Thursday, June 27, 2013

Can masturbation be linked to bisexuality?

On April 14th, one of my co-workers told me that another co-worker asked him, “If you were to clone yourself and play with yourself sexually, would that technically be a homosexual act?” Before I answered, I looked at him trying to decipher why or where in the hell did he pull that from? I laughed because most people who would clone themselves would not think of committing a sexual act to themselves; they would think how they could send the clone to work or how they could get 72 hours worth of work and daily task done in 24 hours. As the thought lingered in my head, I began to forum a theory; similar to Freud’s theory. 

At some point of time we masturbate. During masturbation, we fantasize about the person we like or we use pornography as a mean of stimulation; in either use, one has to touch themselves in order to reach that stimulation…so technically when you masturbate, it’s a man (you) touching yourself (man parts) or a woman (you) touching yourself (Woman parts). The mental part maybe about the opposite sex but the physical arousal is endured by the same sex (you). So does that make us bi-sexual? Sure some people may use toys but the pleasure is still being done by you the same sex…same goes for pornography. When watching porn, you’re watching a man and woman have sex, the arousal comes from the action…if there were no guys in the porn having sex with the woman, most guys would not watch it, but guys are basically getting off to another man getting off to a woman and the same goes for women…somewhere in there, there has to be a bi-sexuality neurotransmitter firing in order for a woman or a man to relate to the same pleasure as the actor in the movie; I think the hate for homosexuality can be decreased if people take time to understand their own body vernacular. 

Maybe it's not bi-sexuality. Maybe it's just relating to knowing that feeling. I understand we do have re-call so it is possible that we are re-calling those images but have you ever heard some guys talk about porn? It can be quite disturbing at times. You almost want to ask some guys, "Are you getting off to the size of the guys stuff or what?" I'm not going to go to deep into detail because everyone knows that guy BUT  is it possible that masturbation might be a open grounds of bi-sexuality? If so, then maybe this might close the gap for one's hatred towards gay's and lesbians.

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BTW I won't kill you...just a joke =)


  1. In my opinion my answer is a definite NO. It does not lead to bi-sexuality.

  2. Chaffee Street Cafe, I agree with you on that. However, If you ever want to screw with someone for a bit, just for kicks,ask them that question and watch how there is a slight crinkle in the nose and a scratch on the head. It's funny because everyone has to pause for a second, it make's them think about it. I asked a friend I know who is a psych major and she even paused for a moment and couldn't come to a clear answer. I'm pretty sure the answer is no but it's an entertaining thought and a way of making us equal; closing that gap and bringing people in a little closer is the goal.

  3. BTW thank you for replying. That was refreshing. =)

  4. There's a classic science fiction novel called "The Man Who Folded Himself." Without too much of a spoiler alert, the main character goes back in time and has sex with himself, and groups of himself. Pretty freaky.

  5. Astro Gremlin, I'm going to have to check this book out. It sounds like a funny yet interesting read. I'm curious to see the direction the author went. lol. Thanks for stopping by and reading.