Monday, July 31, 2017

John Legend - Green Light ft. André 3000

Untitled XVIII

Never apologize for being rude because 9 times out of 10 the person desrved it, its just that....people get so petty, so caught up in there feelings and insecurities, they want you to see there light but don't  see the shade they cast, they wanna embarrass you but get shy when you blast, I'm not the butt end of your joke, I am not a laugh.

Don't apologize for being rude, don't be kind or bend, that niggas ego is bullshit, that ego is full of  sin...that shit will get you caught up, beliving lies, living a life that's not your's but in a fake society your lies seem real...never apologize for being rude...

Thursday, July 27, 2017


I try
to do adult
things like
have a wine
rack and
what not
but I usually
drink the

Thursday, July 13, 2017

JAY-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Me and the boys

We shoot
the shit,
Smoke some
weed, watch
some movies
play some games,
I watch the games,
every blue moon
I play, they find it
strange, for me watching
is calming, everyday,
all day I compete,
so to play a video
game doesn't help
me, it
doesn't relieve
nor distracts
it puts me
back on
attack, speaking,
smoking, and
laughing, imagination,
is distracting but
violence only makes
me have a negative

Friend: stop being a little bitch, pussy. Here, just try this first round, its mind blowing.

Summer: I, I just dont understand. I don't hate it, I enjoy watching you guys play.

Friend: come get some bitch.

Summer: (picks up pipe, takes a hit, blows out smoke, picks up controller, kind of coughing) ok bitch...

The weed
seeps in,
the bright
 loud bangs
and glaring lights
escapes into wee
hours of the night,
laughing and mindlessly
killing, like a glass of
milk spilling, I've
emptied my
feelings, anger
has left the building,
my endorphins
are through the ceiling,
memories are
made, we laugh
at mistakes, the
weed tricking
our senses, letting
down our defensive
ironic we're playing
a shooting game,
we have no offense its,
magically delicious!

Friend: bruh, cereal sounds bomb right now.

Summer: yea.....we should get captin crunch, with two BIG ASS scoops of vanilla Ice cream... (looks at 3rd friend) when did you get here?

3rd: I've been here...remember an hour ago? I was eating cereal...

Friend: oh yeah, wuss up.

Summer: sooo do you have anymor--- can you do a vanilla ice cream captin crunch run? Lol

3rd: sure.

Friend: oh! And beer

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ciara - Body Party (audio)


You say
that you
love me,
you hug
me, you
do cute
faces to
make me
laugh, you
even bug
me when
I'm sad,
but I'm not
stupid, I
know where
I stand, you
and your man,
ya'll got kids,
just fix what
you have, if
you need me
me I got your
back just don't
lie to me about
that, I'm not
a savage nor
a homewrecker,
despite what past
people will tell you,
yeah I've made
some mistakes
not everyone
is great I
learned from

two sides
to love and
you love me
one way, but
your actions
suggest romance
your speech is
confused, your
eyes are infused
with lusty
that keeps
a flirty flame
amused but
actions, a
sense of
guilt, feelings
you feel, the
memories I
feel begin to
spill, because
become real
when you
entertain the
thrill, so whose
gonna foot this
bill? Lies are
expensive, it
cost friendships
and trust, a
thought bubble
to bust, is it
worth the thrust?
Is it worth the nut?
Is it worth the butt?
Is it worth the but?
Either way an
asshole is involved
and no problems
solved, only
kisses you
blow at the
job, so I'm
using my head
so I don't bust,
kind of ironic
I must say
should you
continue the
lies or should I call it
a lay? In
Hawaii its
used to
and distinguish
from others
so if I give you
the lei its to
husband and
stay as
until the

West Side Highway


I would've beat
them cheeks
but I prefer to
keep the peace
there's no need to
fight over my D, I
Continue Knowing
she is married and
its going to be a problem
if I slide up in the middle,
I slid into her DMs, she hid it
for some months, oh, you don't
know about our diner dates
and lunch, sending her to
work with those hickeys on
her neck, is only gonna make
me send her back to you a wreck,
leave the na na wet but she ain't
fuckin you tonight, she layed up in
the sheets dreamin bout my dick
inside, she likes her hair pulled, I
saw the look she made,  I've
been cheated on don't  nobody like
being played, she tellin you the truth
Her and I we behaved, you fighting
with your girl you only pushing her away,
she told me about the tantrum, calling me
Deon, its not a good look that's how you
get cheat on.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Nas - Cherry Wine (Explicit) ft. Amy Winehouse

Kiss the sun

I was
told not
to fly to
close to
the sun,
but I
wanted to
kiss the lips,
feel the warmth
feel the shine,
but like those
before me they
told me about
the sun, they
told me skies
the limit...

