Thursday, January 5, 2017

Winter conversing with Spring

Spring: What's the difference between psychosis and religion?

Winter: Religion doesn't exist.

Spring: Yes it does, we learned about it in school and the teacher showed us this big book with stories in it...

Winter: Do you know what psychosis is, spring?

Spring: its when a person has an over active imagination?

Winter: (laughs) not quite...where did you even pick up the word and "definition" of psychosis? And what lead you to connect religion and psychosis?

Spring: Because in religion, our teacher told us about a man name Jesus who turned water into wine and psychosis is people with big imaginations and my teacher said we can't see God but he's all around us, then we had to draw a picture of God in class and I said I couldn't draw God because I don't know what he looks like and then are teacher said go with faith and I asked what is faith? He said believing in something you can't see and then I remembered  the video I saw on Facebook about psychosis and how people see things that aren't there, what's psychosis?

(Winter laughs)
Winter: Wow that's a lot to take in for such a young mind...Autumn should probably limit your internet use...psychosis is characterized by an impaired relationship with reality. It is a symptom of serious mental disorders; usually these people have hallucinations or delusions. Don't classify religious people with psychosis.

Spring: ooohhh...what about people who say they saw Jesus walk on water?

Winter: Spring, what's the difference between psychosis and religion to you?

Spring: I don't know...what is it?

Winter: I'm not answering, its my life question and gift to you. I told you what psychosis is, your teacher has introduced you to religion and told you what faith is but you still ponder. Some have wondered if the consciousness of man has shifted and all of these stories the ancients speak about are true, its possible everything is in front of us and we got sick of seeing these powerful beings and we choose not to see anymore; thus psychosis, ADHD and others are created mental disorders for when we start to see the truth...

Spring:......................Can I have some cheetos?

Winter: Sure.

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