Monday, December 30, 2013

Love hate relationship: Water vs Mountain part 8

            Mr. Mountain knew he had made a mistake. He realized Ms. Ocean had changed. She wasn’t playing by the rules. Normally, this would have made Mr. Mountain angry but it made him sad. He realized his daughter hated him that much. High up in the altitude, where the original land from the bottom was at, water came to talk to Mr. Mountain. “Sweetie, what’s wrong?” “Our daughter, she hates me” “She strongly dislikes you; She’s had this feeling since the day she found out how she was made.” I know but I always thought it was anger, I never knew she hated me. Sweetheart, she hates me. What she displayed a few moment ago was hate.” Water takes her cloud and wraps around the top of Mr. Mountain creating a fog. Water sighs, “Mr. Mountain, she doesn’t hate you.

            She has changed…. I will say that much… but she doesn’t hate you. The earth around here has changed her. Look at her environment. She’s always next to huge cities with huge populations. People don’t care about her. In some sense, she blames you for that.”  “But why?” I know that people don’t care about her; they don’t care about me either. Look down at the bottom. They litter me with beer cans and spray paint my rocks, some even set me on fire.”  “Well sweet heart, when you get mad, you have a tendency to scare people. I mean you knock down their homes, you kill people sweet heart. You snap and everyone has to feel your pain. By the way, what’s with this whole shaking thing? If you keep rising, you’re going to be in outer space.” “Well maybe I don’t want to be on this planet anymore. 

            You think I like being up here? “Uh yeah? I mean why the hell else would you shake--- never mind I know why you came up here.”  “Why did you leave me for so long?”  “Really? Mr. Big bad Mountain range wants to know why I left him for so long?” “I’ve never asked about this. I’ve been holding this back for centuries. Why did you leave?” Water sighs, “ I….I left because…you became too needy. “I’m sorry, did you say I became too needy??”  “Well, you did! You always wanted me.”  “I needed you, you’re freaking water for fuck sake! People needed you.”  “Yes but I needed you to grow up, yes the pun was intended.  Look, you grew up. Look at how majestic you are. Look at how my body lays across your strong mysterious body.”  “Yeah, but look at what’s it’s caused.” “It’s caused something beautiful.

            On a good day, when the sun rises, you stand so bold and beautiful. The sun glistens off my surface as I’m wrapped around your peaks. The sun melts me a little bit so that I can trickle down your body, all the way to the bottom. We feed the animals and provide them shelter. I’m spread across your body and grow trees, nourish the ground. Mr. Mountain, Mr. Land, you are my love and every day and every night, for the past centuries I lay with you high in the altitudes away from everything on earth, no animals, no people, no noise, just me, you, the sun and the stars. I come in the forum of fog and wrap around you, I come in the forum of snow and Ice so that I’m always close to you. I enter into your soil so that you and I are one. I love you land.” “I love you too water.”

“I just wish our daughter knew that.” “Mi amore, if she could ever reach up here, her opinion would change. As for now, she can’t. I love our daughter but her environment has made her vicious. I do realize she has a temper, she’s like her father.” Water smiles, Mr. Mountain stares at the sunset and begins to get angry. He shakes the ground a little. At the bottom, Mr. River is still combating with the crack. The crack has become wide and it’s starting to break. Mr. River, driven by anger and all the extra power from his mother, he crashes into the mountain side very aggressive. Rocks began to fall, boulders start to fall, Mr. River is starting to carve his way through.

To be continued….

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The rise of the rage: Water vs Mountain part 7

            The silence, the still cold air that roamed across the land is calming to the human ear but Mr. River knew it was only a sign of a major war coming. It was only mid- November and he was really thinking about retreating the other part of the army from the lake. He ignored the negative thoughts and the horror stories that Mr. Mountain had told him and he just kept flowing. As the sun began to set, Mr. Mountain began to tremble. Mr. Mountain shook hard. Like before, he sent down tons of boulders splashing into the river. Mr. River picked up speed trying to crash into the mountain. The shaking stopped and Mr. River kept flowing at a fast pace. A tad scared but determined, he became a roaring rapid again; similar to how he was in the summer. 

Mr. River noticed that his energy over time had seem to keep running out and that crack, that crack he was focusing on, always seem to repair itself; he couldn’t figure out why. Then it hit Mr. River….The terrain has changed. Every time an earthquake happened, it slightly raised the land around him. Mr. River looked around and realized he was a few feet above the lake he created.  Once again he slowed down. He sent a message to the rest of the trail, “slow down.” The rest of the trail asked why. Mr. River explained that, “Mr. Mountain has slowly been pushing the land up and we all know, it’s impossible for water to flow up hill; I need to find us a different route and we need more energy, has anyone heard from my mother??” The trail responded with a no. Mr. River slightly upset but not wanting to use that anger at the moment, realized he was going to have to find a different path, some flat ground. 

            Mr. River told the trail, “Tell my mother to send a TON of rain to the warm regions, tell her to flood the warm regions if she has to.  The middle course responded to the high course, “But sir, rain is not typical in warm regions arou--- I don’t give a fuck what’s typical! Tell her to flood the whole got damn fucking region!! We need more water!! This is a fucking mountain were taking on not some fucking foothill! Now send the message down and tell her, FLOOD THE FUCK OUT OF THE REGION! We will use the extra water; tell her to do it now! Were in trouble over here because winter is coming and I’m not sure how harsh it’s going to be in this region! Tell her! Go!” They pass the message down the trail. 

            A few days went by and he noticed clouds trying to pass over the peaks. “What the fuck is she doing?” I told her not to go that way it’s impossible for her to clear over the mountains to send water down!” All of a sudden, he feels a powerful rush. The powerful rush combined with anger pushed Mr. River, it almost pushed him to go up hill. He leaped up at the mountain and switched directions. He had found a downhill path, gained momentum going downhill and crashed into the mountain at full speed. He found a different crack and began to crack at it. He had twice the speed and twice the strength he had in the summer. More water kept coming and his speed and strength was increasing. 

The crack he had found this time was a weak crack and it was giving away at a fast pace. On the lower end of the mountain range, he saw clouds at a fast pace climbing over. An icy cold wind, one of those winds were the winds wind has a wind chill factor began to blow across the land. It was a cold wind but it wasn’t strong enough to push the clouds away. The clouds had momentum but they got there too late. It began to rain which quickly turned into hail. Mr. Mountain kept pushing down even more cold air dropping the temperature and it began to snow. The winds stopped and the snow fell heavy. Ms. Ocean was not finished, late in the fall season, she began to develop a high pressure system. She pushed this high pressure system on to the land and the temperature began to rise. Mr. Mountain kept pushing the cold air down onto the land, but the high pressure system was too strong. It warmed the land up, the snow turned back into rain and the snow that fell, began to turn into water. Mr. River yelled, “NOT THIS TIME MR.MOUNTIAN!!! WE’RE TAKING YOU DOWN BITCH!! The snow had fell over the lake but because of the warmer temperatures, the snow melted and the lake was getting deeper.

To be continued…