Friday, June 19, 2015

Thank you

One night when my
spirits were low I
called my friend on
the one night I wanted
it to end, your laughter made
me took me back to
2011 when my fiance and I would
chill in the car on hot summer nights
and just laugh... minus the hugging, kissing,
cigarettes, beer, and weed smoke, I was
immersed in a vibe that acted as a time
machine, perverse by a time that made me
a dad to be, converse about things that
made us weak, curse about the days we
wish to never see...I was myself,
I was not judged but critiqued by
truth, no airs were put on...Thank you
and I hope the laughter I shared with
you cleared any stress from your chest.
One love. =)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What Will you say?

What will you say?

By Kriti Raju

If I tell you that I like you,
What will you say to that?
Will you say you like me too,
Or turn me down flat?

If I tell you that I need you,
That with you I feel complete;
Will you say you feel it too,
Or crush it under your feet?

If I tell you that I'm lonely,
Despite my friends and home,
Will you say you'll be with me?
That with me you're not alone?

If I tell you that I'm crying,
Will you wipe away my tears?
Or break my heart while lying,
That you care about my fears?

If I tell you that I love you,
That you're more than just a friend,
Will you say you love me too,
Or will our friendship have to end?

Erotic love

Erotic love 

Written by Sandeep Khosla

You and me be one,

Fused together,

Dissolving love,

Pouring in and out,

Craving for more,

Exploring the forbidden love,

Let's be one,

Caring for nothing but love,

Explode together,

To be one in the realm of ecstasy,

O my love,

You and me,

Can do it not for fun,

But for a bliss trap,

Between the dots and line,

Transfixed like a glue,

Gobbling satiating,

Between the symphony,

Which our bodies together,

While sliding will make,

Wetting in sweat,

The movement of pleasure,

In the depths,

Of you,

Between the streaks,

Making you ride the tide,

Of molten lava,

Which like a volcano,

I explode in you,

But dear only you and me,


Make this ride


Monday, June 15, 2015

The Love Electric

The Love Electric

Written by Kriti Raju

I run the barbell of my tongue ring against my teeth
as a jailer would his baton on prison bars
and intimidate my voice into
giving up your name.
I demand the right to call my attorney!
You cannot make me
I am going to hold on
to your name as though
it is prayer
to speak your name is to take it in vain
to write it down is to document it
there is a structural deficit in my medium of love.
I cannot speak of it nor write of it
there is an electrical transmission
perhaps I can email you my love with no attachments
Are you sure you want to send? There is no attachment included in this email.
Can you read between the lines? There are no lines to speak of
I fell asleep with shreds of paper in my teeth
fortune cookie futures 
all with your name on it.
I chew on remnants of hearts and souls and soul mates
and all the achy-tooth promises that you made 
when you were seventeen.
there's a space between 
what i say and what i mean to say
and no words to fill it. 
Maybe it's an electrical transmission
I'll leave it blank.
You can read between the lines. 

Beyoncé - Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z

(Found on You Tube)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Through the eyes of a Pharaoh

I don't want to leave you but
the stars called, as I lay here,
slipping, falling in between the
now and some new journey that
lies on the horizon...let the sunset
so I can travel across the cosmos and rise
again, strong, burning bright in the morning,
shedding light on every speck of dark, even
the shadows that hide will get touched when
I switch positions, I'll get through cracks
 and shine through, I'm everywhere in this
life and the next...I don't want to leave you
my  love, I want to stay with you forever,
if you can make a promise, promise you'll
recognize me if I don't, even if you don't,
promise you'll trust me, trust yourself to know
it feels right, because I know on these journeys
we can get lost, lose sight, come back in
multiple life's and each one changes the person
we were, the person we became only to question
who we are love, this isn't death
, wipe the tears from your face,
your make up is running we must remain
in God face, for if I don't return I'll be
in heaven: in Gods place, my love come
close so I can hug you, hold you
tight smell your lovely fragrance,
kiss you, stare into your eyes one
last time so I remember the soul
that looks  the same in no matter
what love remember
our teachings from the angels that
visited us in weird ships, remember
the five rose pedals they put to our
lips, remember they said we one
day will fall and our lessons should
be taught to the generations....I'm
leaving...I can feel the release, hope
to see you next life, either here on
earth or in the stars...will meet again,
we'll have fun, we'll laugh and fight, hold
my hand once more, I see the angels and the
pharaoh's that ruled the land once before...

