Friday, March 10, 2017

Old Man Winter 3

Other life forms live among us. They are similar to us but have a greater understanding of the human body, especially the brain. They have a technology that allows them to be invisible but over time, the older suits have flaws. The bumps you hear in your house, its them, the random shit you lose, its them. (Winter laughs). They whisper in our ear at a pitch low enough so it sounds like your thoughts; they are masters of sound.

They are peaceful. We could've been killed. Our evolution has been us but they've integrated with us, they've upgraded our technology through thought, hence the Ancient societies. They test us.

They stop speaking and observe to see if dna tells a story. It does. They know about angels. They know a little more about our universe and advanced beings. They are our guardians. We are a young species and left unguarded we could be in trouble; not everyone is kind.

They find us beautiful in a nostalgic way, we humans as a whole are there 16 year old kid. What we find annoying among us is cute to them, the stars have more twisted stories. Sometimes, they channel higher realms, they contact angels.

They don't understand death completely, somethings are still a mystery; everything is vast, they don't understand connections.

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