the sun travels
through the sky until its
reaches the horizon...when
the son fell darkness squanderd
the land sprawling every second,
reaching dark spots until the sun fell...
the son never fell he just switched positions
to shed his light elsewhere...its a proven
fact that the sun ignites certain cells and it
can change things in our dna...sun light can
help with depression all you need is 7 minutes
a day...Hell was written as a dark space
because man did things in the dark, things
they would fear to be seen in the light, really,
all evil fears being seen, that's why they approach
in our dream because we dismiss visions as obscene,
once we remove the filter and believe in ourselves, to
know what we see is real, we don't fear the dark we
become he truth, so when the sunsets its not
darkness taking control, its darkness on the run...

Friday, March 10, 2017

Angels speaking

They say angels
only fight with
intellect, but
demons fight
using emotions, if
it doesn't make
sense we give into
the flesh, the more
we know, the more
we understand, the
stronger our angels,
the weaker our demons...
tricks can be confusing,
thoughts can be misleading,
everything in the environment can
be used for the pleasure of the demon,
everything has to be weighed before
action is taken, everything has to be
acknowledged before intellect is awaken,
the stars have to be aligned before war
is forsaken, growth of man has to be
stunted to see the changes that make him,
separation during growth shows the reflections
that breaks him, we can change the way we think
to grow closer to the maker, a change in our behavior
changes the world and breaks fixed habits....

Winters translation

We live for nostalgic
because our traditions
trigger happy memories,
we change our traditions and
in exchange get a fear of the unknown,
we hate not knowing that's why were
obsessed with time travel, the better we
understand ourselves we lose fear of the
dark, the better we grasp the brain, we can
for see our future before the start, we choose to
believe that all emotions are separate, we think love and
hate are different but its passion that connects them,
someone's love is someone's anger but perspective
changes vision you understand life a little different in
winter to bad our

Untitled XVI

The angels sing to the universe heart beat, the messages are coded in vibration...

Untitled XV

Commercials were used to control your mind by putting on noises only the subconscious mind would pick up....for example, you hear what the actors are saying in the commercial but they mix intended messages in the beat, an undertone...

Old Man Winter 3

Other life forms live among us. They are similar to us but have a greater understanding of the human body, especially the brain. They have a technology that allows them to be invisible but over time, the older suits have flaws. The bumps you hear in your house, its them, the random shit you lose, its them. (Winter laughs). They whisper in our ear at a pitch low enough so it sounds like your thoughts; they are masters of sound.

They are peaceful. We could've been killed. Our evolution has been us but they've integrated with us, they've upgraded our technology through thought, hence the Ancient societies. They test us.

They stop speaking and observe to see if dna tells a story. It does. They know about angels. They know a little more about our universe and advanced beings. They are our guardians. We are a young species and left unguarded we could be in trouble; not everyone is kind.

They find us beautiful in a nostalgic way, we humans as a whole are there 16 year old kid. What we find annoying among us is cute to them, the stars have more twisted stories. Sometimes, they channel higher realms, they contact angels.

They don't understand death completely, somethings are still a mystery; everything is vast, they don't understand connections.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Untitled XIV

The wild called and said they want their tamed back....


When the Indigenous
left, they headed west
to meet with gods of the
sea because of the sea
they were able to see that
we, humanity came from
oceans that rained from the
heavens and exploded with
life in to what we see...what we
retain, who will remain to see
the reigns of angels sweep the
earth and unearth the wicked, the
angels wait in position, heads bowed
eyes closed as the demons scream
the angels sing, summon energy from
the universe channeled through the gods
traveled through the planets, dispersed
through space and control the brain pathways
making us act right or wrong....

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

mystic winter

We're broadcasting to
the universe using our the hills
one can see the radiation
lines that blast in color
and stream towards
the heavens, the energy
is returned which we create
and return, advance,see
through deception and
burn through lies, it smells
like truth, it feels like hell, it
seems like heaven  but together
its 7 plus 4 is 11 plus 11 is
22, separate the 2 and get
4,4,4,4.13, age of the universe
but DNA codes in reverse get
were multiplied in trillions...

