Tuesday, March 11, 2014

WAKE UP! Why the world needs Gay and Lesbian parents

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There was a time in man’s history, when women had a higher power, they had more respect. Woman is mother and in the golden ages of man, woman was the teacher not the man. As our society begin to downwardly spiral into a dark period, the position women played in society was second; sometimes, not even treated like human. Our society begin to lose balance, mankind only focused on the masculine energy and left the feminine energy in the dust. The masculine energy lead our planet into stubborn positions, destroying by using force instead going with the flow; we became obsessed with speed instead of growth and balance. I know some who may read this and may think I’m taking a hippie approach and I may come off as a tree hugger but these terms, these titles and the context they are used in, are only a mirror of the unbalance society we live in. 

            The world needs gay and lesbian parents. The world needs to understand that gay marriage is the first step into a new time period. The reason why we need gay parents: balance. In the Ancient Egyptian society, they believed in balance. They believed that a man had masculine and feminine energy, and that a woman had masculine and feminine energy as well. In many instances, the men in the ancient Egyptian society would wear wigs and popularized by Hollywood, you always saw the Pharaoh wear make-up or eyeliner. This eyeliner or make-up was called God face; they also wore it to reflect the glare from the sun and for health reasons as well. The other part of this make-up wearing was also there respect to the woman. The Pharaoh’s or ancient Egyptians saw women as equal and it was displayed by applying make-up or wearing wigs. 

It was a big part of showing the balance of energies in their society. In today’s world, it’s being displayed in a different manner. There’s men who love other men and want to raise children, want to get married. These men raising young men, doesn’t mean the child will turn out gay; it means society is finally getting back to balance. If you think about it, gay men have a balance of masculine and feminine energy. As I watch my nephews grow up, they are already manlier then the men who have a tendency to be over macho and their only 6 and 8. As for lesbian parents, it’s the same thing. My sister is a prime example. She has masculine and feminine energy. When I was younger I observed this but did not know it. When my mom was not around, she was second in line to mom and she taught me things (feminine) but she carried a switch blade and was quick to cut a mother fucker if you even tried to mess with someone she loved. (Masculine) See my approach? Do you see the energy? Are you enlightened? 

The world needs this badly. In 20 years or so, probably less, there is going to be a new breed of thinkers and kids coming into the picture. These kids will have mom and dad, dad and dad, mom and mom, mom (whose a man) dad (whose a woman), and none of these kids will be screwed up.  When the Mayan’s said 12/21/12 was the end, they meant the end of the dark ages and welcome to the new age. This is the beginning of enlightenment, a period when we stop and look around and see the poor polar bear struggling to get on a piece of ice. What the fuck are we doing? Will not be a question of philosophy, it will be a question of, “no really, what the fuck are we doing?” Imagine a world were, religion is not tearing the world apart and ruling out gay and lesbian marriage. Why not? If what I’m saying is correct, wouldn’t denying same sex marriage deny us getting closer to a higher consciousness? A higher consciousness is connected to spirituality and in order to get there, there needs to be a balance of feminine and masculine energy; and if that means wedding same sex couples, so they can look better on paper when trying to adopt kids, then WAKE UP!  Why do we need wars? So we can make money? At what cost? We need our women back. There’s a difference between degrading and sexy. I’m sick of meeting women whose spirt are destroyed because they were a side piece, for God’s sake, my last relationship the woman had a low self image of herself; I treated her like she was gold, but I don’t think it sunk in. The masculine energy in this world has DESTROYED women. Men have almost turned sex into a sport, as in, “How many women have you slept with?” WAKE THE FUCK UP. Sex is great but counting how many bodies you have slept with, is kind of savage don’t you agree? My point: WAKE UP! 

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