Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Touch & Tease

Let me touch you in ways,
touch you so I can make you
say, touch you in places yesterday
that you feel today...pictures of
pouty lips pursed, submerge in
my minds theater, got me a little
hot, boiling, passion in my pot,
like the evening star shimmering,
you're the little light in my dark, my
imagination grows because your
eyes brighten my spark, sexy but
sensual, let me fill you in with this
pencil, drape from your body like
Christmas trees cling to tinsel, ironic
because I've been acting so cold,
waiting for you to act a little bold,
show a little passion, maybe a thought
that you care, deep inside you do that's
why my actions have been rare, odd but
a tad erotic but life is melodic, chaos
before order, so I succumb the

Let me touch you in ways,
touch you so I can say,
touch you in places that's
made for play, the world
is our stage so let's perform
this piece with you leading,
I'll be the second, but you
don't like to lead, I'll give you
a push for better leverage,
I'll put you in that position,
comfort you during
intermission, when part
two comes, I'll feed you
with acquisition, consoule
you while you trimble,
just feel my passion and
roll with it, the audience
doesn't know unless
you're acting a fool with
Douse into my clouds
of words with thousands
of verbs that's sure to wild
your world; let me touch,
make you blush, use my
fingers as your brush, use
your lips to make mine hush
but your lips can be used to
crush... hearts or igninte
the new, but like hate, love
can anew, I thought you knew.... 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Wale ft Miguel- Lotus Flower Bomb

Lets get sexy on a Monday...last week of the year, lets go out with a bang...=) (Video found on You Tube)

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Varnish

                                                                (Image found on Google)

In a 1920's modern
speakeasy I sit, place
is dimily lit, music is softly playing
but through the loud blended voices
you hear a rich horn playing, engaging
the spirit for people to drink; the atmosphere
is calming, romantic, but vintage,
a place where one can think, a place
where the divorced can drown their sorrows
but come out with a dame
feeling the same...

The energy is calm on 
this warm early winter night,
breeze in the air but an 
undertone chill, lightly tapping
your back and raising the hairs
and light goosebumps on
ya' arm, the charm of the
city and the despair,
the homeless, make 
you appreciate your
seven dollar beer even
if the price is steep,
it means you have 
enough to afford maybe
two possibly three, the
environment locks you
in as the candle light
dances on the ceiling, like
they're grooving to the
jazz as you enjoy the
lovely evening...

The smell of the
french dips galloping
at my nose, only thing
I'm missing is the
cigarette smoke
damaging my clothes
that's ravishing I suppose,
the scents together might
be clashing to those but a classic
to the old, the old downtown, when
the trolleys lined the streets
and film Nior wasn't trendy,
picture a Sunday evening at
your local speakeasy and
favorite singer, an old soul
I guess but its nice to see 
the old renew, 1930's forbid
you, but we were in love
with you, sneaked you 
inside of barrows on
the back of trucks, sound
kind of familiar with marijuana
and such, I digress from my rant,
eyes low, lit flame, inside the Varnish, 
I drink my varnish and
listen to the piano playin'....

Friday, December 19, 2014


I don't know you
but I loved you,
you don't know him but
you loved him, he didn't
know you but he loves you,
he didn't want you but he loves
you, impatient hearts leap when
the mind is weak, but impatient
minds wait when the heart is for
sure; sometimes we keep others
at bay instead of sailing a shore...

I don't know you
but I loved you, you
don't know him but you
loved him, he didn't
know you but he loves
you, kisses you, rubs you,
holds you tight and hugs you,
but something is missing. the same
spark isn't there when you two are
kissing, because once the lips unlock,
the magic isn't glistening, you get mad
at him even when he's listening;
something isn't right...you're up
all night while the other half is
sleep, you're counting sheep
but getting interrupted
because your foot
is caught in the
sheets, toss, twist,
and turn your temper starts
to burn, this feeling of unsure
over consumes your mind, knowing
you have grown and you
still have more to do, makes
you wonder, "Is this the right guy for you?"

