Friday, December 6, 2013

Unstoppable force meets immovable object: Water Vs Mountain part 1

In a valley a river runs. As the water flows at ease, the front of the river tells the water behind it, were approaching a problem ahead. The river sees the mountain and the river banks talking trash. The mountain say’s to the river, “Your merely water, you can’t possibly destroy me”. The river gives off a smirk. The water banks reply, “You not big enough, you’re not even wide enough to cause a threat to the miles and miles of flat land west and east of you. Mr. River, your flow stops here. The head of the river turns to the banks and laugh. So Mr. Mountain, you mean to tell me that I stop here. My life ends here. I can’t cross through? Is that what you’re telling me? Mr. Banks, you’re telling me that I can’t, expand, that I can’t reach the ocean one day; you’re telling me that one day I can’t become a lake, a sea, or even possibly an ocean? Are these the words you’re telling me?

            The banks laugh loud. I’m sorry you want to become a what?? Did you stumble, no wait, did you utter out the words a lake?? Oh Mr. River, you’re in over your head. There is no way in hell you will ever expand, there is no way you will ever exceed the limits you are at. I mean look around you. The river takes a look around and notice there is land all the way to the horizon; both east and west. The river looks in front of him and sees the mountains. Mr. Mountain stands bold and fierce. The mountain stands really high, it’s so high, that no living creature can live at its peak because the oxygen is little and the temperatures are harsh. A tad hesitant and realizing that there has been a drought in this region because of the cracked lands and dying plants, Mr. Rivers was hesitant to speak. As he looked back and saw the force behind him, he remembered something.
            Mr. Mountain, Mr. Banks, look behind me. What do you see? Water flowing for miles and miles, I twist, I turn, I flow through regions were drought is not a presence, I gain momentum through hills and some parts of my army is wider in other parts and some parts, my army is thin only to prepare for expansion. I’ve come along way. As you can see, we flow freely and well, we’ve never let anything in our path stop us. This is nothing but a mere obstacle. Mere obstacles Mr. River, why I have to say, look at me Mr. River. I can’t speak for the banks down there but look at my range. I’m as wide as I am tall. I ponder for miles and miles beyond. The cloud whisk among my lower peaks forcing storms to exhaust all of their energy; I’ve made lands such as the one you’re entering turn into deserts. I’ve changed climates and made lands that are one become separate. I am the impossible. So what, you’re army has conquered foothills and expanded in weak marshes, that means nothing to me.

            I am a mountain range. I’m a birthed by continent’s plates pushing against each other and thrusting me further into the atmosphere. I am constant. I create valleys. I created those foothills you carved through. You are no match for me river. Now, if you want, you can feel free to roam through the land that is beneath me but you will not carve through me. In the past, for mere entertainment, I let a few storms enter this vast barren land. I let it flood, I let the rivers gain force and become a violent terror. I let the terrain flood. I let storms with the power of hurricanes climb over my peaks just so there is something for me to do; you know, keep my army entertained. As torrents of rain began to flood valleys below me, because the land was weak and gave away, you began to see the water level rising. I must admit, a few of those storms got me scared with all of their rain; I thought, oh shit, I might be in over my head; then from the top of my heavens, I pushed an icy cold front down into the valleys forcing hail and some snow.
            I froze the water. I forced it to stay in one position. The cold front I created slowed the storm down and eventually it stopped. There was this cold air that roamed across the land. It remained for days. The water stayed frozen thinking it would win and wait it out.  I realized the advantage of the winter season and I made it harsh. I forced all storms to my highest peaks so that it wouldn’t clear; and I forced all the cold air from the top down to the bottom. I made sure no more rain or any form of precipitation reached the land below me. The water below were many ice lakes. I provided rivers on my hill side for some animals to live; but just enough not enough for it to have power. As the season’s changed and spring approach, the frozen rivers tried to communicate as they un-thawed they needed more rain. The storms tried and tired but they could never reach my peak; eventually they stopped and the heat began to rise.

            The water was thirsty and so was the land. The land began absorbing the water and the new plants began to flourish, some of the water evaporated trying to create its rain over the desert land. The mini lakes had mild success but a sprinkle or two here. The small laughable storms it created tried once again to communicate with the ocean currents; the ocean currents sent their powerful storms from miles away. As the summer approached, many hurricanes dissipated over land they sent three storms at once but none could reach over my peaks to penetrate the desert sands. When the storm from the other side would approach, I reached to my peak and sent down some cold air to the hot land; forcing the tropical storms to lose their strength, not being able to deal with the strength of winter; it was out of character.

            The water started to lose. As the summer heat picked up, the water went from a lake to a small pond; by the middle of the summer, it was mostly dirt, salt and just some water sitting there. In the end, the water evaporated and I had won. So Mr. River, do you still think you have a shot?  The river was now humbled. It looked around and saw the old pathways from past rivers, it saw the salt rings from lakes. It began to slow its flow for a bit….

To be continued….


  1. Water vs rock: the eternal struggle. I'll have to wait and see how you resolve it..

  2. NP I think you might like the's a tad long but I'll get there. lol

  3. I love your personification of the elements. What a fun story. I wonder who -- or should I say what -- will win in the end.

  4. Thank you Janene! =) We'll have to see whose going to win MU HA HA I'm joking. =) Thanks for reading. =)

  5. I have a friend who's convinced that before too long, we'll be engaged in a war over water. Wonder if her predictions will turn out to be true?

  6. Well, she's probably right I bet that war is going to take place in California.J/K lol...we've been having a serious drought. I personally think it's only a matter of time before we start going to war over water. The funny thing about that, we have the technology to filter out the salt in our ocean water; if we don't I find that amazing. As many times as I've heard from little kids, "why can't we just drink the ocean water?" At some point, someone should have thought, good question maybe I should invent something to filter out the crap in our ocean, some of the crap. lol