Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I would've beat
them cheeks
but I prefer to
keep the peace
there's no need to
fight over my D, I
Continue Knowing
she is married and
its going to be a problem
if I slide up in the middle,
I slid into her DMs, she hid it
for some months, oh, you don't
know about our diner dates
and lunch, sending her to
work with those hickeys on
her neck, is only gonna make
me send her back to you a wreck,
leave the na na wet but she ain't
fuckin you tonight, she layed up in
the sheets dreamin bout my dick
inside, she likes her hair pulled, I
saw the look she made,  I've
been cheated on don't  nobody like
being played, she tellin you the truth
Her and I we behaved, you fighting
with your girl you only pushing her away,
she told me about the tantrum, calling me
Deon, its not a good look that's how you
get cheat on.

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