Monday, June 19, 2017

What is love?

I remember the
moment I layed
eyes on you and
I knew it was you

I knew what
to say, I remembered
that feeling as my broken
heart tried to feel love, racing
against time and watching how
things should have played out.

I knew that instant, that something
was off... its rare, that one gets to see
 the time line of their life play out how its
suppose to, its like watching the tracks
and the train go on a different route, one
can only wonder what would've happened....

Something stops
me from conveying
my vision into words,
possibly youth or confused,
possibly to many emotions
are infused, I am blindly in
love with you so my visions
explanation to the heart is
construed, ghastly lies turned
 to romantic lullabies, dreamy
eyes turned into good byes, restless
nights soothed by the moon made for
number sequences and good
morning surprise, like tangled hair
our eyes lock and dive into a dream,
for a second we escape the mean, for
those seconds we are free, for a
moment is just you and me......

Rudely we come
crashing back into
a world of chaos, a
world of turns and
burns, back stabbing
and deceit, greed and
lies, jealous snakes,
zealous fakes, a rebellious
state, we fight for space,
causing havoc for peace,
using the opposite of emotions
to find a right in-between.....
What is love?

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