Saturday, December 31, 2016


There's a different style of thinking and usually its seen in different races,  actually one rules the world right now. The style of thinking I'm talking about is timing. When one creates, it needs to be perfect and one needs to do it in a set amount of time, if its not done with in said time, the creation is wrong; that's not right. The other way of thinking: creating with in a time frame but seeing the beauty in your mistakes when its wrong. In this way of thinking, your end result is the resolution but not "right". In our mistakes, beauty is born but we've been taught that a mistakes is wrong. I feel our creator made a ton of mistakes when our universe was made but in the long run, she kept them, he created, she made perfection of her mistakes and he spoke life. 

Everything in life is connected, life is beautiful when the mistakes made don't frown, when perfection is wrong in the eyes of those who define perfection but can't see even their words are wrong. Ugly is a power word created by man to control. Beauty is suppose to be unique, not catgorized as something wrong....a negative is someone's positive. Much love world and happy 2027. =)

Friday, December 30, 2016


Everyone has a purpose and sometimes its hard to find what that purpose is; sometimes your purpose isn't the big picture but its what makes the picture that's actually bigger then the intended focus. If something as small as a bee can extinct man, understand everything and everyone plays some role in you being here. Peace.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ujamaa (oo-JAH-mah)

Streets of war

You can
drive your
car down the
street, in
the slumbs
of the city
and see a
war is brewing.
you can see
the shattered
cracked streets,
people hustling
for that next
dollar, doing
what they can
only to get
fucked by
the man
that's only
one part of the plan...
a war is brewing.

You have
all the makings,
glammed in
sweeping weeping
issues under the
rug, keeping sleeping
people out of the hub,
shoving distracting
images in your mug,
while stealing your
money they programmed
us to love...a war is brewing.

A country
that's mad,
simple fixes
would make people
Glad but that
would be a wrap,
so we're put in
away emotions,
fixed with triggered
responses, reward
the sleep for
not seeing and
punish the
conscious, its like
we have a voice
with unhealed
tonsils, muffled
by what we
see, troubled
because you
want to
fool people
instead of
letting them
be free, but
the more who
arise will be
troubled by the
wool, divergent
personalities respond
different if been
fooled, holding
our heads under
water telling
us its an empty
pool a war
is brewing...

We are
not stupid,
we can see,
its clear, we
might be scared...
have you seen
someone sleep
walk? There's
no control,
once you wake
them up there
confused, usually
scared but
once made
known of there
they're aware
and they will fight it...
a war is brewing.

written 10/2/16

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ujima (oo-GEE-mah)


You collect
the money
while I work,
creating you
tube videos of
you twerk,
but not all
the women
that you see
twerkin is
checks from
our taxes some
actually working to
get in that $75,000
a year tax bracket,
if so props to you,
much props if
you pimp the government
for school, pell grants,
pell grants, got you
wearing Commes Des Garcons
newest pants, Louis Vuitton
shades, he wearing the
retro J's, I've been staring
at them joints for some
months now this poetry
isn't getting me paid, but
fuck it
I still write
because my
message will be
displayed, that
degree I got
will be paid...

Who the
fuck am
I kidding,
I'm hoping
the government
wipes my
debt, if she
can pop out
kids and get
a check can
my education
get the same
respect? Don't
be a fool
stay in school,
to get us to
spend, when
writing my
papers I noticed
all my
from within.

isn't for
its to make
sure you
get acknowledge,
on my last
interview I took
my degree with
me, hopefully
they agree with

Working at
Sam's Club
nothing bad
to say, not
everyone can
be managers
some are there
for the pay, but
even those
who want
to be managers
are there for the pay,
some don't give
a fuck ...those
aren't leaders...

Let me
shut the
fuck up
before I
stick my
foot in
my mouth,
something I
do on a
regular, but
I'm not full of
shit guess
eating my
words means
I digest my
I am regular.

Shorty twerkin'
on You Tube
he pimpin' the
making 70k
a year because
he "went to school"...

