Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Untitled XIV

The wild called and said they want their tamed back....


When the Indigenous
left, they headed west
to meet with gods of the
sea because of the sea
they were able to see that
we, humanity came from
oceans that rained from the
heavens and exploded with
life in to what we see...what we
retain, who will remain to see
the reigns of angels sweep the
earth and unearth the wicked, the
angels wait in position, heads bowed
eyes closed as the demons scream
the angels sing, summon energy from
the universe channeled through the gods
traveled through the planets, dispersed
through space and control the brain pathways
making us act right or wrong....

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

mystic winter

We're broadcasting to
the universe using our the hills
one can see the radiation
lines that blast in color
and stream towards
the heavens, the energy
is returned which we create
and return, advance,see
through deception and
burn through lies, it smells
like truth, it feels like hell, it
seems like heaven  but together
its 7 plus 4 is 11 plus 11 is
22, separate the 2 and get
4,4,4,4.13, age of the universe
but DNA codes in reverse get
were multiplied in trillions...

The switch

(10 miles on the outskirts of a small mountain town)

The blizzard slammed against the large well built cabin walls, the winds roared and ravished at trees, blanketing the air with snow making visibility impossible. As the night disappeared and the mad winds made the snow billow and communications encumbrance to the near by small airport and people vacationing, inside our cabin the opposite occurred. We sat by the fire under the blankets and watched  as the storm flickered with the lights finally putting the electricity to sleep. The fire danced in the dark room, as we lie naked under the faux blankets, drunk on champagne, high on each others lips. I grabbed another bottle of champagne. Before I opened it, I push back the blankets, popped the cork and let the suds spill on her breast. I put the bottle down, licked her cleavage, wrapped my lips around her nipple and softly swirled, licking everything engaging her areola.

Her very quiet but stern moan was muffled by the howling of the winds. I dived into her vagina face first like a plane crashing into the ground; lip smacking and tongue swirling. Her intensity begin to match the storm outside. Using both hands she grabbed my head firmly.

She caressed my hair softly, my stiff tongue loosened up and flopped back and forth on her clit, moving my mouth slowly in a eating motion. Her hands moved from the side of my head as she pushed my face deeper. Coming up for air, vaginal secreation on my face shined in the glow of the fire, she looked at me with the intensity of fire, passion of the storm, she leaped on me, kissed me and slowly began to ride me.

My face buried in her chest as she bounced slowly and firmly, she tossed her head back and let out a light moan, my hard fat dick throbbed inside of her wet vagina, her tight orgasmic vagina began to lightly hug my dick like a firm but gentle hand shake.

My arms wrapped around her, I softly scratched her back, kissed her neck, lightly like butterfly kisses, lightly bit it, worked my hands from the small of her back on to both of her hips assisting her, bouncing her, plotting her down on my dick and letting her sit on it before bouncing back up to continue  creaming the sloppy wet mess she was making on my lap. No two snowflakes are alike I thought as I lied in the snow slowly dying, in and out of consciousness. For a moment there I think I actually felt my dick twitch to life; but the power of thoughts, that's what passed because the rest of me has failed.

The winds howl and my limbs way pass numb, the cold has made me delirious. I lay here in and out of reality; death teasing me bringing me out of a memory. Hours have passed and the only thing I can think of was that hot sex I had a few nights back. The blizzard is over, the winds are cold and the bite from the wind factor is like stubbing your toe on the corner of a chair multiplied by 20. It hurts. At some point I won't feel the dreadful cold.

The clouds slowly pass over revealing a beautiful bright moon and dazzling stars. Its so clear. So beautiful. Its so quiet. A few snowflakes gently fall to the ground from the frozen heavens above. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. The cold air fill my lungs making it hard to breathe but I can feel that. Only in winter can one see reality because the dreams stop. The maturity of the season doesn't allow for dream state. As I lay here facing the stars, gazing the heavens, flirting with death, reality dies only to wake up in spring..