Thursday, July 13, 2017

Me and the boys

We shoot
the shit,
Smoke some
weed, watch
some movies
play some games,
I watch the games,
every blue moon
I play, they find it
strange, for me watching
is calming, everyday,
all day I compete,
so to play a video
game doesn't help
me, it
doesn't relieve
nor distracts
it puts me
back on
attack, speaking,
smoking, and
laughing, imagination,
is distracting but
violence only makes
me have a negative

Friend: stop being a little bitch, pussy. Here, just try this first round, its mind blowing.

Summer: I, I just dont understand. I don't hate it, I enjoy watching you guys play.

Friend: come get some bitch.

Summer: (picks up pipe, takes a hit, blows out smoke, picks up controller, kind of coughing) ok bitch...

The weed
seeps in,
the bright
 loud bangs
and glaring lights
escapes into wee
hours of the night,
laughing and mindlessly
killing, like a glass of
milk spilling, I've
emptied my
feelings, anger
has left the building,
my endorphins
are through the ceiling,
memories are
made, we laugh
at mistakes, the
weed tricking
our senses, letting
down our defensive
ironic we're playing
a shooting game,
we have no offense its,
magically delicious!

Friend: bruh, cereal sounds bomb right now.

Summer: yea.....we should get captin crunch, with two BIG ASS scoops of vanilla Ice cream... (looks at 3rd friend) when did you get here?

3rd: I've been here...remember an hour ago? I was eating cereal...

Friend: oh yeah, wuss up.

Summer: sooo do you have anymor--- can you do a vanilla ice cream captin crunch run? Lol

3rd: sure.

Friend: oh! And beer

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