I guess
you have to
meet the right
crowd, I'm
to weird to
hang with
the bros, I
like the universe
and shit, hipsters
see me as
ironic but they're
cool with "No Title"?
the Geeks got
popular and forgot
there roots, so they
look at me funny
when I quote "I am
Groot" I guess my
love for Ninja
Turtles or X-Men
isn't enough, I'm
not a comic book
geek so they
see me as someone
trying to bluff, the
jocks are even more
arrogant, I see them
at the gym, they've mixed
with the bros...

Its warm
under the
wing of the
dragon, its
warm under
the covers
on the bed,
its warm under
the rays of the
sun, but when
the day ends
the night brings
sun to someone else,
the seasons change,
LA isn't always
hot, Brazil gets
the heat then
Summer comes
back up top
but sometimes
 in the winter
LA got the
top back
like its summer
the hipsters
of the season...
we're all

Written 3/9/16

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Kujichagulia (koo-jee-cha-goo-LEE-yah)

Baby Sit

I understand
wanting to drink
til' you can't think,
I understand life
throws us perplex
questions and
simple answers,
I understand
wanting to numb
your senses
because its in
the nature of
people to do asinine
activities while being
conscious of doing
it, I understand
that a stiff drink
could relieve &
release the stress
to the ugly side
of this beautiful
thing we call unique,
I get it, you want to drink...
but have a plan.

Here you are,
this single young
woman abruptly
stumbling into
the bar, slinging
your jacket on
the hook, with
this fuck me look
and loosely strapped
heels, you wanted
a night of thrills
a spiritual
connection with
no feels, you
wanted to dance
the night away
to jazz in Beverly
Hills, I just wanted
a drink after coming
out of the cold
snow filled hills
I just wanted
to contemplate
the day
but I
got a unique
with Janay...

We danced,
we talked
as you slung
your leg on
to my lap and
lightly scratched
my back, you
got close and intimate,
you told me to speak
without holding back...

one drink,
two shots,
two drinks,
four shots, shit
you went from
to slurred baby's
and wanting to fuck...

you kind of
blew my buzz
because your
care free
quickly turned
with the hours
of the night,
instead of
you I found
myself responsible
for you because
you were shit
faced and on
your own...

I didn't
want anything
to happen to
you...please, be
responsible and
watch your behavior,
too many vultures out there...

Monday, December 26, 2016

Umoja (oo-MOH-ja)


Me: Why do you act like this?

Person: I shuck and jive
to stay alive, my race
thinks I'm a disgrace because
I act ignorant and smile in they
face, but I realize in order to keep
them happy I gotta do things that's
crappy, I wear the red lips and keep
my hair nappy deep down inside I know
the pride of my people actually, I never
lose root I just do what keeps simple
minds entertained...not all of us can be
militant some one has to distract, make
others think this is how we act, let intelligence
be a disguise, let me act foolish to catch them
by surprise...but you want to call me out, fight
with me, disgrace me, when you could've used me
as a strategy, you're doing exactly what they
want and they've figured out the angel and the
advantage  but you're mad at me? Now I'm
slaved because your too blind to see the position
I paved, I had there white flags waved but you
dumb negro you saw the coon as misbehaved
instead of a way to rid old I shuck and jive
with tears in my eyes, they hoot and holler laughter tears,
I feel the burn inside! I want to wash away this face and
show the king that I am, my blood line is royalty but to
my people my coonin is my loyalty, I'd rather embarrass
myself instead of pretending I am royalty in a ghetto...Flossin
legit clothes but my credit score blows, is not the life to lead--

