Friday, January 6, 2017

Winter Conversing with Summer

(Scene opens on a porch over looking a lake with a vibrant sunset)

Winter: Mankind as a whole is a 16 year old.

Summer: How so? How can you make such an assumption? Where's your facts?

Winter: Just look around you for your facts.

Summer: You're going to have be more specific than that, winter.

Winter: Summer, focus on someone else besides yourself and look around you. Do you even talk to other people besides those in your "squad"?

Summer: Do you even talk to people before making bias assumptions?

Winter: Every year I take 6 months and travel the world, not six months altogether but I travel the Northern hemisphere for 3 months and when it gets hot in the north, I travel the Southern hemisphere for 3 months. I've talked to vast amounts of people, well as many people who share a common language as I...the one thing I've noticed is nobody completely understands themselves, Summer.

Summer: I do the same exact thing winter, except when its cold in the north, I venture south for 3 months and I come back up to the north in June. In my travels, I've noticed people have different views; I feel the "misunderstanding" you're seeing is perspective in my opinion.

Winter: ah, perspective. Such a beautiful thought with an imaginary meaning. Its the cognitive dissonance of life that distorts the vision of feeling, yet blinds the eyes of truth.

Summer: What?

Winter: One day Summer you will grow to become me. Its only a matter of time before the complications become an intricate yet simple answer; even then you still get faced with the oxymoron that is life. Would you like a drink, Summer?

Summer: Got any patron shots.

Winter: I was thinking scotch on the rocks.

Summer: Bruh, I got work in the morning, I'm not trying to get fucked up--- well maybe, hold on, let me check my schedule ( looks at phone) don't work tomorrow, looks like we're about to turn up in this bitch.

Winter: Yes, turn up in this bitch. (Sighs) Must your language be so vulgar?

Summer: Its a saying; besides I'm not referring to a woman as a bitch, I'm calling the place we get inebriated in a bitch, it doesn't have any feelings.

Winter: Everything created has feelings through energy, Summer; by the way, I do have patron, I don't mind taking a trip down memory lane Sumar, as the Nordics use to call you; can you manifest my nostalgic thoughts?

Summer: (Lights up joint) yeah hold up...(Coughs out smoke, takes a shot) Whew!

Winter: (Slowly takes a shot) thus Summer begins.

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