Sunday, September 13, 2015

Doja Cat - So High

Rose Petals on her feet

She said,"I hold the
towel around my waist
differently than when
I was younger, before
when the towel would
slip, you would loose
your grip and quickly
act so that your junk
you get out the shower,
hands no where near the
towel, and if the towel
slips off your hip, you
calmly reach for it, almost
as if you want the towel to
drop, as if you want me to
explore your continent...
you're slightly jaded, eyes
low you look a little faded,
but that spark still lingers,
the same spark you gave
me when you would kiss
my fingers..." I replied

"You've changed as
well, before you
were more eager
to see my towel drop,
now that I want you
to see, you seem more..
resistant to look, but
your lips biting and the
caressing of my aura,
holding back, curiling
your fingers, your
pinky is crunched up
other hand between
your legs, your panties
are bunched up,you
want me eat so you
can say we went to
brunch but, I want to
fuck you with your
feet in the air watch
your emotions
combust, rumbustious,
sweating and heavy
breathing I feel you getting
lose...I want you to come
touch, your use to the
tease, me stirring up
your needs, I keep
you on your toes but
you want me to pull
your hair on your knees,
bouncing up and down
like my dick is a trampoline...
I want this towel to drop so
your mouth can follow suit,
I want to feel your sticky
lip gloss...follow the candle
lit trail and let the rose
petals stick to your

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Red light

A fluorescent bright
glow filled the dark
hot room on a  warm
summer night, with a
cool breeze lightly
scraping across the
surface of her skin,
touching spots that
were wet.... her
flushed tan, sun vibrant
skin reached out to my lips,
called them to kiss, asked
me to put the ice in my mouth
and rub her belly, rub it so only
my lips and the tip of the ice
caress her navel,enough to arch
her back, raise her hairs, curl her
toes from the light blows, cringe
her face because of the tongue
smacking below....

The red glow
engulfed her erotic
stare, it magnified
her intense gaze as
I carefully played,
kissing her lace,as
my fingers danced
around her erogenous
zone, making it a pyrogenous
environment producing melodic
moans...light touches, light brushes
above the clit that felt imaginary,
imagery, the beauty of
symmetry try'em my S-
killfully fat tongue wants to...

The Weeknd - Earned It (LYRICS)

Found on You Tube

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Beach Chair (Explicit)

Published on May 30, 2015
Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group North America

Life can be a Paradise

We usually like things
even but life is more
exciting when its
odd, 7 days in the
week,6 of those might
be hard, 8 might be
easy the numbers tend
to change, sometimes
you luck up and your days
remain the same, but there's
times when one has to cut
the grass extremely low,
snakes eyes glaring, my
Nina from Pasadena she
gotta watch for the low,
life can be easy, depending
on a throw, Life can be a
Pair of dice depending on
your roll...

Friday, September 4, 2015

Breath taking/The other side of Venus

Breath taking

I wish I
had the right
words, because
the words I
spoke were
not good enough...
she only believes
in actions but that's
just a fraction, sometimes
what you say can merely
be reaction...I hope she
understands I'm negelcting
her because she has
a man, I'd stare into
her eyes holding her
hands, I don't need
speech just some
stars and a beach
or maybe at the park
chilling under a beech,
anywhere with her would
be....everyday with her
would be.....

 The lovely side of Venus

The waves break
against the mountain
side, the moon is bright,
reflection off of the water
you know the mood is right,
the breeze hit, my arms around
you, the thunderous waves
crashing all around us, the mist
 jumps in the air and dissapates
quickly, leaving our skin a tad
moist, a tiny bit sticky, the full
moon controlling our body fluid:
just kiss me, but the moment before
the kiss is what we live for so we
simply, fight the magnet, static,
energy that clicks us, every single
gas in the air is trying to mix us
20-16-16-a-7-d-88 your name
ignites nitrogen for my oxygen,
ironic that you're breath taking...


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Glad to see my dick still gets hard

After 10 years
of smoking harsh
tobacco leaves,
I'm glad to see my
dick still stands when
I have to pee. I don't
know why man would
want to smoke
something that causes
impotence, why
would human beings
create something
that's posionous yet tasty and
still erect, I
still poke like
a Facebook notification,
my blood has not clotted
at my lovely prime age of
31, but smoking has to slow
down...I know I quit, fuck
you I started again, just to
quit again, just to start again, I
finally quit again...I feel like a got damn
bi polar patient...

This lovely
but deadly
stinky habit, can decrease
ones sex drive opposite
of a jack rabbit, smoking
is for the stupid some say,
but studies have shown
smokers on average have
a higher intelligence.. I guess
there is a thin line between
genius and stupidity and
it took a plant,
a plant we have to burn,
get cancer from,
and all other kind
of fucked, "my fingers
are numb and tingling"
ass backwards werid
growth disease's and
tumors that spread
like there rumors, some
of us get it but nature
is humorous...
Fuck you natural
selection and fuck
your selection, because
some of them, a lot
of them, walk around with
their lips pursed,
their heads high, stick up
their ass society...I'd rather
die instead of let my blood
line live in a fake environment...
maybe not, I want kids,
they'll just be the rebels..anyways,
glad to see my dick still gets hard. =)

Written 4/5/15

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two of Me

In a universe
that's vast,
there's another
me that laughs
when I cry, in
love when he's
raged, he's in
lust when I'm
on a spiritual
journey, over-
weight, when
I'm think
if I could trade
places when the
rain comes would
be stingy and
unbalance a
fate that the
he's wishing
the same so
possibly we could
trade planes, exchange
thoughts on a energy
wave with our brains,
but things would be the same
in swap positions,
maybe we have the
same journey
with different missions...

What if the
other me has
the exact life
as I do? Yet
his world is
different so
its easy to
figure out his
mess, which means
I can lift his stress
it would be good
karma to take
the weight off his
chest..In a universe
that's vast there's
another me that laughs,
another me that's
content when my mind is whimsical,
when my mind is at rest, his mind
is in distraught, lets trade
positions when times
are tough, let's make
life simple for each other
when times are rough, but
the flip side is, we have to deal
with the rough, but your rough
is my simple, so problems
seem like a bluff.

Written 11/16/14

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Blues

If you ain't got the
blues, you ain't got
nothin', her birth
color is blue so I
guess she's true
to her color, she
gave me the blues
so I guess I have
something, but I
don't have her,
so I don't have

If you ain't
got the blues,
you ain't got
nothin' when
the time came to
explain, my lips
said nothing, my
mind was loud with
thoughts, thoughts
that appeared after
we fought, like fuck!
Where were you when
I needed to say something!?!
you abandon me brain, but
it wasn't the right moment,
still foggy from a retrograde
I wasn't feeling open..

If you ain't
got the blues
you ain't got
nothin', wake me
up when September
ends so I cry because
for her birthday I give
her nothing, I sob,
because my heart feels
robbed, pun intended in
the speech but the outside
won't get it unless I speak,
but I'm speaking out so my
insides finally get it...If you
ain't got the blues, you ain't got