Neither is cooning,
I respect what you're
doing but if we work
together, our prospects
of pursuing becomes
something greater fuck
all this cooning! Because
of you...people want to
step to me saying stupid
shit but when I reply with
intelligence they think
I'm a fucking dick because
t.v. has shown them, "niggas
have no wits" I'm not a
fucking nigga, I'm not
my skin tone, I'm a person
step to me like you
step to him, no rehersed
shit...I like to talk about
the stars and other shit
that's "weird" coming
out my mouth from black
lips is not the norm, I'm
suppose to only like Jordans.
dancing, and fucking "mad bitches"
when in reality I like Jordans
if I can afford, I love dancing,
I love poetry and romancing,
I love art, I love reading, I love
learning, but when they see my
face they see your COON ass and
expect the same, I'm afraid to learn
a dance move for fear of them thinking
we're all the same! In reality to create
and learn steps is a sign of intelligence
yet you propagate the bullshit of what
they been selling us, so we regurgitate
 the noise of what they've been telling
us through hip hop but its gets censored
because of how your projecting us,
commercialized images, black people =
no intelligence, left us for dead I feel
like Leo in the revenant...So why do you coon?

Person: I coon for acceptance, I want to be assimilated...
Me: So do the rest of us
but we don't coon,
we all want to be looked
at as people and not 20
people and one black in
the room...I mean we all
see skin tone but how come
I can't have a regular  life,
even in "normal clothes" I still
hear bullshit like, "yo those
Jordan's is nice!"  Mother
fucker these are slip-on's from
target...pff...normal clothes because
clothes worn among blacks isn't normal...
If I'm not labeled up I look weird ...just
stop with the cooning so
we can unite as one.

written 3/8/16

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Old man winter

As I stare at
you observing
from summer I
only wonder if Winter
will be so somber,
as you look back at me
from winter you remeber
summer, but the climate
of the world is changed so
my summer is a little different,
you were ahead of me in your
prime years, but a recession
and greed can
hinder the season, flowers that
are suppose to blossom find a
different time to grow, but
you being in the winter makes you
reflect and teach me what I expect...

The lessons you
heed you pass
down to your seed,
but in summer the day
is long and during  night the
air is warm the nights

drag as if time stood still,
worries seem to get abolished
in thee enchanted season, questions
arise but get washed away by careless
four play, lazy afternoons, and routine
that bring joy, it isn't until you
cusp with autumn the spell of summer
starts to lift and you begin to realize you're
not immortal and life is a gift...

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Where did Summer go?

I see the leaves
on the ground and
the glow from the sun
recede into the horizon
early each day and I wonder
where did Summer go?

I just remember
yesterday, the young
nights of balmy gentle
winds would grace our
sweaty skin, giving us
relief, a brief release from
the suns heat, laughing
on young nights with sweet
scents in the air, dreaming
of far places, romance under
the stars, blacked out nights at
loud bars...where did Summer go?

Under the energized
enchanted season my lack
of understanding exploded
with anger, explored our depths,
made us question death seeing to
we're in June and have six months
til December why are we worried
about winter? Because here I am
asking a vacuous question: Where did
Summer go?

Full hearts with empty
minds makes time fly, its
only in Winter when thoughts
are loud and the heart not so
full you recognize it feels like
yesterday you were in the pool..
where did Summer go?

As I reminisce
on long days, cook
outs and shouting kids,
water fights and fireworks,
long heatwaves and heat lines
that made the air quiver like a
snake slither now were wrapped
up in warm clothes trying not to shiver
where did Summer go?

I miss her touch and
warm spark, I miss her
detached eyes with a touch
of honey that grounded her, we
moved through summer into fall
she disappeared with the leaves,
now all I see is naked trees...where
did Summer go? 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dark Choir Music Enchantingly Beautiful!

Winter Solstice (Dec 21st- Mar 20th)

In winter, the season calls for us to slow down and to turn within, to search for truth and to kill whatever beliefs or doubts we have that stops one from having a luscious spring and a carefree summer. In human life,  winter is symbolic to old age, along with that follows wisdom, mystic, mysterious, dark, death, beauty, wonder, joy, aloof, and nostalgia. Each season is made for humanity to grow and transform into something different, leap into each season with a different mind frame but never a complete answer; as seasons repeat themselves, we're suppose to grow, its reincarnation. Welcome to Winter