Saturday, July 8, 2017

1:15 a.m. thoughts

I would put the wine on the small of your back, right in the dip and slowly sip so you could feel my bottom lip slurp up the wine on your spine make you feel goose bumps in your behind, of course nothing is perfect so some would spill on the sheets...I would put the wine on the small of your back and drink. Infused with your skin, intoxicated by your smell, emancipated from your vail, I can etice your body no heat gels, I'll float your boat no wind sails. I want to fuck you, hands tied to the bed post, pillars knocking the wall. The slowly squeaky springs popping out of place while the ceiling fan spins at a slow pace, this won't be fast, this will be slow, I want the thickest part of my inches engulfed in your warmth...that, that last line was kind of got a little carried away...

(Phone vibrates on bed)

Girl: hi. 😊

Summer: how's it going? 😊

Girl: what are you up to?

Summer: nothing, just finishing it up my paper for philosophy class. You?

..... stops
.......... stops
............. stops
Girl: nothing.

Summer: ok so you text me at 1:25 in the morning---
So are you down to fuc---
What do you wa---

Girl: sooo...what is your paper about?

Summer: its about life and its titled what is life?

Girl: oh that sounds cool...would love to read it one day...

Summer: how about right now?

Girl: right now? It's 1:30 in the morning and I'm kind of tipsy.

Summer: Even better, you don't have to read the whole about we paraphrase it over a bottle of wine?

Girl: wine? 😍 ok!! Be home in you have enough for my girls?

Summer: girls? Umm many?

Girl: its just three of us...

Summer: oh...yeah, np...

Girl: yea!! See you in a bit. πŸ˜™

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