Immortality~Ancient Egyptian Meditation Music

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fire Fight


By Kriti Raju 
"Is it still betrayal if you knew it was coming?" I asked.
"Have you ever looked directly at the sun and tried to close your eyes against the light?
Have you felt your eyelids betray you; feel them try to fight the fire and give up their opacity? Did your skin heat up despite you willing it cold? Did you become paper over candlelight, thin-screen clear and suddenly naked?
That's what it means to hold back from love. You thought you could swallow the fire instead of letting it consume you.
Well, dear. All you managed to do was to burn from the inside out.


Karma started with an
idea, a thought, a vision,
an answer, to hurt or love
those who deserve, to serve those
who need, to help others when life's
cards are dealt with good or too much
bad, to balance out life when the world is
sad so those can understand pain but also
experience joy, live in bliss and experience their
96th kiss as their first, but know what its like
to be broke on the first, 15th, and 30th...

Karma started with an idea, an energy,
to receive and give, to love when its sin,
to lust when its win, to understand trust
 when its gone with the wind, so when the
time is right you understand your lavish nights
at the Wynn....but when the nights are
unusually dark, and your bed is cold
and all you've done is right, when
every element in you has to fight
just to understand what's right
you find yourself in the wrong
but that's what makes us strong...
When your chest is tight, and
you feel the pressure of life
its meant for you to bench
press the light, relive the stress
and fly like a kite, soar like
a plane, run open like in a plain,
because your soul is free on another
plain...your brain can neglect the
foofaraw thoughts: the negative energy
that's food for thoughts, give until
your nick name is toys for tots and
stingy when the world is not....

Karma had an idea, an idea to love,
a thought to romance the world with
what they ask, so what we speak is
what we ask, so the words we spell
is what we mask, but the words we
spell can be our last, so the words we
speak can be the future or the past,
which is the present we unwrap

Monday, June 8, 2015


(Found on You tube)


I'm ugly, I'm beautiful, I'm
brash but have class with an
ugly past that flourished in
arts and crafts, attracts the
rift raft but attracts the rich
only because my grit can be
seen as glam, unique, ubiquitous
my lights, ridiculous my nights,
ludicrous my days, I'm poetic
in my ways, I'm poetic because
my life breathes air into the people
that makes them act entitled to a past
that doesn't reflect their future, past, or
present, a place where the well off and
the peasant create an atmosphere that's
pleasant, an atmosphere that's violent, a place
that's vibrant, a struggle to see if poverty will
defeat the migrant, the city has become
a battle grounds of love meets the
tyrant, high class meets the
sirens, the grit meets the
silence, culture, famine, crack
pipes light the street, the only
light that shine, a drag from
the pipe, the only hope, the
inhale as a reminder there
in hell until there high takes
them to heaven....

Crack Pipes and Crickets

It started with the x pills
it started with late nights
it started with the clubs
it started because it was swag,
but the style was too difficult to handle
he couldn't grab the handle, the speed
 had him burning both ends of the
candle, every day his spirit seemed
to dissipate, he began to disintegrate,
he slowly became a different person
until it all began to crumble...............
Burn the glass and take a long hit, exhale
the smoke and hear the crickets chirp, sit on
the curb and take a long many parts of the world
its said that crickets bring good luck, ironic how the
crickets chirp so loud in an area that's a abrupt....burn
the glass, take a long hit, exhale the smoke and watch the
world shift , for a moment his problems
lift, her problems seem light, because
of the light... he sees me walking in the
night, reflection of the city life, glow of
a good night, reminder of where he
once was, a reminder of where I could
be, both reminders but no bridge, only
crickets singing, lighters sparking, ships
passing in the night...

The Cool Kids - Good Afternoon (NEW 2010)

(Found on You Tube)

Friday, June 5, 2015



Written by Kriti Raju

I found potpourri on a night stand all dried and dead and diffusively divine and I watched
dry-eyed and wide-eyed as the once-petals disintegrated into ash and
fragrant lies.
I am so much like that potpourri, but so much more like what it was before it died. In its afterlife it had a name....and so did i.
I called myself a certain thing and lived inside this person's skin but
I don't believe i was really me
until I dried up inside.
now I'm barren, now I'm dry. I've shed my skin--my borrowed skin--
and pressed it into the leaves of books along with
rose petals and honeysuckle sprigs.
Somehow between then and now I've become
an urn of born again ferns I've
metamorphosed from stone
into potpourri.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Power of prayer

power of prayer

Written by Sandeep Khosla

When you are worried and sad,

When night of darkness is too long,

And rage of tensions high,


Pray to GOD for his blessings,and

See the strength unmatched,

Unleash the power of prayer,

Pray from  heart,

Forget self and merge in oneness,

He is there in and around,

We need eyes to see

God answers every prayer,

Pray from heart,

Put your soul into it,

Often he will test us,

Make our life full of ordeals,

Don't get despair,

We need not get answers to all our prayers,

Don't worry,

He has his own way of testing,

We get what we deserve,

Not what we want,

As he is the best judge,

Darkness may be too harsh,

But at the end of the tunnel there will always be ray of hope.

