Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Beyoncé - 7/11

Untitled XIII

You ever hear that foreign noise in the background and can't figure out what it is? When you find out what it is you're like, "Oh! That's what that was? It sounded like (insert name of noise)". ...that's with that said, for those who don't believe in other intelligent life forms, is it plausible to say others walk among us or share a galaxy with us, and we don't know it because we don't know what they look like? Remember, when the indigenous people of the Americas saw the Spanish for the first time, they described them as floating on the sea, these people were God-like to them because they had never seen ships before. When
one's mind doesn't know what something is, it doesn't exist, its something magical, you can't even fathom the
thought. Aliens could be right in front of us and we wouldn't know because we don't know what they look like; we only have what Hollywood has drawn out for us and sketches from people who may have been abducted; that's not really solid information for one to go by. If  the indigenous couldn't see ships, its possible we can't see other species or other species ships as well....until they present themselves in the near future. I could be wrong...

Monday, December 14, 2015

Miguel Migs - Love Yourself (Basti & Vincenz Remix)

Untitled XII

When we meet people, we meet them in different stages in life; keep that in mind when you find yourself judging others. One should take the time to a know a person before they decide to place them in a category that person does not belong in. I've met good people in bad situations were the only choice they can make is the best worse decision, a decision even in the bad, they were still looking for the good. I've met bad people in good situations. One has to ask, Are there really bad people? Do we take time to observe a situation? Do we take in the moment? The people I've met who are "bad" in a good situation abuse their position because of constantly losing. When do we take the time to understand? Why do we feel a need to single people out, demonize, or make one feel like a villain? We all have a past, we have experienced pain to some degree so how is it we easily forget? We don't forget, the tide changes and we roll with it. It takes three weeks for our
brains to set up pathways and get use to a routine, all it takes is a shift in vision and change, you give an angry person that power and you have three weeks of hell; watch who you give your power to.

"Are there really bad people?" is something I keep asking because all 7 billion of us have this thing called ego. If someone is forcing their ways or views on you, a country, world, one has as tendency to take defense;  you may not share the same vision, however, have you ever thought about playing, toying with the ideal? Why ignore what the next person has to say? we all have opinions and want to be heard, all of us could be heard but not all of us have sure fire resolutions, just small solutions that add to the bigger picture. What if Villains are something we've created to make us unite? Its human  to blame someone, it makes us come together, have a common thought, commonality; yet I don't think we understand, we are all connected. What I'm saying could be far fetched and I'm not saying that to make you agree, I'm saying that because I realize what I'm saying and I'm still questioning myself, still learning. What's your opinion?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Prostitutes. Offending. Romantic. Nights.

He watched
she watched
when we were young
trying to see between
the black and white
lines, possibly see
a boob or some
kind of thrusting action,
our eyes wide open
focused on the screen
like a hawk zeroing in
on a prey using the
imagination to masturbate...
Men use visual images
Women use mental stimulant images,
Women want to control men's
sexuality while reading sexual
fantasies, Men try to dominate
women, facial fetish and cutting
off the air supply  through
deep throating or choking, for some
its fantasy for others its provoking,
but its poking at killer instincts
promoting violent thinking is
it healthy that men are
 to such grotesque sexual meetings, is
the imagination fleeting? Is the reward
center depleting? For sure porn is
deleting romantic fantasies women
read, but lusty vampires that make
you bleed or sadistic men that
make you beg and plead is
romantic if its slow, if its
caressing her every need,
quenching her dying thirst
by carefully spanking her
on her knees, that's ok
to read, okay for you to
imagine because imagination
is simply manifesting something
that you shit he's
on some sex shit...NO.