You talk to others
and find interest,
someone mind
stimulating and
invigorating, you look
back at what you have
built only to see the
mistakes that reveal,
to you and him they
stand out but over time
they healed but your eyes
still wonder, as the neglection
grows stronger...

You find yourself, forcing
yourself to hold back
your true self, because
you and him/her don't
match, but you make it
work because you're on
the same path but 2+2 =5
so the math isn't right, you're
one over on the other
and two evens equal even
yet you two are at odds...maybe,
adding to the equation, to save
your relations may erase thee abrasions
but doesn't solve the feelings you're facing...
maybe dividing the problem and subtracting
some issues may steer you away from future tissues...

Maybe you're afraid as we all
were at some point, maybe
you don't think anyone else
wants you, so like all, we all
try to make it work
in a situation that
could make it
worse,maybe you were meant,
that's why paths are crossed,
but we learn from each other that's
why we laugh at each
others cost...afraid of hurting
him/her because the split may split
them, maybe that's what they need
because splits sprout two, one
dies the other continues and that
new split, splits and the growth
continues....time can only tell but we
control time so we reveal tales...so
I neglect you, because you neglect yourself,
like a mirror, I reflect yourself, I been through
what you been through, feet in both shoes...so
I respect you but I love you too much
therefore I neglect you....

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes TBT

Janet Jackson: a sexy woman with a very erotic/sensual side to her; she expresses it in her pictures, music and speech, her vibe alone is sexy, step with in 15ft of her airspace and her pheromones will pollute your nose; if 15ft is too far away, her light voice, you can only hear in close range will definitely drawl you in and her intense gaze will mesmerize you as she's only asking for a cheeseburger. lol. I don't know her personally but that's what I gather from some of the music I hear by her, especially in this song I'm introducing to you, or jogging your memory about "That's the way love goes." Released on April 20th, 1993 (Yes! That's my new birthday song! ) from her fifth studio album, Janet...it was written, the sensual, yet romantic lust song did extremely well on the billboard 100. Janet's song was number one for 8 weeks long on the billboard 100, it reached number one for 10 weeks on the hot 100 airplay, internationally the song was placed number one in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Japan and Europe's hot 100 singles. This song was a major success winning tons of different awards from Soul Train back down to MTV. I'm not sure how much the album sold, but her single alone sold 3 million copies. This was a big song. So for today's TBT I present to you, Janet Jackson, "That's the way love goes". Thank you for stopping by "No Title" the random blog, I hope you enjoyed the review, please feel free to roam around and check out some other TBT reviews and some of the other writes. See ya soon. One love. (Music found on You Tube, not mine)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Louis Armstrong - Potato Head Blues (1927) TBT

For today's throw back, I'm going to throw it way back, back to the roaring 20's. A period in our great country when things begin to change, a time of social and political change, more people in America began to move from farms and began living in the city; people were starting to buy the same goods, due to the growth and birth of chain stores; this was the time period of urban growth for America and a lot of people were uncomfortable with that change. The 1920's for some people was a problem, however in the cities, it was a good time. Picture a time period when black people and white people never saw eye to eye on anything, yet when in the cities, black people had a better shot of survival up North; of course still called every derogatory name under the sun, there was still an explosion in the black communities during this time period; when you get a chance research the cotton clubs that were booming in Harlem. So to represent that time period and music for TBT, I bring to you Louie Armstrong. There's a lot we can take from the 1920's and bring it forward to today, we just need to look and learn a little from our history. One love yall...

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hours slow, seconds fast

Tick, tick, you can hear the seconds click...
as they add up to minutes building this
tower of life which crumbles down when
our clock stops, only to be lost
in a realm, on a plane time
does not comprehend..
Tick, tick, you can hear
the seconds click moving
at a fast pace but slowed
down so we can enjoy
a life of pleasure and all
of its toys...time moves
fast like the release of
a sneeze but moves at
a snails pace so we can
cruise the seven seas...
tick, tick you can hear
the seconds click, as the
sun rises to fall, we hope
in summer it sets, the beauty
moment of our life, because
in winter we rest, but it's
incomplete without spring,
the season of rebirth, which
death plays both sides spring is
winter in reverse...

