Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Equinox (Mar 20th- June 20th or 21st depending on the year)

Spring is a season of growth, rebirth, warmth, love, and change. Spring can be a complex season. As we wake from winters mystic slumber that aggressively tries to keep a grip on us, the energy of spring battles with winter, trying to keep the deathly cold grips of winter in its place. At times spring loses, other times winter loses, it really is a back and forth kind of situation yet unique. The symbolism displayed in Spring is symbolic to a person in youth, full of vigor, spontaneous, impulsive, energetic; there's not much tact in spring but the force spring has makes up for being tactless. Winter on the other hand is old, tired, very little to no vigor, yet is an extremely wise person with an abundance of tact, patients, and will. Winter is use to harsh weather and doesn't fear the force of spring. Winter teaches us to wait out the storm and attack when tired; yet spring whose also fearless, due to a lack of tenacity, a naive outlook, and a thought of nothing can kill me,  teaches us with a enough force and stamina, you can prevail and defeat even the hidden.

Spring would fall with in the human age range of new born to about age 21. In these years, one does so many changes that one is practically a new person by the time summer arrives. Winter being the season of death, and Spring being the season of rebirth, really plays with the idea of reincarnation. In a post I have called Imagination, I've mentioned that I believe the imagination and imaginary friends that we have early on could be a connection to a past life; or it could be a child being a child, I'm open minded. In spring, its time to transform, search for answers and reasons; during this time of year, Jupiter shows back up in the skies and is a dominant planet. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, truth, education,  knowledge, wealth, luck, justice, optimism, wonder, philosophy and mystic. This planet rules the sign of Sagittarius and teams up with Aries (Usually Mars ruled) in the third week of April (10th-20th). Venus, Mars, and Mercury also accompany the giant planet.

The energy these planets send to humanity is what ushers in the change. The luck from Jupiter, the fearless masculine energy of Mars, the love goddess Venus, and the intelligent communication skills of Mercury mix in spring. It gives spring many questions which is also sprinkled down from Jupiter, random love affairs from Venus, and the intelligence from Mercury to communicate and learn from past love mistakes or tips that Venus lovely bestows upon us. Mars is the undertone that keeps us fearless all through out spring. That fearlessness helps us grow due to constant mistakes. Once summer arrives you can look back with nostalgia and say, "Yeah, I made that mistake when I was 16." Winter never dies, its tactful and impacts you even when you thought you defeated it;  you can't defeat the inevitable. Welcome to Spring.

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