Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Vashti Bunyan - Hidden


I've lived
such a long
life I can't
distinguish nostalgia
from haunting. The
daunting voices have
become taunting
images, the taunting
images have become
diluted with time or
maybe I've grown,
I've out grown matters,
so things that meant alot
to me, those problems
have become laughter.
In old age you save your
tears or they run dry, the pain
you felt before seems to be a smirk,
which turn into a laughter of cry. My views
on things have changed, my fight for
policies and fair acts that roared like
a lion has become soft and quiet like
snow flakes in a forest, at some point
in your life you realize people are only
for change if they're for it, but if
what you're saying is truth they'll ignore it...

Friday, January 6, 2017

Winter Conversing with Summer

(Scene opens on a porch over looking a lake with a vibrant sunset)

Winter: Mankind as a whole is a 16 year old.

Summer: How so? How can you make such an assumption? Where's your facts?

Winter: Just look around you for your facts.

Summer: You're going to have be more specific than that, winter.

Winter: Summer, focus on someone else besides yourself and look around you. Do you even talk to other people besides those in your "squad"?

Summer: Do you even talk to people before making bias assumptions?

Winter: Every year I take 6 months and travel the world, not six months altogether but I travel the Northern hemisphere for 3 months and when it gets hot in the north, I travel the Southern hemisphere for 3 months. I've talked to vast amounts of people, well as many people who share a common language as I...the one thing I've noticed is nobody completely understands themselves, Summer.

Summer: I do the same exact thing winter, except when its cold in the north, I venture south for 3 months and I come back up to the north in June. In my travels, I've noticed people have different views; I feel the "misunderstanding" you're seeing is perspective in my opinion.

Winter: ah, perspective. Such a beautiful thought with an imaginary meaning. Its the cognitive dissonance of life that distorts the vision of feeling, yet blinds the eyes of truth.

Summer: What?

Winter: One day Summer you will grow to become me. Its only a matter of time before the complications become an intricate yet simple answer; even then you still get faced with the oxymoron that is life. Would you like a drink, Summer?

Summer: Got any patron shots.

Winter: I was thinking scotch on the rocks.

Summer: Bruh, I got work in the morning, I'm not trying to get fucked up--- well maybe, hold on, let me check my schedule ( looks at phone) don't work tomorrow, looks like we're about to turn up in this bitch.

Winter: Yes, turn up in this bitch. (Sighs) Must your language be so vulgar?

Summer: Its a saying; besides I'm not referring to a woman as a bitch, I'm calling the place we get inebriated in a bitch, it doesn't have any feelings.

Winter: Everything created has feelings through energy, Summer; by the way, I do have patron, I don't mind taking a trip down memory lane Sumar, as the Nordics use to call you; can you manifest my nostalgic thoughts?

Summer: (Lights up joint) yeah hold up...(Coughs out smoke, takes a shot) Whew!

Winter: (Slowly takes a shot) thus Summer begins.

Vashti Bunyan - Against the Sky - Turning Backs

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Winter conversing with Spring

Spring: What's the difference between psychosis and religion?

Winter: Religion doesn't exist.

Spring: Yes it does, we learned about it in school and the teacher showed us this big book with stories in it...

Winter: Do you know what psychosis is, spring?

Spring: its when a person has an over active imagination?

Winter: (laughs) not quite...where did you even pick up the word and "definition" of psychosis? And what lead you to connect religion and psychosis?

Spring: Because in religion, our teacher told us about a man name Jesus who turned water into wine and psychosis is people with big imaginations and my teacher said we can't see God but he's all around us, then we had to draw a picture of God in class and I said I couldn't draw God because I don't know what he looks like and then are teacher said go with faith and I asked what is faith? He said believing in something you can't see and then I remembered  the video I saw on Facebook about psychosis and how people see things that aren't there, what's psychosis?

(Winter laughs)
Winter: Wow that's a lot to take in for such a young mind...Autumn should probably limit your internet use...psychosis is characterized by an impaired relationship with reality. It is a symptom of serious mental disorders; usually these people have hallucinations or delusions. Don't classify religious people with psychosis.

Spring: ooohhh...what about people who say they saw Jesus walk on water?

Winter: Spring, what's the difference between psychosis and religion to you?

Spring: I don't know...what is it?

Winter: I'm not answering, its my life question and gift to you. I told you what psychosis is, your teacher has introduced you to religion and told you what faith is but you still ponder. Some have wondered if the consciousness of man has shifted and all of these stories the ancients speak about are true, its possible everything is in front of us and we got sick of seeing these powerful beings and we choose not to see anymore; thus psychosis, ADHD and others are created mental disorders for when we start to see the truth...

Spring:......................Can I have some cheetos?

Winter: Sure.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sunday, January 1, 2017


I believe in
You like
You believe
in me, I
Believe we
breathe what
we want to see,
I believe in
You like you
Believe in me...

I love you
Like you
Love me,
I like to hold
You like you hold me,
I miss your hugs
and pretty smile,
I believe in you
like you believe
in me...

I love
your eyes
and the way you
use to gaze in
mine, I loved
being next
to you even
if it was for
a short time,
I cherished your
moment because
30 seconds makes
me glow for weeks, I
didn't care what
you said because
every word you
spoke was sweet,
I loved your chin
and your soft profile
drove me wild, I loved
your smell and how
your walk drove me wild,
I loved your style, I loved you,
I still do but I can't
dwell on what
would've been..

I believe
in you
like you
believe in