The switch

(10 miles on the outskirts of a small mountain town)

The blizzard slammed against the large well built cabin walls, the winds roared and ravished at trees, blanketing the air with snow making visibility impossible. As the night disappeared and the mad winds made the snow billow and communications encumbrance to the near by small airport and people vacationing, inside our cabin the opposite occurred. We sat by the fire under the blankets and watched  as the storm flickered with the lights finally putting the electricity to sleep. The fire danced in the dark room, as we lie naked under the faux blankets, drunk on champagne, high on each others lips. I grabbed another bottle of champagne. Before I opened it, I push back the blankets, popped the cork and let the suds spill on her breast. I put the bottle down, licked her cleavage, wrapped my lips around her nipple and softly swirled, licking everything engaging her areola.

Her very quiet but stern moan was muffled by the howling of the winds. I dived into her vagina face first like a plane crashing into the ground; lip smacking and tongue swirling. Her intensity begin to match the storm outside. Using both hands she grabbed my head firmly.

She caressed my hair softly, my stiff tongue loosened up and flopped back and forth on her clit, moving my mouth slowly in a eating motion. Her hands moved from the side of my head as she pushed my face deeper. Coming up for air, vaginal secreation on my face shined in the glow of the fire, she looked at me with the intensity of fire, passion of the storm, she leaped on me, kissed me and slowly began to ride me.

My face buried in her chest as she bounced slowly and firmly, she tossed her head back and let out a light moan, my hard fat dick throbbed inside of her wet vagina, her tight orgasmic vagina began to lightly hug my dick like a firm but gentle hand shake.

My arms wrapped around her, I softly scratched her back, kissed her neck, lightly like butterfly kisses, lightly bit it, worked my hands from the small of her back on to both of her hips assisting her, bouncing her, plotting her down on my dick and letting her sit on it before bouncing back up to continue  creaming the sloppy wet mess she was making on my lap. No two snowflakes are alike I thought as I lied in the snow slowly dying, in and out of consciousness. For a moment there I think I actually felt my dick twitch to life; but the power of thoughts, that's what passed because the rest of me has failed.

The winds howl and my limbs way pass numb, the cold has made me delirious. I lay here in and out of reality; death teasing me bringing me out of a memory. Hours have passed and the only thing I can think of was that hot sex I had a few nights back. The blizzard is over, the winds are cold and the bite from the wind factor is like stubbing your toe on the corner of a chair multiplied by 20. It hurts. At some point I won't feel the dreadful cold.

The clouds slowly pass over revealing a beautiful bright moon and dazzling stars. Its so clear. So beautiful. Its so quiet. A few snowflakes gently fall to the ground from the frozen heavens above. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. The cold air fill my lungs making it hard to breathe but I can feel that. Only in winter can one see reality because the dreams stop. The maturity of the season doesn't allow for dream state. As I lay here facing the stars, gazing the heavens, flirting with death, reality dies only to wake up in spring..

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Vashti Bunyan - Hidden


I've lived
such a long
life I can't
distinguish nostalgia
from haunting. The
daunting voices have
become taunting
images, the taunting
images have become
diluted with time or
maybe I've grown,
I've out grown matters,
so things that meant alot
to me, those problems
have become laughter.
In old age you save your
tears or they run dry, the pain
you felt before seems to be a smirk,
which turn into a laughter of cry. My views
on things have changed, my fight for
policies and fair acts that roared like
a lion has become soft and quiet like
snow flakes in a forest, at some point
in your life you realize people are only
for change if they're for it, but if
what you're saying is truth they'll ignore it...

Friday, January 6, 2017

Winter Conversing with Summer

(Scene opens on a porch over looking a lake with a vibrant sunset)

Winter: Mankind as a whole is a 16 year old.

Summer: How so? How can you make such an assumption? Where's your facts?

Winter: Just look around you for your facts.

Summer: You're going to have be more specific than that, winter.

Winter: Summer, focus on someone else besides yourself and look around you. Do you even talk to other people besides those in your "squad"?

Summer: Do you even talk to people before making bias assumptions?

Winter: Every year I take 6 months and travel the world, not six months altogether but I travel the Northern hemisphere for 3 months and when it gets hot in the north, I travel the Southern hemisphere for 3 months. I've talked to vast amounts of people, well as many people who share a common language as I...the one thing I've noticed is nobody completely understands themselves, Summer.

