Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cherish the little things...

It’s the little things in life we forget to cherish. A line we hear all the time, something you think would settle in the back of our unconscious mind which I’m sure it does, but we forget; I definitely forgot especially when writing my poem, Dear vacation. Since a young age, parents have always told us to aim high, shoot for the stars and achieve your dreams, don’t be like me, be better than me and your father, don’t make the same mistakes or choose wisely, yet we forget to tell children sometimes, don’t forget about the little things; I mean honestly, it would confuse things, shoot for the stars but don’t forget about the little things? I don’t blame any parents that’s tried, nor do I blame my parents, because it's human nature to forget, to want better, to want the spoils of life; we often forget sometimes the spoils of life  mean happiness.

            In my poem dear vacation, I went on a rant about the negativity at my job and the fact that I wish what I’m doing, having my clothing line and blog would just explode, because it really is a dream job for me, then I talked about the dark side of reality, the skydive back to reality that even in those dark moments, there some light moments, little things that make life a lot easier for me then most. I have the average debt of most college students, bills that appear to eat up my check leaving me with just enough money to go back to work so I can make more money, just enough money so my current bills don’t add to my debt, and after a while it can get annoying, it can get annoying seeing a pay check you receive on Thursday just about disappear by Monday, constantly having to give out rain checks to people because you actually want to see your account have money come the following week. It hits you like a ton of bricks, struggling, living pay check to pay check.

            I can change my circumstances. I know at any moment, I can change the direction of my life, and I know in order to achieve a dream, this means struggle will rear its ugly head but as someone who loves science, I know that pressure makes diamonds. If man truly has all the minerals found in our soil, within our bodies, this means we can actually become diamonds as well. So if you struggle, remember that most of the minerals within us are found within our rocks; diamonds are nothing but pretty rocks….it really is the little things in life…=) I’ll see you at the top. Have a nice day.

Monday, October 20, 2014


I think goals give one something to do with one's lives, but they don't define the person; for some, having a history of goals can display what one feel's inside and it'll display in one's work, that's where one take's pride; but it's only the surface, not the beautiful unique person one is. You acheive your goals, not the other way around.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dear Vacation

The last of my vacation comes to an end, I return to back to work, back to the grind, back to them, back to wondering  if today will be the end, don't know if I would cry or be happy if they fired me...it's not that I don't want to work, I'm thankful for my position, I just hate knowing if one person fuck's up we all get disciplined, a team is a team but don't fix the engine when the brakes fail, don't add pressure were there is ease, don't exhaust your troops until they leave...

Dear Vacation...even though we didn't go out of town, spending time in the city and writing without a care, working on my dream, 3 hours of sleep waking up because I'm living my dream, no need to sleep because  my passion won't let me, 10 days went fast because I was active and it let me, indulge into my senses and put meaning into sentences, sit back and relax and enjoy life for what it is, it allowed me to roam and make changes in my work when I wanted, I was able to wake up and not feel the mistakes of yesterday haunting me, taunting me, playing games with people with negative energy, they gorge on my positive vibes I spray endlessly, I stupendously butt heads with this place like a stubborn ox, an Aries- Taurus cusp so my power is tremendously a source these vultures sought after, cleansing my crystals in salt after, a power draining day at work, I discover my fault during laughter, I master, disaster, dissect the emotion and stick it to the wall like it's plaster, rearrange the spelling to spell happy...

Pfff! I guess I went off on a tantrum I wan't this to end but it's only for a while, I speak what I want into existence: Money assistance.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

spanish arabic fusion music-oud vs guitar

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camaron como el agua

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Andalucian region

For those who don't know, Flamenco is the music and dance from the Andalucian region of Spain, the South of Spain. The music has its roots in East Indian, Arabic, and European Gypsy music. Another interesting fact, the word Flamenco which means Flemish in Spanish, may also have Jewish roots. Jews who left Spain, instead of converting, migrated to Flanders and were allowed to sing their religious chants. These songs were referred to as Flamenco by the remanding Jews who stayed in Spain; the term was applied to anything Scandalous or of bad taste. Thank you for stopping by "No Title" The random blog. Hope you enjoy, I have two more post with some other Flamenco songs that you may enjoy. Feel free to roam around and check out other music, writes, and reviews. One more request before you make your way of my page, if you can exit using either the green links or the pop ups. Thank you in advance and have a nice day. =) (Information found http://www.tierra-flamenca.com/flamenco-historyon) (Video Found on You tube)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Urban settings

            Swept of your feet taken on a whim, welcome to the city were anything can happen, the breeze wraps around the buildings, cold chills up your spine, not because your spooked but the buildings act as window blinds….the lights, they twinkle in the distance calling out your name, psss! Come down, we got a story you can share with the kids….you hop in your car or take the subway to the attraction of the lights that twinkle at night, excitement fills your chest because you’re not sure what the night holds, hopefully some wholesome fun that will start to unfold…at first it seems intimidating because the energy is rigor, until you find a spot to sit and observe the city and it’s difference, the styles have changed, everything is cutting edge, your clothes feel dull you feel you may not fit in…but that’s what makes you different and some may acknowledge, the others are kind of snobby don’t let them demolish, for all you know they may only have a dollar in their pocket, and that might be their best outfit from out the closet, so be true and stay modest and you energy will attract those who are honest….

