Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tom Misch - Crazy Dream [feat. Loyle Carner] (Official Video)

You started it..

You can't
Blame others
for your fall
because you
control the
if someone has it
in there mind
to push you
back in time
you have to
be aware they're
doing everything
in there power
to make sure
you're set back,
even if its an hour...

You can
never place
blame in this
 game but
you don't see you
as others see you,
It's like looking for
a word in a crossword...
you've been searching,
determined, found words
that's not on the list, you
grunt, you laugh, your
mind drifts and then
that one person walks
up and finds it quick. "God damn it"
You yell...

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kendrick Lamar - Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (Explicit)

What is life? Part II

Without light dark does not exist. When the sun shines, it's a contrast and a reminder that all things in existence needs an opposition; without difference, we can't see the oposing, beauty, and, passion life offers. We all shine. Some of us are the sun, others are Regulus.

What is life?

I don't know. I use to think life was what we do everyday and I'm starting to realize, life is what we make it.  One monday evening, I was sitting at a bar enjoying my beer, listening to the jazz band play and this guy, I wanna say late 40s walked up and asked the bouncer, "I got two dollars. You mind if I leave these two dollars on each end of the pillar?"

The bouncer said yes and the man balanced his dollar bills on the pillars. The man then turned to me and a few others on the patio and he said, "bet you two dollars, nobody takes these two dollars sitting here."

I thought in my head, you just lost two dollars sir; however I was curious. As asinine as I thought the expirement was, I watched people walk by the money and not even flinch in its direction. After about 10 minutes, the two dollars remained.

I was baffled.

Everyone that walked in, I asked them, "did you see the two dollars on the pillars at the entrance?" They responded with yeah, I did. I questioned why they didn't take it, they gave me there answer and moved on.

Everyone who walked in I asked if they all saw the two dollars. Everyone said yes, everyone had a different reason for not taking it.

The bouncer walked away twice, one homeless guy zeroed in on it like a hawk to a mouse but kept walking, another homeless guy started asking for money while standing  next to the two dollars. I told him, "take the money" and he walked off with out it.

Not one soul that night (besides the guy conducting the experiment and the bouncer occasionally placing the money back) touched the money. Two hours had gone by and not one soul. The guy came back and he was impressed.

By this time, some of my bar buddies showed up and we were drunk, impressed, and swooned by the jazz band.

So what is life?

Well what I learned from that expirement was this: position is gold. All walks of life passed the money and nobody touched it, a few were tempted but nobody took it. 10 people all had different reasons and I realized perspective plays a huge role. Position and perspective.

Everyone views things differently but put something in the right position and you get the same results. Sun Tzu mentions in the Art of war that "strategy defines a position as what is known about a given competitor; to understand your own position, Sun Tzus tactic forces you to see yourself in the eyes of others.

Everyone at some point has had money and knows the value; even though the money was in a vulnerable yet humble position, it had the raft of a thousand suns; the dollars made people change.

What is life?

Life is change. Life is position. Life is confusing and contradictory, life is growth and "aha!" moments life is a multitude of fascinating unexplained events, life is feeling feelings that you thought were dormant inside of you but are very much alive, life is simple, life is people's memories because a lot of us still live in the past, life is everything you speak.

A lot of religions complicate life yet the earth gives us subtle easy clues in my opinion on what is life. Our four seasons shows us that everything in life eventually comes to a season of death for a short period and eventually a rebirth.

This repeated process happens on a large and small scale all at the same time. The seasons inbetween act as growth periods and usually the death of one thing is a position switch for another. Imagine that concept happening every second, rebirth and death on a wide scale, from someone actually dying down to the death of a career or a relationship and you see the collision that is life.

So what is life? The answer will always change, one man told me something his wife told him  "nothing hasn't changed in the past 20 years, you're just looking at it differently."

Now apply that and aforementioned comments all into a blender and you get, what is life? Its hard to pinpoint because at some point, my consiouness will shift again because that's what life is, it's a constant change of positions. All of us shine, some better than others but remember that shine also cast the dark.

In conclusion, the earth shows us in action, what life is. It shows us through the rotation around the sun that position is key for certain things to flourish and certain things to die. It shows us that each season serves a purpose. For example, if you try to grow crops in January, one can look foolish; kind of similar to an older woman or man acting like imbeciles in there 40s. On the flip side, the earth shows us position. Some places can grow crops in the dead of winter, so is it foolish if you have the means? Same applies for people. If one pays close attention to the seasons, your thoughts become global and you slowly expand out into our solar system and universe. You start seeing a patteren in your studies, you begin to wonder if the simple concept of seasons apply in our universe but on grander or smaller scales?

There's a repeated process: birth, climax, death and it repeats. Everything from the suns position as a metaphor of the dollars on the pillar, down to the perception of people and the irony of a starving man rejecting money still leaves one in a jumbled mess about life. What is it? The God energy moves so swift that changes happen before time, and then it comes to us as a thought; that God energy, its done 2 million moves since your one thought and another 2 million since your action; of course contradictions are born, accidents, perfect moments and etc are born. It happens so quick, and at the same time slowly so we understand there is something greater. What is life?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

erykah badu - I want you

Class room discussion

Professor: What do we need to change about society?

(Classroom quiet)

Student: our out look?

Prof: elaborate.

Student: I don't know...maybe the way we treat each other?

Prof: you're warm, think you can nail it home?

Summer: we're a cold world. Since the exlposion of technology, we tend to lean more on our technology, if you ask a question people are quick to tell you to google it.