We seem to want NO
hands in mans land,
well we want hands
if the hands are double
fisting, giving your
parts a light Indian
burn while she's
slurpping and sipping,
mouthing on the tip and
drooling on every inch,
shoving it down without even
a flinch....its nice
to have but I like
to laugh, I like to look
 at you and not think
you think this is all I
want, I do have a
high sex drive but
I prefer a long
drive, getting out
the house,
I'm active and love
what life has to give,
I love romantic moments...
I'm speaking for men, I'm
speaking for those of us who
don't have a voice but feel a
feminine energy within....At first
we wanted what was on our t.v. screen or
computer projected, we realized we could
get our nut off without being rejected, but
at some point you realized that's only
an image, before you began to ask
who are these women? Just a face
and no mind, for those who
say we don't have souls, try getting fucked a few times
and see if you feel sublime when the person
doesn't even realize you're more than a good time...

We all like the tease, we
all love the rush, without
touch our skin wouldn't
activate the endorphin's that
we love, so they've created
an industry to simulate that
feeling when you're lonely, when
all you need is to hold
someone closely, rub them on
their back to make them feel
relax, soft music playing, to
calm them down, soothe
the beast in their soul, retard
the growl in their throat, direct
the passion inside, direct it out
of their boat, that's lust
in the heart, not love on the
mind, that's busting a
nut with no hands
on the grind, We
are missing the moments,
offending the nights,
missing the moon light
while holding hands
next to candle light, miss
being silly and laughing at stupid
shit, we're replacing it with fucking
instead of being intimate....

Prostitutes. Offending. Romantic. Nights.

Seeing the Future

Predicting the future: some say its impossible, others think its a way to scam people out of their money, and others believe in the super natural. There are tons of theories out there about time; different concepts and beliefs. Albert Einstein stated that there is no separation in time, it all runs together. "Since there exist in this four dimensional structure [space time] no longer any sections which represent "now" objectively, the concepts of happening and becoming are indeed not completely suspended, but yet complicated. It appears therefore natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence, instead of, as hitherto, the evolution of a three dimensional existence." -Albert Einstein.

Could the words of Einstein be right? It's 50/50. If he's right, then are psychics really good at guessing? If so, are you just paying someone to tell you who you presently are? When we visit psychics, a lot of times they ask us questions and from the answers we give, they're able to predict our future. Even worse, they might ask you a question, when you answer, they may give you a fake prediction.A fake prediction? Yes, a fake prediction. For example, they may be really wise about love and have heard many stories; usually for the normal person, the outcome for most average situations usually take the same road. Basically you're giving someone the power to plant a seed in your head because you believe what they're saying. If you were thinking positive but on the fence with negative thinking, but you get negative news that could be a possible scenario, guess what, the negative situation will manifest; you allowed that to happen. 

Based off of Einsteins theory about time not having any gaps, one can conclude that psychics are really good at voice pattern, body language, tone, rhythm, basically good at how the mind works; however, don't count out the super natural because whose to say Einstein is right. If time is separate, this means there's a possible chance that palm readers or psychics are channeling a spirit, angel, ghost, etc. The future isn't fixed. The future is constantly changing because of decisions we currently make. For example, if one smokes cigarettes, there's a high risk they could die at an early age, however the smoking alone may not cause the early death, diet plays a role as well. A poor diet, no physical activity, high amounts of stress and smoking can lead to an early death; change one of those things, all of a sudden you've adjusted your future. The path changes. Smoking changes your DNA. When you quit, it changes it again. Changing your diet changes your DNA. The change in your body, your thinking, your energy, your aura/vibration changes and attracts different people or situations by adjusting your DNA. 

