Monday, March 13, 2017

The Sun

I can walk
down these
empty Hollywood
streets, walk
down sunset obliterated
out of my mind...what is a sunset?
It's when the sun travels
through the sky until its
reaches the horizon...when
the son fell darkness squanderd
the land sprawling every second,
reaching dark spots until the sun fell...
the son never fell he just switched positions
to shed his light elsewhere...its a proven
fact that the sun ignites certain cells and it
can change things in our dna...sun light can
help with depression all you need is 7 minutes
a day...Hell was written as a dark space
because man did things in the dark, things
they would fear to be seen in the light, really,
all evil fears being seen, that's why they approach
in our dream because we dismiss visions as obscene,
once we remove the filter and believe in ourselves, to
know what we see is real, we don't fear the dark we
become he truth, so when the sunsets its not
darkness taking control, its darkness on the run...

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