Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Indian Summer

During hard times, I close my eyes and say, "this is my present moment" wishing I can fast forward to the future, rushing life's seconds instead of enjoying the minutes, wishing I was in a higher altitude for time moves faster the further one is away from gravity...anxious, restless mind pacing and fatigued, the fall back to dark days makes the day end and night succeed, but hours from the cusp of the suns rise, leaves us yawning and lethargic with red eyes, warm nights but no sun leaves the clock confused, close to winter but the reflection in the mirror shows youth, a few signs of winter show in the morning but by mid day, its as if summer never ended, a few different color leaves but the sunshine is relentless, the winter clothes are folded up, crickets chirp fast hoping in the windows, tempers begin to flare as we complain, "its hot and we're three weeks away from winter" while others envy the youth of rays we bathe and bask like life will forever last, we're jealous of others turn of the season but have no worries and all laughs, as the grips of winter begin to bring about those pains, we feel outcasted the late bloomer of winter days, this Indian summer makes us feel time is scathed, trapping us in youth in our winter days...

Monday, October 16, 2017

Diabetes in my jeans

42 in the waist, I might need more room, my heart beating hard, I sweat when its cold, my hands stiff when I rise, fat in my thighs, determination in my eyes because all this extra ass means diabetes in my jeans....forced to be thick in a country that worships the slim but markets fast fat food, how are you suppose to win when the industry wants you to lose? Gmo and fried shit, pushing for organic its expensive, the uneducated don't know that if they grow there dollars slow and the prices come down on the food you grow, the plant prices get low and you can feed a whole community, no need for medicine, food is our immunity,  scrutiny, leading us to advanced minds: impuinty... no need for the puiny kids or that fat backs because our vegetables, collard greens don't need fat back....Diabetes in the genes starts with hot cheeto bags in the jeans, snacking on the fake colored chips make us Fiend, disappeaence of the Fi processed food is meant to end..Google what is Fi.....

Friday, September 22, 2017

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California (Video)

Autumn Equinox (Sept 22- Dec21)

Autumn: Not quite Winter, nor is it the season of growth like Summer. It's the season when one collects all there fruits of labor; unlike summer, the season of carefree and radiant youth, Fall represents the beginning of nostalgia and reflection. The lessons you learn in Summer help you in Autumn. In this season, you begin to put issues to bed, apologies come about and maturity takes the wheel. Autumn in human years is ages 45-75. During this season, you have the zodiac signs, Libra, Scorpio,and Sagittarius that guide us through Autumn. Libra is a Cardinal sign, this signs energy helps us keep balance and while starting a new path. Next is Scorpio, a fixed sign that represents death, magic, dark, and sexuality. It's placed in the middle of Autumn and usually starts around Halloween. The middle of Autumn or middle years in human life can be mid life crisis. During this time of life, you may feel a need to return to Summer.

Scorpio's energy is intense and the intensity combined with a darker part of a season can scare you a little. Scorpio is the ruler of the underworld and can magically transform you without one knowing; Scorpio works in the dark for the better of mankind, it delves into those corners of our minds; in some sense, Autumn can take a darker turn then Winter hence Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, and All saints day, all Holidays that celebrate death, symbolic to the days ahead. After you dive into the dark with Scorpio, you come out on the other end with jovial Sagittarius. The last of the fire signs and a mutable one. This signs represents knowledge, a wide perspective, seeing a connection in everything, expansion, warmth in a rather chilly season, the right sign you want to have leading you into your winter years.

Sagittarius is also the sign that represents philosophical thinking and explorer. Like spring but at a much older and wiser age, you question everything; the questions are more complex; at times, because of bluntness, they can be seemingly innocent, sort of winking at the idea that the kid in us never dies. Autumn takes you back inside and it becomes more we and instead of I in conversation. All three signs energy work well in Autumn and help us to understand what may come in our Autumn years of life. This is the end of the circle. Welcome to Autumn.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tom Misch - Crazy Dream [feat. Loyle Carner] (Official Video)

You started it..

You can't
Blame others
for your fall
because you
control the
if someone has it
in there mind
to push you
back in time
you have to
be aware they're
doing everything
in there power
to make sure
you're set back,
even if its an hour...

You can
never place
blame in this
 game but
you don't see you
as others see you,
It's like looking for
a word in a crossword...
you've been searching,
determined, found words
that's not on the list, you
grunt, you laugh, your
mind drifts and then
that one person walks
up and finds it quick. "God damn it"
You yell...