Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Convo with Winter

Summer: Imagine I was your thoughts, I would try to be my happiest so you wouldn't feel pain...

Winter: You must be high.

Summer: This coming from the man who said Angels sing to the universe heart beat...

Winter: Touche Summer....its not a bad thing.

Summer: what? Being high?

Winter: You know what I find interesting about lies, Summer?

Summer: ok....what intrest you about lies senor Winter?

Winter: They comfort us.

Summer: They do not. If anything, they make us not trust a person.

Winter: (laughs) yeah, that's most people's response..... look around you. This whole society is a lie, our whole life is a lie.

Summer: What is a lie?

Winter: now you're thinking summer....what is a god damn lie? (Looks at the sky) A man is suppose to have sex with multiple women and if he doesn't have a number count, he's looked at less by his peers; in reality most men, just like women, lie about there number.

Summer: I don't lie about my numbers.

Winter: I wasn't talking about you in general. I'm sure at some point you did...and when you did, you made sure you achieved that number.

Summer: What's your point Winter?

Winter: ah ha! So you did lie?

Summer: What's your point Winter?

Winter: being high isn't a bad thing...

Summer: What in the absolute vodka fuck are you talking about?

Winter: Not sure, can you spark up that joint please?

(Summer lights the joint, takes a hit, passes it to winter.)

Summer: Changing perspectives?

Winter: Yeah, Your Mom's perspectives! Oh!

Summer: Oh grow up old man!

Winter: Lighten up young ironic... (he smiles)

Summer: Are you going to tell me what intrest you about lies?

Winter: oh! Right! No matter what one lies about, there's one common emotion.

Summer: That's a lie, there's multiple reasons one would lie that links to different emotions.

Winter: hmm. You may be right, but all of those lead to one emotion.

Summer: Why can't you just let me be right for once?

Winter: Because when one is right, they're content; hence no change. A season doesn't change by staying the same; even in climates that don't see much  of a difference between weather, there's still a change. So for us humans, we must never feel content, a soild answer maybe, but we should never feel complete...I want you to be different in Autumn, Summer.

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