Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Solstice (June21st- Sept 22)

Summer is the season of care free and in human life, is symbolic for human age 19 to 45. In the first part of  Summer, this is usually the onset of parties, vacations, good times, hot weather, so less clothing meaning sex might be on the mind a little more; however Summer is also a major transition and growth season. Usually the fun and games start to taper off about mid August as you get closer to Fall. Summer can be a confusing season because it has a hypnotic spell. During this part of the year, one should be preparing for the harsher part of life so it can be as care free as summer; but actually, one is enjoying the warmth and the ambiance that is summer.

Summer is symbolic to our youth because in our youth, we're still deciding what we want to do; there's no pressure because the attitude of summer is care free, not to mention the long days which give the allusion of day being longer hence the lag on wanting to do things and get you life on the role. A lot of people can get caught in the hypnotic doldrums, the dreamy filter of life summer can present; when this happens, usually by mid to late summer, everything hits you in one shot. This is what they call the Saturn return which usually shows up in one's life starting around 27 and ending at 30. In summer, the signs play a role. You have Gemini ending spring and introducing you to summer, Cancer starting summer, Leo the dominant drive and influence, and Virgo ending your summer and helping you organize for fall.

The planets and stars that our key here are, The moon, The sun, Mercury, (on the Virgo side and Gemini side) Mars and Jupiter, the two planets not as dominant . Each one of these planets in Summer play crucial roles. Mercury is the planet of communication and intellect which shows up introducing you to Summer and conjuncts with the moon. The moon is responsible for care free,  deep intuition, and feeling. In the first part of summer or in youth, this helps one become in individual, expressing how they feel. Mercury is in our skies till the end of June; as Cancer takes over, we become more influenced by the moon; which in youth, is the rise of care free, emotion, and deep intuition. The onset of Summer can be chaotic in a good way because cancer usually smooths out feelings and intuition guides us in the right direction.

As we move through summer, fire sign Leo shows up which in human life is about age 25. It gets tricky here because who we thought we were in cancer, gets thrown out the window. Leo brings the sun (shining light, yet warmth) Jupiter brings, wisdom, expansion which can be associated with graduating from college, an expanded mind and a few lessons learned, and Mars brings vitality, drive, which can be associated with prime and the time of life when we start thinking about kids and starting our career; on the flip side, youth is still dominant and wanting to hit the bars or travel is still an option, it becomes confusing.

Once we hit late summer and the light of Leo and jovial influence of Jupiter take back seat, organized intellectual planet of Mercury shows up again with Saturn and Venus in Virgo. In late summer or in human years mid to late 30's until about 45, we're organizing for later in life. Late summer is the cross roads where youth is still present but nothing compared to when we were in June. Summer comes to an end and who we were in June is a totally different person compared to September. Summer is growth, change, fun, passion, curiosity (but not as much as spring) a tad philosophical because we no longer are influenced by our parents, we've become individuals only for Leo to shine light on who we really are using the hypnotism of summer to ease the shock, and Jupiter's expansion to grow into a new and solid individual. Mercury shows up in compassionate and loving Virgo to connect with Venus for understanding and healing but with stern Saturn to make sure you don't repeat Summers lessons. Welcome to Summer and enjoy.

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