Sunday, March 19, 2017

Untitled XVII

Nothing has changed from 20 years ago, you're only looking at it differently; apply that on a global scale and it makes you wonder. Has anything changed? Of course a few things have changed...everyday, every minute, second, something changes our vision;  the only thing that gets in the way of our change is ego and emotion. Nostalgia, as beautiful as it is, it allows for one to live in a time that doesn't exist anymore. One can be proud of past achievements as if it happened 15 minutes ago, that can be dangerous. Dangerous because you wonder if everyone is living in a fantasy. We all ignore that little voice that tells us the truth about ourselves but we let our ego take the wheel. A world full of 7 billion people have this problem.

Imagine if everyone told the truth about themselves, what insecurities for others would break down. There's one person in your life who you idolize, but if you only knew there problems, you'd realize you're just as equal or similar.

We judge others yet we have  dirty secrets; we make others feel as if they're worthless but the moment your demons are called out, you get a little a funny acting. Nobody cares. Call out the demons. The more we call out, the more we see we are similar. A demons job is to divide and conquer and they do that well with man. That's why we have people who feel like outcast in our society because of our judging. Let go of the ego. As I've read before, the Devil spelled backwards is Lived, a past tense, meaning it happened but its not happening today so it would be a lie to make someone feel like they are the person from yesterday.

What about Nostalgia? Winter shows us, Nostalgia is tricky. Nostalgia is seen as good and it is, but we should connect it with tradition. Tradition allows us to do that same thing we did last year but as the current person we are today so we don't live in the past. peace world and welcome to Spring.

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