The future is different. You may have attracted those same people or situations but the outcome would have been different. Our angels give us message through dream or sometimes through vision, numbers, or people. Of course there's science behind dreams but our intuitions, what is that? A gut device still left over from the days we were still in trees? Are we listening hard enough? I'm on the fence about this topic. I wonder if psychic ability is a sign of IQ and memory increasing. IQ isn't about how much you know, it's about how fast you can process the information. If I look around my environment and remember where everything is placed at, while at the same time recalling information about (insert noun of your choice) there's a possible chance I might be able to predict the movement of everything in that area. I don't know if the human mind is developing in that direction but we live in the age of technology, a time we can absorb information, games that help with the memory, a push for better diets, a society not so taboo about drug usage and starting to see. There's a shift in vision. In a nut shell, we can all see the future by looking at our current selves, if looking at it from an Einstein point sort of; however if not, we know that our energy attracts what we want into our lives. Energy, vibration attracts spirits bad or good and these spirits can guide us, tells us what's up the road. When looking at it from either point of view, we have the say so, the freedom to do what we want. What's your opinion?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Give Me The Night - Randy Crawford

Untitled XI

I feel winded when I think about death only because there's always that doubt. There's so much we don't know. Atheist are sure in their beliefs and religions are sure in their beliefs but only a fool can be sure a wise man once told me. Its usually the extremist who can be quite foolish...aye that might be harsh. My point: Death I feel is the one thing in life (ironic) we don't feel in first person, we usually experience it and go through the motions; that in itself, in some sense can be experiencing death. The being that passes away, do they miss you? Are the feelings the same on the other side? Do they cry or are they presented with so much joy that this life becomes an after thought? I picture death like waking up in the morning and the dreams you can't remember, that's your past life, and waking up is the birth of a new day. (life)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman Full HD

Untitled X

I hate when I think too hard on a simple situation. I've realized I'm going to make mistakes and its better to make the mistakes with a free flowing mind verses being to aware of a situation and fucking up; (which come to think of it, being to aware is a mistake) LOL mistakes aren't embarrassing, they're bundles of knowledge used in the wrong scenario. =) With that said, something was born in a mistake, more choices, maybe the right direction, possibly a different pathway in the brain. Think about it like this, we say God is perfect and when looking at some animals or people, we can see that's a far cry; however is it? Take the blob fish for example. It has a humanish face, with the body of a fish like someone took the human head and merged it with a fish. Strange as shit, for sure a "mistake" or possibly perfection. There's knowledge in our mistakes because it's something we created, birthed, gave air to, our own little big bang sort of....

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rue The Whirl


I don't want to
eat meat but
our bodies
were designed
to eat meat so
we can get vitamin b,
protein to help rebuild
our muscles and replinish
our brains, we eat meat
because we needed a balance
diet when we were out on the
plains. There's plenty of other
foods that contain protein, but
nothing like sinking your teeth
into the flesh, nothing like smoked
steak or corn beef that's tender and
falls apart when lightly touched by a fork,
nothing like a roast pork drowned in gravy,
but the thought that animals feel when we kill,
makes eating meat wrong? What makes us
strong can make us cry, knowing a cow
feels fear makes me shed that tear
knowing that fear is in my body only
means its recycled, so I should pray
for my prey and hope the soul is at
rest, pray that it died to keep me alive,
understand that the kill was strictly for
food and hope the soul knows,
you were not killed
for sport, you were killed
so life can continue,
you were not killed
because you did
wrong, even if you
did wrong, there's
plenty of people who walk
this earth and eat your flesh,
even if you did wrong you
don't deserve to die because
we all have made mistakes,
and we would all miss stake
if you did not reproduce...

So what am I to do?
People would
label me as a
hippy for caring,
people would say'
"its an animal, its
dumb, it doesn't
know" so something
with low intelligence
deserves to go?? If
that's the case, there's
people we should pick
off, but lets keep that
on the low....
I'm not forcing a
vegetarian or vegan
life, just understand
that animals do feel
like us, but not
sure if they understand
there's an end or maybe
they do but something isn't
right slaughtering them
until they end...I don't know...
hot links and ribs
taste good, blessing the
food feels like a
contradicting what I said
a few lines wouldn't
eat your cat, dog, bunny, lizard,
or whatever pet you own, you
might eat a bear, I'm sure somewhere
someone eats elephant...maybe we are
here to push the species, which in turn
would push us to evolve..I don't know,
don't extinct a species, poachers.