Why do we have the four seasons besides scientific reason?  Could it be nature's way of showing us how life works? Like a teacher, she's using the planet as a chalk board and we are her students; only a few of us are paying attention. Let me explain, winter begins two weeks before the year is over,symbolic to life on earth ending, as the new year begins, it's still winter, symbolic to the limbo period, a few months in, spring begins, symbolic to entering a new life, a new plane. If right, there is a possible period we are reflecting what we did on the last plane. If you notice every spring, at least in the neck of my woods, something new sprouts or the same flowers that blossom every year, have something new about them...if were connected to this planet, meaning one and the same, when we die, we should blossom back to life as something new, we don't come back to this life, we live elsewhere; however, I think on this plane, Earth is used to help you understand that we never really die, we just move on, like time...we emulate time...usually when moving on from a chapter in your life or from someone is like seconds,  and when we move on from this plane, it's represents minutes, the next plane is a whole new hour; in every hour of our day, something new happens. Feel free to leave a comment or your opinion down below. one love.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Untitled V

Just because I'm spiritual doesn't mean I can't enjoy the spoils of life, it means I know there's more to life than money, designer brands, and etc. This stuff can't come with me, but while I'm here, I'm going to enjoy the creativity and ideas of others, laugh at things that seem mindless, do normal everyday stuff and live, because if I don't, what's the point? Live life, but while you're enjoying the spoils, dig deeper, find that balance. Some religions will tell you worldly  possessions can be of sin, and maybe it could be if  you're living is gluttonous; which means there's an imbalance. Live but stay open to thought and progression. One love

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Untitled IV

It isn't until you're poor that you understand struggle, it isn't until you're rich you understand being stingy. In order for one to understand this, it doesn't take money, just a lack of or abundance of something...

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Untitled III

I don't know what its like to be a good person, so everyday when I wake up, I make an effort to do what I feel is right; other times, I stay quiet because I'm filled with wrong ; so I try to find something that is completely opposite of what I'm feeling. Some days, I'm hard on myself, because here I am, waking up to do right by people, only to come across those who are oblivious to their disgusting ways and don't care; maybe I should be like those, just not care. In my studies, I come across a lot of random information, information that has nothing to do with the topic of my focus, yet it some how spills out from time to time, like now. I read some where that most people who have a higher IQ are said to be mean. I could understand that, the higher intelligence means there's more layers to you, and what one may see as mean or bad may be a push for something else. The brain is a muscle. Guys who get big from lifting weights look mean, dangerous, someone you don't want to fuck with; so maybe it could be the same for the brain...I digress...all of us might not make that our immediate purpose because we usually just react in the moment, we don't awake in the mourning to pregame, we return in the evening to program....(there's a play on words with morning...)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Untitled II

Humans, we can be a strange bunch. We sometimes treat each other the way we would not want to be treated, yet we still do (insert action) to others. It shows we really do not understand time, it also shows time heals all so maybe we do on some deeper level understand time; or maybe we haven't experienced a certain situation to know how much it stings, which is why, "oh that's how it feels" appears to be a daily phrase repeated. Some of us are compassionate, I'm not saying it's all of mankind, but that compassion was rooted somewhere, at some point, you went through a selfish state of mind in order to become an understanding person. Time is huge; like the bottom of the wave, time drags, but dissipates quickly like the breaking of the tide, I guess that's why it easy for us to hurt another, besides the somewhat selfish factor, what else would make you want someone to feel something you wouldn't like?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Jay Z - American Gangster (Full Album)

If you listen to American Gangster, Jay is more clairvoyant about the life he lived...(Music found on You Tube)

Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt (Full Album - 1996) TBT

For this week's throw back, I'm gonna go with a classic in hip-hop, a album most didn't know about until Jay Z's Volume 3 album. This album by Jay Z is called Reasonable Doubt. This is the album a lot of hip-hop heads talk about when they say Jay sold out, most will say this is his better body of work but in my opinion, I thought American Gangster was one of his better albums. If you haven't heard American Gangster, it puts you in mind of an updated reasonable doubt; the beats are a little better, but you heard him return to his roots and you got to see an older Jay Z look at how he would've handled the street life. Listen to this album then right after listen to American Gangster; as a matter of fact, after this review I'll post the American Gangster album if I can find it; I digress, back to reasonable doubt, the Album was released on April 9th, 1996 by Roc-a Fella records and Priority. The album has a production team mix of  DJ Premier, Ski, Knobody and Clark Kent; the album also features Mary J. Blige, Memphis Bleek, and of course the late B.I.G. The album reached number 23 on the US billboard 200. In 2006, Reasonable doubt was certified platinum at 1.5 million copies sold in the United States. If you have never heard Reasonable Doubt, hear you go, if you just want to take a trip down memory lane, this one is for you. So for today, I present to you Reasonable Doubt. Thank you for stopping by "No Title" the random blog, feel free to roam around and check out my other writes, please if you can subscribe to my blog  and as usual, I think you already know what I'm going to ask so I'll just leave it there. lol. Enjoy and have a nice day. One love. (Music Found on You Tube)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sadie Hawkins

I don't know if I want you asking me out, only because of tradition...I'd rather ask you, so if you reject me, I don't have to hear about you asking another man out....what if he rejects you? Are you going to come running to me? Am I your sloppy seconds? Your last resort? the ugly man you rejected because I'm not what you expected? The irony...the day represents the ugly girl from the hills, asking a man if he would take her hand....so the tables flip, then do a cartwheel, because now I'm the pursued, now I have to sit here and decide if I want you, some of the pressure is gone because my palms aren't sweaty, I'm not nervous but I'm worried, worried that I have to reject you, viewed as a dick, a dog because I fucked not only one but two of your acquaintance's who don't know each other, but due to this tiny small world, in this fucked up twist of a fate I manage to stick my dick in a place my heart wasn't...pfff!! So I reject you, but want you, I can see potential as friends but that's something you don't want and me keeping you around just because I can't say no, knowing this friendship is going to lead to, kissing and maybe something else is an asshole move since I don't want you, the way you want me...Once Sadie Hawkins is finished, which is only a day, I'll pursue you so you can reject me and I'll hear what you have to say...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Untitled I

We always wonder what's in the universe but forget  we're apart of the universe,  if you wonder just take a look around you...everything that's out in yonder can be found here....

Monday, December 1, 2014

The street

The corners is filled with the homeless and shit, hand out asking for quarters and smokes, hustling outdated shit for $10 bucks so they can reach their next hit, some to silence the grumble in their stomach;  I'm getting fed up because I can't walk 5 ft in a country that's dream is built on wealth but the health of our economy  is the struggle of the broken, and the opinion of the spoken so we're destine to be a society that's hopeless...maybe that's too dark, maybe its the truth, maybe the street corners is proof, maybe I'm aloof, trying to a view world through a city makes my edges loose, but when the world comes to your city the blurred lines spell truth. Streets tainted, heels clacking, perfume in the air, super models with pipe dreams getting fucked by the despair, hustlers on the corner selling weed in the open, cops can't touch them because weed is half legalized.... but if you look closer, these boys is playing pool, they out breaking the table, they got six rolling left, 2 in the pocket, one in the corner, an eight ball dangling, which could be a bust or break, depending on who your against during play....some give a chance but others take it as a win, that's a lost for you, you  have to rack up those numbers and start all over again.The corner is filled with the homeless and shit, hand out asking for quarters and smokes, staring at the people eating at the cafe on the corner, getting ignored by the superficial's and fake ballers, they're one step above begging for money, they living on they credit cards and two bucks they found in the couch, scrapped up change, took it to the coin star and made it look as if they had a couple of bucks in hand, I'm not bashing I do the same but I don't shrug off the homeless as if I'm better, only difference between him and I  is I have a home and a clean sweater, and that's fucked up but truth, there's a fine line between the desperate and the middle, we walking on a tight rope were before you could clearly see the difference....