Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Pre Diabetic and Diabetic

  The moment one finds out one is pre- diabetic or diabetic, it changes ones life. For some it can be scary

  if you don't have an understanding on what changes you would need to make. In recent society, I've notice people get upset with those who are not informed because we have the internet; even with the internet, you still need to know what to look for. It can take some time to find the right information and information that is creditable; info you can take back to your doctor to see if its okay. I believe diabetes can be controlled with proper diet, exercise, herbal medicine, and meditation. We give people insulin to help; I'm not against it because having insulin is amazing, it shows how far technology in our society has gone; we are able to mimic or copy something our body makes. Insulin is a beautiful thing but it's a band-aid, it doesn't teach. In life, man always creates something that nature has already provided for us; now that I've said that, you'll notice every time we create, we find some plant or some mineral that does the same thing. Technology (In my opinion) is made to lead us back to nature, integrate with nature, maybe the mixing of technology and nature might lead to a cure or if anything a better understanding.  So today's write is for those who are looking for others ways to combat diabetes or just regulate blood sugar in a more natural and effective way. I'll try to keep the list as short as possible, but the list is to get people started in the right direction, for those not knowing where to start, this might help you. I'm not a doctor, just read a lot of things; if anything check with your doctor before you do any of the things listed.

1. Damiana-  Damiana is a wild shrub found in Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. This Ancient Aphrodisiac was used by many tribes, most notably the Aztec tribe as a treatment for sexual dysfunction; this plant is known to kill multiple birds with one stone. The herb can be used to treat headaches, bed wetting, depression, nervous stomach, constipation and it can SEVERELY lower blood sugar. If one is taking any kind of medication to keep diabetes in control, I would check with your doctor before trying this tea. The herb can be taken by capsule, it can be used as a tincture mixed with alcohol or just as a tea, it can also be smoked; when smoked, its been reported that some users get a mild high from the leaf, not as intense as Marijuana but more intense then the light headed feeling you get after smoking a cigarette. Once again, check with your doc and you can look around for other info as well.

2. Marijuana- Marijuana doesn't have to be smoked, it can be ingested multiple ways so for those worried about smoking it, know that this herb can be used in a different manner. There have been a lot of studies showing that the THC in Marijuana is what helps lower the blood sugar, soothes the pain from peripheral neuropathy, and can help with lost of appetite which happens to those who have diabetes. For those who do not have diabetes but have a history of it in their family, there have been a few studies showing that people who smoke on a regular bases have  lower fasting insulin levels; some believe the drug itself might actually be turning off the gene connected to diabetes. They might be right but once again, check with your doc before taking anything, especially if you're taking medication.

3. Nopal Cactus- For many diabetics or prediabetics, Nopal is a complete replacement for blood sugar drugs. The plant regulates the blood sugar with no negative side effects like damaging of the liver. Once again, do not throw away any of you medicine prescribed by your doc, simply bring it up and let them know you want to try a more natural alternative. Nopal Cactus can be found at farmer markets, stores such as Sprouts, Whole foods, vitamin stores or check at your local markets in the vitamin section to see if its on the shelves. This cactus was used by many Native American tribes who lived in the desert for thousands of years. The other affects of the plant help with Cholesterol, immune system functions, and bowel. Once again, check with you doc about making the switch.

4. Cigarettes- stop smoking. Nicotine shoots blood sugar up every time you light up. The point of combating diabetes is to keep your blood sugar at a steady level. You don't want spikes in your blood sugar. If you don't quit, you might want to cut back, max five cigarettes every, every, every other day; remember, diabetes is an attack on the cardiovascular system, the blood flow, the heart, smoking just fuels the fire for diabetes and you want to stay away from that.

5. Alcohol: Alcohol does lower blood sugar, nothing wrong with a drink here or there, matter of fact its recommended to have a beer or two or glass a wine every day or every other day. Its when we abuse, that's when blood sugar can drop to very dangerous levels. If you are taking medication you already know the two cannot be combined. I don't recommend alcohol as a treatment especially if you have a history or family history of addiction, however know that this is one way. Diabetics don't have to swear off alcohol but moderation is key especially combined with any of the herbs used above. Once again check with your doctor.

6. Cinnamon- This is the most commercial known herb that can help with lowering blood sugar but if you don't know, you would swear off cinnamon as something you can't eat; only because we think cinnamon and we think about all the tasty things cinnamon combined with sugar make. Cinnamon by itself is nasty. Go ahead, take a spoonful like my dumb ass did and you'll find out quick, "This does not taste like Cinnabon at all!" lol . All jokes aside, they sell cinnamon pills at your local market so you don't have to feel like someone just stuffed 33 cotton balls in your mouth. If you are taking medication, check with your doc.

7. Exercise- It's not a herb but something one should not avoid. Imagine taking a 30 minute walk, hell just even a 20 minute walk in your neighborhood combined with one of the one through six treatments.  Take a  Nopal pill or drink it as a tea (your choice) take a nice relaxing walk but a vigorous walk, come back home, eat a nice balanced meal, brown rice, veggies, and a lean meat of your choice and mellow out with friends at a local bar; diabetes in check. If you're just interested in exercise and one of the herbal remedies up above, any combination will check diabetes or even turn it off. Cardio workouts are your friend. Swimming, cycling, or simply walking, lifting weights  helps with burning off fat, remember exercise is one of the key things. Just a side note, if you think about the root of what exorcism is,casting out demons, exercise, casting out disease, disease comes from negative energy bad lifestyle choices, demons posses negative energy, I can continue on but you make the connection...

8. Meditation- 30 minutes of mindful meditation a day has been proven to lower stress levels; its also been proven to lower blood pressure, which is connected to stress. We've known that for a while but what we didn't know is after just 90 days of meditation, our body starts to turn on and off certain genes.  A lot of times we say, "It's in our genes, I can't control it." You can control it. Proper diet, the medicine up above, exercise, and meditation all combined together can combat any disease that comes to the temple. Most of us have heard of the law of attraction, you do it all the time without realizing....repeating today is going to suck means the day is going to suck, lets put everything aside, no energy talk, no universe, just your brain. You already have it in your mind the day is going to suck, subconsciously you're doing things that may jeopardize your happiness. I've had shitty days, but here's the difference, I've always found something in a shitty day, a smile or just my cat  being a cat, hell, even when all humans seem to fail me, my imagination alone restores belief, which in turn is an energy I'm omitting. I'm no Guru, I'm far from it, but I do know this, our genes communicate with each other and respond to our environment; look around you, what ever is around  probably reflects your mood or even conversation. I'm not going to go to deep but if you are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or carry the gene, try meditation as well...it can't hurt, all you have to do is sit there.

Well I hope this list helps, as stated through out most of the list, check with your doc before trying any of the above (except meditation and smoking) smoking is a bad thing but then again, everything is bad when abused; but please, consult with your doc. I'm not a doctor, I blog and had information to share about a few herbs people may not have been aware of.  Thank you for stopping by "No Title" the random blog, feel free to check out my other writes, music I've posted, and more crazy far out thoughts to come in the near future. If I can ask one favor from you, if you can click on the red or green links as your exit out, that's how some of us bloggers get paid. Thank you in advance and one love. =)