The wax
In my
will melt
and I'll
fall out
the sky,
I'll crash
and burn
in the ashes
to become
a Phoenix
again, I will
rise, I will
not lose.

a way to
kiss the sun
you have to
be strategic
because life
so far has
taught me
is comedic
its unfair
but those
on top mastered
the glare, they
kiss the sun
and now they
bask in
the glow,
its like they
the light so
every time
they speak,
its success
even if its
tounge in
cheek, I'll
be there I'm
not worried
I will get to
the top, I
will fly
close to the
sun, pressure
makes diamond

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Usher - Good Kisser (Audio)

1:15 a.m. thoughts

I would put the wine on the small of your back, right in the dip and slowly sip so you could feel my bottom lip slurp up the wine on your spine make you feel goose bumps in your behind, of course nothing is perfect so some would spill on the sheets...I would put the wine on the small of your back and drink. Infused with your skin, intoxicated by your smell, emancipated from your vail, I can etice your body no heat gels, I'll float your boat no wind sails. I want to fuck you, hands tied to the bed post, pillars knocking the wall. The slowly squeaky springs popping out of place while the ceiling fan spins at a slow pace, this won't be fast, this will be slow, I want the thickest part of my inches engulfed in your warmth...that, that last line was kind of got a little carried away...

(Phone vibrates on bed)

Girl: hi. 😊

Summer: how's it going? 😊

Girl: what are you up to?

Summer: nothing, just finishing it up my paper for philosophy class. You?

..... stops
.......... stops
............. stops
Girl: nothing.

Summer: ok so you text me at 1:25 in the morning---
So are you down to fuc---
What do you wa---

Girl: sooo...what is your paper about?

Summer: its about life and its titled what is life?

Girl: oh that sounds cool...would love to read it one day...

Summer: how about right now?

Girl: right now? It's 1:30 in the morning and I'm kind of tipsy.

Summer: Even better, you don't have to read the whole about we paraphrase it over a bottle of wine?

Girl: wine? 😍 ok!! Be home in you have enough for my girls?

Summer: girls? Umm many?

Girl: its just three of us...

Summer: oh...yeah, np...

Girl: yea!! See you in a bit. 😙

Friday, July 7, 2017

Jeremih - oui (Official Audio)

1 a.m. thoughts

My fingers dance across your face and tap dance on your lips in a kicking motion touching the small cracks while kissing your smoothed corners...I won't lick, I'm not a fan of unnecessary saliva, I won't over abuse the area that intiated spark but I will ease my tounge over to your kneck like a slow walk in the park, I want to make your speech stall, heavy breathing repeating, I want your ear lobes tickled, triggered brain images of me eating, I want to tease you just a little...

Thursday, July 6, 2017

No More Parties In LA

Life in motion

Swag on
trill, 100 dollar
bills, flossin on
the gram for the
glam, I miss
Stephanie but her
man, well he's, and
she's, let's just say
bee's get violent when
you near the hive, and
I'm a bear with the honey...

Swag on
Trill, 100 dollar
bills, flossin on
the gram that part
is a lie, I'm taking
pictures of the sky,
yet I'm reaching for
space, I'm scared of
heights so my success
is delayed, it's like I get
the momentum and I look
behind, like you not high
enough stop looking behind,
the ground is still close, fear is
mind, own the mother fucker,
my fear is mine, you need your
vision clear and fear can blind,
I build Rome at night so I don't
see the grind, I fall when the sun
rise, rise when the sun shifts, eat
a quick breakfast take a shower,
take a shit off to my shift, this is
some bullshift, I guess everything
in life at some point has to shift...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Kendrick Lamar - DNA.

Late to the party

Everybody's drunk
Everyone is drunk
Everyone is happy
Everybody's blissful..
I see some people
On the couch there
In full Conversation
I see a couple in the
Corner locking eyes,
locking lips, a few passi-
natley dancing, some
Intrigued with the high,
I smell the danky weed lit
but the bowl is full of ash
I should've guessed by the
dank smell and slightly foggy room
that everybody's lit, they all took a hit,
Everyone is high, cross faded glossy
eyes, why am I surprised? Its in the open
no surmise, empty french fry containers
from five guys, its 2:37 in the morning
and it looks like the aftermath of when a
hurricane hits, all the food wrappers suggest
multiple hurricane hits, chopped and screwed
R&B got the scragglers feeling it, I guess it's
time for us to make like a tree and split...

Friend: Its make like a tree and leave or make like a banana and split, (he laughs)

Summer: You haven't seen back 2 the future huh?

Friend: back 2 the who? Sounds interesting.

Summer: bro I have it on my phone. I have a joint and magically I just found some dorritos, we're going to plop down on this floor, get stoned and watch Back 2 the future, you'll love it.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Stoners of Summer

It all seemed
clear when
the clouds
reappeared we
felt a little
dazed when
the clouds disappeared
we saw the truth in 2 ways
but one way ease the blow
perception is a bitch but reality
 is a hoe, life is easy its
 how you view you I suppose,
its understanding that your highs
are therapy for your lows, its
questioning the question, while
answering the rhetorical, its not
having answers but expecting an
Basking in
the rays on
the long summer
days, like life moves
slow because the day
never ends, kids outside
screaming making crazy
noise, teens breaking up
or romance begins to brew,
young adults transition into
the work force or college,
adults continue adulting,
secretly envious of kids,
kids jealous of adult freedom
but don't realize its not as free,
but life is what you make it out
to be...duality of man...

Chris Brown - Poppin'