            As the day turns to night, the city starts to come alive, the music get’s a little louder you start to feel the vibe….

I only want you because you're taken....

            I want you because you’re taken, like going to a restaurant and seeing someone eating bacon, you just want to snatch it out their hand in mid bite and run away quickly but you know that’ll upset someone quickly, so for me to want you for a quickie is something that shouldn’t exists in me….you see, when we were at the bar you leaned against me, maybe you were drunk and I was too, maybe it was the low lighting that made me want to fondle you, but your fuck me eyes and ravished attire, only raised my eye brow about her smile that inquired….I should walk over and say something….but my song is on and your going out to smoke, wait, let me shazam this, I’ll meet you outside so you can provoke, poke, tease me and blow smoke, send suggestions, cheek in tongue pretending you’re blowing my erection, she’s only showing affection, just clear your head and think like a professional, besides you’re in the city for the night so you can get nice photo sessions….well….

On dasher and dancer, and Prancen and Vixen, this woman was dashing and splendid she blended, her bitch face with charm, her mixed race was foreign, she looked like, she smelled like, she….she….the jingles bells tune stopped…some guy….no, some guy who look like Paul Bunyan, sort of smelled like an onion, said, “Hey sweetie”, then kissed her on the lips, maybe she’s from France that’s why there--- he grabbed her ass, yeah, I’m sure that’s not a gesture of greeting relatives in any part of the world….to my knowledge. She hugged him tightly, then winked at me while licking her lips enticingly, I blew a kiss back then she grabbed it and pretend to be patting him on his back, I shook my head and I knew she would’ve been shaking her head on my……I stop, I only want you because you’re taken and if that we’re my girl, I wouldn’t want anyone else eating my bacon, sure they can drool because bacon is good but don’t be no fool and take dibs on my bacon, there’s enough bacon in town go get your own plate, the metaphor for go get your own date, so I just smiled, she smiled back and I walked away…

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Breaking the Law/rules

Okay I am in no way encouraging you to break the law or rules. This is merely an abstract write with some thought not suggestion....but if you read it as suggestion, that's on you...

            There’s something very daring almost exciting about doing something someone tells you not to do. I almost think a trip to the doctor’s office might actually hurt some people more then help them. Besides the doc’s orders, how many of you find it difficult to do as you’re told? Most of the time we do it because we think we know better and part of it due to the complexity of man; we always say that….we always use complexity as our reason to an answer I think we know the answer too? Trouble appears to be fun for people because in some sense if it were to always be peace and love, we would technically be out of balance, however with too much not listening, not respecting, not loving can lead to a breakdown of the mind, body, and spirit and that’s a no go. 

 Every now and then, we have to test the limit. I may be wrong when I say this but I think part of the problem lies with the fact a lot of us living might be dealing with a constant shift of intelligence. Rules and laws were put in place for control to tell you what to do, ALSO to prevent you from hurting yourself or others; however as one’s intellect begins to grow, one start’s to question and view things differently, one’s vision may be better and it may go against laws or rules one may view as stupid. An example would be the legalization of Marijuana in all of the United States. It’s taking it’s time and eventually it’ll happen, but in the mean time its illegal. Why is it illegal? I can understand back in the day when the only people who knew of these health benefits were uncertified doctors and shamans, (Who I feel are/were pretty dead on anyway) but there was no recorded evidence, no proof that Marijuana is a herb that heals instead of kills, that makes you love instead of mug, peace instead of grief, and etc, the list can go on, there was no proof back then, people just assumed it was a whacky drug that altered one’s mind and it does, but it also came with other benefits. Fast forward to today, we know that. Doctors with degree will tell you a certain amount can cause these benefits…and you don’t have to smoke it, you can eat it, Vape it, use it as a lotion, hell Marijuana oil can even be used as gasoline, a cleaner alternative and just an alternative period to fuel, America’s debt solved in a nut shell.

My main focus of this write was not about Marijuana but why we break rules/laws, and I feel sometimes it deals with the fact that some of us are ahead of our time, living in a society that hasn’t arrived yet. Don’t get me wrong, laws like murder and serious shit still need to be in check, but if you look at Holland or Switzerland, the murder rates are lower; however the IQ in Europe is tad higher than ours as well; is there some connection? The more barbaric a country is, the more rules/ laws get bestowed upon us or is it a need for control? I did not write this with the intent to hurt or put anyone down, but with the intent to question and ask yourself, what makes you break laws/rules?  Is it because you’ve been driving 90mph and haven’t got a speeding ticket or you just have that much confidence in driving? Is there a rule at work you feel that won’t let you perform your job the way you could perform it? What’s your opinion? As usual, thank you for stopping by “No Title” the random blog, feel free to roam around and check out my other writes or music and when you’re finished if you can please click on those green links or pop ups to exit my page? Thank you once again and have a nice day. =)