Monday, July 3, 2017

Stoners of Summer

It all seemed
clear when
the clouds
reappeared we
felt a little
dazed when
the clouds disappeared
we saw the truth in 2 ways
but one way ease the blow
perception is a bitch but reality
 is a hoe, life is easy its
 how you view you I suppose,
its understanding that your highs
are therapy for your lows, its
questioning the question, while
answering the rhetorical, its not
having answers but expecting an
Basking in
the rays on
the long summer
days, like life moves
slow because the day
never ends, kids outside
screaming making crazy
noise, teens breaking up
or romance begins to brew,
young adults transition into
the work force or college,
adults continue adulting,
secretly envious of kids,
kids jealous of adult freedom
but don't realize its not as free,
but life is what you make it out
to be...duality of man...

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