Summer: I do the same exact thing winter, except when its cold in the north, I venture south for 3 months and I come back up to the north in June. In my travels, I've noticed people have different views; I feel the "misunderstanding" you're seeing is perspective in my opinion.

Winter: ah, perspective. Such a beautiful thought with an imaginary meaning. Its the cognitive dissonance of life that distorts the vision of feeling, yet blinds the eyes of truth.

Summer: What?

Winter: One day Summer you will grow to become me. Its only a matter of time before the complications become an intricate yet simple answer; even then you still get faced with the oxymoron that is life. Would you like a drink, Summer?

Summer: Got any patron shots.

Winter: I was thinking scotch on the rocks.

Summer: Bruh, I got work in the morning, I'm not trying to get fucked up--- well maybe, hold on, let me check my schedule ( looks at phone) don't work tomorrow, looks like we're about to turn up in this bitch.

Winter: Yes, turn up in this bitch. (Sighs) Must your language be so vulgar?

Summer: Its a saying; besides I'm not referring to a woman as a bitch, I'm calling the place we get inebriated in a bitch, it doesn't have any feelings.

Winter: Everything created has feelings through energy, Summer; by the way, I do have patron, I don't mind taking a trip down memory lane Sumar, as the Nordics use to call you; can you manifest my nostalgic thoughts?

Summer: (Lights up joint) yeah hold up...(Coughs out smoke, takes a shot) Whew!

Winter: (Slowly takes a shot) thus Summer begins.

Vashti Bunyan - Against the Sky - Turning Backs

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Winter conversing with Spring

Spring: What's the difference between psychosis and religion?

Winter: Religion doesn't exist.

Spring: Yes it does, we learned about it in school and the teacher showed us this big book with stories in it...

Winter: Do you know what psychosis is, spring?

Spring: its when a person has an over active imagination?

Winter: (laughs) not quite...where did you even pick up the word and "definition" of psychosis? And what lead you to connect religion and psychosis?

Spring: Because in religion, our teacher told us about a man name Jesus who turned water into wine and psychosis is people with big imaginations and my teacher said we can't see God but he's all around us, then we had to draw a picture of God in class and I said I couldn't draw God because I don't know what he looks like and then are teacher said go with faith and I asked what is faith? He said believing in something you can't see and then I remembered  the video I saw on Facebook about psychosis and how people see things that aren't there, what's psychosis?

(Winter laughs)
Winter: Wow that's a lot to take in for such a young mind...Autumn should probably limit your internet use...psychosis is characterized by an impaired relationship with reality. It is a symptom of serious mental disorders; usually these people have hallucinations or delusions. Don't classify religious people with psychosis.

Spring: ooohhh...what about people who say they saw Jesus walk on water?

Winter: Spring, what's the difference between psychosis and religion to you?

Spring: I don't know...what is it?

Winter: I'm not answering, its my life question and gift to you. I told you what psychosis is, your teacher has introduced you to religion and told you what faith is but you still ponder. Some have wondered if the consciousness of man has shifted and all of these stories the ancients speak about are true, its possible everything is in front of us and we got sick of seeing these powerful beings and we choose not to see anymore; thus psychosis, ADHD and others are created mental disorders for when we start to see the truth...

Spring:......................Can I have some cheetos?

Winter: Sure.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sunday, January 1, 2017


I believe in
You like
You believe
in me, I
Believe we
breathe what
we want to see,
I believe in
You like you
Believe in me...

I love you
Like you
Love me,
I like to hold
You like you hold me,
I miss your hugs
and pretty smile,
I believe in you
like you believe
in me...

I love
your eyes
and the way you
use to gaze in
mine, I loved
being next
to you even
if it was for
a short time,
I cherished your
moment because
30 seconds makes
me glow for weeks, I
didn't care what
you said because
every word you
spoke was sweet,
I loved your chin
and your soft profile
drove me wild, I loved
your smell and how
your walk drove me wild,
I loved your style, I loved you,
I still do but I can't
dwell on what
would've been..

I believe
in you
like you
believe in