                                    God is always there with us . We may go astray but he is always there to guide us.Devotion and dedication will lead us to be with him in his realm.

Where is your God now?

Where is your God now? 

Written by Kriti Raju   

Someone once asked me, "where is your God now?"
so I
asked the monsters under my bed
and closet critics in my head
and they all insisted that they hadn't seen my God.
The Church told me to look within--that God
was hiding in my skin--
that the Holy Ghost was just the wind
that lived within
the billows of my lungs
so I
walked up to my parish priest and bared my chest out to him
and asked him why I had to cover up God's resting place
with a bra.
My mother told me I was a whore and I swore
that I was so much more
I was God's resting place, I said. I'm the temple whore.
In my father's office was a metal safe and I cracked it open
but there was no God amongst the valuables and
the passports insisted that they were more important.
Someone wrote some dirty notes and stuck them on
a wall
they had pictures of tits on bits of bible
but that didn't stop some junkie animal
from pissing on the wall.

There were witch burns across my skin and
pentagon scars where I had been
branded like a sacrificial cow.
I looked for God in prison cells
and wedding bells,
but the closest I ever came to finding God
was in futile prayer
on my way to Hell.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

ayrm galadenem

She graveled at his feet because
she said she would never cheat,
he stood there packed, ready to
leave but he could feel her tears
slowly drowning his feet, her fruit
scented hair grazed against his
toes, the heavy breathing felt comforting
to his nails...she graveled at his feet because
she said she would never cheat, his eyes
began to swell because his love had failed,
angry and sad, but anxious he wanted to
leave, he couldn't leave her sobbing, because
of her humble cries and pleads, her lusty
ways got the best of her and he knew why,
he looked to the sky and questioned his union
with a woman full of lies, her voluptuous
lips kissed his feet while her hair
swept her tears of sin, each drop
filled with secrets buried with in,
released were the words and guilt
she carried, relief was the feeling as
she sobbed over her marriage...

The man she loves, the woman he
loves, the moments they shared, the
feelings were there, her open arms and
warmth were molested with lust, his
perception of her image was tainted
and crushed, but in the dark he found
light and rushed her with love, he dropped
his bags and caressed her head, helped
her off her knees and pulled her close to him,
looked in her glossy eyes and he could see
she was miles away, tormented by a choice,
taunted by a voice, he kissed her on the
brow and lightly scratched her
back, she kissed him on the lips
and gladly kissed her back, light
pecks that were soft, intimate, vital
signs of love slowly began to swirl like
a tornado from above, he began to speak
 but decided to "spell" "I forgive you" with
his hands to her heart, her tears started to
dry, a smile begin to crack, lightly crying she
begin to laugh, joy was starting to surface
, he knew she had done wrong but if he
didn't forgive her the demons would have
had their way...



Written by Kriti Raju

I fell in love with a Bible lover
and tattooed her name under my breast
like it was the crescent impression 
of her fingernail half-moons biting my skin.
"Your body is a Church!" my mother screamed.
"How dare you befoul the home of God!"
Oh mother, I thought.
I am an Olympus of misplaced Gods, a cathedral of contradictions.
There are demons in my Church.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Mr Probz - Waves (Official Video) [Robin Schulz Remix]

(Video found on You Tube)

Untitled VII

The city is a place
a man can spend his
check make some
wrong turns cause
 he been hanging out with the
worse,sometimes set ups and
sometimes its karma at work, maybe
you burned someone and now its your go,
but whatever the situation unfolds in your
hand, you gotta understand what's down
must go up, the understanding of gravity
helps you get through some tragedy's become
the dentist in your life you'll remove all the
cavities, traverse is your option, to reverse
is acknowledged but to go back to something
that you've learned is chaotic, that's where
order is born and stability rest, just look
at how the renaissance lead us out of a mess,
to the people I'm speaking this ancient
knowledge is reason, realign your chakra
lights to the normals its leisons, to religion its treason,
while our governments fleeting, creating large cities
weeding out the poor is deceiving, that's why the
people are leaving, their bank accounts are
receding, taxes too high on crappy
food that were eating, gentrified at
its best, water supply at its worse:
we drinking from the stream of
Lethe calcified from birth, even the
bottles I question but that's for some
other time, read my other writings
they may open your mind, but take
a second to reckon this record
understanding the lesson....why a
man in the city can spend his
pay in the city
of debt...dollar rules,
cash flows out your hands into the
rich, trying to keep up with style will
have you in the pits,the allure of the city
and what's hiding in the mist....