Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Late to the party

Everybody's drunk
Everyone is drunk
Everyone is happy
Everybody's blissful..
I see some people
On the couch there
In full Conversation
I see a couple in the
Corner locking eyes,
locking lips, a few passi-
natley dancing, some
Intrigued with the high,
I smell the danky weed lit
but the bowl is full of ash
I should've guessed by the
dank smell and slightly foggy room
that everybody's lit, they all took a hit,
Everyone is high, cross faded glossy
eyes, why am I surprised? Its in the open
no surmise, empty french fry containers
from five guys, its 2:37 in the morning
and it looks like the aftermath of when a
hurricane hits, all the food wrappers suggest
multiple hurricane hits, chopped and screwed
R&B got the scragglers feeling it, I guess it's
time for us to make like a tree and split...

Friend: Its make like a tree and leave or make like a banana and split, (he laughs)

Summer: You haven't seen back 2 the future huh?

Friend: back 2 the who? Sounds interesting.

Summer: bro I have it on my phone. I have a joint and magically I just found some dorritos, we're going to plop down on this floor, get stoned and watch Back 2 the future, you'll love it.

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