Monday, July 10, 2017

Kiss the sun

I was
told not
to fly to
close to
the sun,
but I
wanted to
kiss the lips,
feel the warmth
feel the shine,
but like those
before me they
told me about
the sun, they
told me skies
the limit...

The wax
In my
will melt
and I'll
fall out
the sky,
I'll crash
and burn
in the ashes
to become
a Phoenix
again, I will
rise, I will
not lose.

a way to
kiss the sun
you have to
be strategic
because life
so far has
taught me
is comedic
its unfair
but those
on top mastered
the glare, they
kiss the sun
and now they
bask in
the glow,
its like they
the light so
every time
they speak,
its success
even if its
tounge in
cheek, I'll
be there I'm
not worried
I will get to
the top, I
will fly
close to the
sun, pressure
makes diamond

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