Prof: Interesting. Why do you think that is, summer?

Summer: Because we don't know the answer ourselves. Everyone is too busy, the pace of life is a lot quicker so the need for comradery, to connect with people face to face has become....

Student: pointless.

Summer: not exactly pointless but....its---  times have changed.

Prof: there's no need for human interaction?

Summer: there's a need for it but not in the old way. It's much quicker to express how you feel through abbreviation/text.

Prof: what about now? We're communicating without a device...

Summer: well I need my grade miss.

Prof: All about the grade huh summer..

Summer: well I love this class--

Prof: I know I'm kidding with you

Summer: I think this shines light on chemistry.

Prof: oooo that's interesting..

Summer: well its been said that phereomones and other smells isn't real among humans and its only an animal thing; but clearly we follow people on social media but don't like them in real life....I think that's kind of strange.

Prof: you're right, it is. It's strange. But you're leaving out a lot of things like maybe the person on facebook or IG (as you guys call it) might like one particular thing about a person, maybe relationships, religions, beliefs, standards play in this. It's easy to show how you feel online, a lot harder to translate that into actual word...possibly this shines light on emotional intelligence?

Sunmer: how so?

Prof: There's a time and place for everything and a right way to say things. For example, "Summer, your fucking breathe stinks!" Is kind of harsh vs "hey dude, your breathe stinks here's some gum" Is a lot more subtle, honest, and loving. Everyone deep down knows when they're screwing up but its approach that will get the person to agree; attack is not one of them, but we associate negative with attacking.

Student 3: There's a chinese proverb or quote that relates to this...

Summer: you're thinking of Buddha I believe its... "In a controversy the instant we feel anger, we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves."

Student 4: what about, "you will not be punished for your anger but punished by your anger"

Summer: that part.

Prof: There's a lot of animosity in today's world is what I'm sensing from your responses.

Summer: the anger was already there it just became more clear with social media. We need anger but people fear anger. We're strangers to each other so we don't know each other's tipping points; social media kind of highlights through pictures and comments what kind of person one is.

Prof: you're saying one is able to judge a book by its cover because people who have a similar look and comment a similar way or agree on a topic are the same? Therefore if 5 are like this 6 and so on are similar? If that's the case, then technology is no different than people watching at a coffee shop.

Student 1: well it is...on social media you say what you really mean; versus out in public, in person, nobody is going to speak what they're really feeling.

Prof: Because of fear?

Summer: yeah, I mean not everybody, most are the same online as they are in person but on average most people fear others

Prof: Its okay to fear others, its shows we understand position and have respect. Ok class our hour is up see you next week; btw papers are graded. Summer, can you hang back for a sec...

Summer: what's up?

(Classroom clears out)

Prof: I loved your paper, "What is life?" But I gave you a B minus...

Summer: oh...ok...uh, why?

Prof: some grammitcal errors but I feel you know more, I want to challenge you, push you a little more...

Summer: do you want me to rewrite the paper?

Prof: yep. Your grade is already counted for; so if you write the paper and I feel it falls below your b minus you stay with your orginal grade, if you write an A paper, I'll give you the A.

Summer: oh sweet...I think...what was the highest grade?

Prof: I'm not allowed to disclose that info but lets just say your paper set the curve.

Summer: oh...but isn't this opinion?

Prof: It is. A lot of people copied each other which is why I'm having you re-write your paper.

Summer: ohhh...

Prof: yeah, so no more sharing your paper?

Summer: I needed cash.

Prof: yep, all college students Summer, What is life?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

J. Cole - Neighbors

What is life?

Life- "The existence of a individual  human being or animal."

That definition wraps it up but does our society agree? Does our biology agree? Since the begginning of our existence, the way we survived were in groups. It's how we bond, protect, grow, nourish, it's who we are today but most importantly it's how we win the game of life.

Groups spawned villages which in turn drived our cities, which brought cultures closer, combining cultures thus creating anew; from inventions down to fashion and the way we speak, groups are the way of life. But what is life?

"The existence of an individual person." How can one be an individual when in a group you have to conform to an alpha way of thinking? The moment you have a different opinion in a group, one becomes an outcast. Our society was created off following trend. Alphas set the trend.

What is life? Our society is fake. The alphas set the trend, the marketers spot it and they manipulate the rest. The brain is sensitive. It takes 3 weeks to form a solid brain pathway, it takes minutes to lay the ground work. The moment its advertised, you have been influenced. What is life?

Life is to have freedom of opinion, freedom of thought, in the game of life you do have freedom but to an extent. When this society was created, its said that ancient knowledge was hidden which lead to a rise of religions. Part of that knowledge was an understanding of the mind.

What is God? God is us. God is our brain pathways which have been manipulated. God in this society is created through religion. Religion has mixed truth with lie. The truth is we can speak anything through the tounge, the lie: was that what you wanted or was that manipulation?

With technology in place, its easier to see what you want, to pray to God and 15 minutes later or to be realistic some days, months later your speech becomes real. The real God, the energy, the universe whatever you call her/him,  moves through the fake society as well. The real God is everywhere.

What is life? Its not this, its not the society you see today. Its not our religions or all the marketing thrown at us. Its not getting up to go buy something, its not going to work, sitting in traffic, this is not life; buying stuff, television, internet/social media marketing is all part of a game, when you take that away, what are you left with? That emptyness you feel, its not empty, its life. Nobody knows what's it like to live unless one is rich. You've played the game, changed the rules.

So I ask you, what is life?