Sunday, April 16, 2017

We are

Why does everything
sound the same?
How come when
water hits a car, it
sounds like wind ruffling
through the leaves? Why
are things different with similar sounds?
I was at the ocean the other day and
I watched the sun rays glare, the water
splashed on the pier and left a puddle
at my feet. I saw a reflection in the
puddle and I saw the mirror that was me.

Is God a liar?

You told me
he created
the son, you
told me the
devil is his son,
you told me it
was his most
beautiful creation,
you told me he
loves us but
damns us in revelations,
you told me 7 days
everything came into
creation, you told me
he loves me, you told
me Lucifer is evil but
God created him, Is
God a Liar?

Are lies
only meant
for the divine?
Are lies real?
What's a lie?
What is God?
What is religion?
Is it real? Are
visions real?
Is God a
lie or is
man a lie?
Is God a
man or woman?
Do Animals
go to hell?
They Kill?
and aren't
we animals?
I was
told me
and the cat
are mammals?
If we pray,
our prayers
don't always
manifest yet
we were
told to speak
into existence?
Sometimes we
get hurt by her
plans, What's
Ego? What's evil?
Why do we do
bad for good?
Why do we hurt?
Why did we fall
from grace? Why
did we lose immortality
to a snake? Why use metaphor?
Why not be direct?