Wednesday, October 9, 2013

High School Bullies and stuff (Shrugs shoulders)

High school: the debate if it was the golden years for some or if it was the worst time ever. I could not possibly be the worse time ever, too many of us adults are always telling the youth, “Man what I would give to be back in your shoes again” signifies adult life must be a tad more frustrating; however, some of us would never turn the hands of time if  given a chance. High school is a crucial time period, it’s the time in life that defines you, you may grow confidence in these years, you become a different person, a person you’re not understanding, you lose friends because of the difference, you gain new friends and realize, maybe I want my old friends back, your body is unstable, you have this uncontrollable urge to have sex with, and eat everything in sight; you are a teenager.

The crucial years, the years that will help shape who you become in the future. The action’s that define you, you find stick with you; you seem to can’t shake them. Some actions may be good action, while others maybe a life threatening taunt, something that just follows you no matter how far you move away. These categories, jock, nerd, cheerleader, outcast, the popular guys, the class clown, the slacker, the losers, the fuck up’s, the cool kids (aka the pretty boy’s or pretty girls) the prep’s, the glee geeks, the band and theater geeks, the skaters, the dancer’s, all of these categories help define us and at the same time hurt us. Life cast types us early on setting some of us up for failure; for others, it’s an awesome way to go.

            I think all of us had some sort of bully or some crowd of people in school we didn’t like. It carries over into adulthood. Bosses, who treat certain employees a certain way, people who naturally have a dislike or understanding for a hipster or cheerleader, racism and other things circulate this awkward transition for adults; the things that make us adults weird. The things children see and can’t seem to translate because we can’t translate it. The obstacle and mind blocks we counter in life, the rude person cutting you off in traffic, the vengeance you take out on people because for whatever reason, in high school, that person you just met, share’s a similar background to your bully or person/people you don’t like; sub-consciously, you put the blame on them, make them you’re target, for all of your past embarrassments. The person on the other hand may not even know it, causing misunderstanding the, “Does (insert name) act that way with you?” question comes about.

            As we grow older we continue to meet people similar to our root problem; for some, it may have started before high school. This blog topic is meant to release that hate; not to spread hate. This blog is for you to drop off that past baggage, let it stay here. Let’s activate our imagination. In one paragraph, if you could say something to your past bully or even current bully, what would that one thing be? If you can say something to those you’ve bullied (prefer nice words) what would you say? If you have anger or issues you want to let go, let them go. No need to jeopardize future relationships due to petty childish past games, no need to destroy a life or hold a grudge because of those few jerks, no need to hold a grudge from not understanding, let it go.

This doesn't apply to kids and teenagers, this applies to adults as well....somewhere out there in the world,

 someone is still doing the same shit, in a different position...if you don't believe me, just watch the movie

 horrible bosses; a tad exaggerated but pretty much what the bullied kids become or what the bullies

become; where does that leave the between?

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