Monday, October 7, 2013

In Love with the millions

I’m in love with the millions but only need one million. Only a few have had a million, and those few did not know what to do with you; they spent you, blew you in the wind they, did sin and never showed or invested  time to make you two grow. In love with the millions but only need one million. One million I can invest in you, watch you grow, watch us grow, it won’t be slow, I promise it will be fast; we won’t part ways. One million, you’ve lost trust in those of the past, those of the past only wanted fun and laughs, they didn’t take you serious which made you furious so you went to the next one who made you curious; so many fight for you but only some are worth your time, for some odd reason your popular amongst the crime but hate the poor; one million you ironic bitch the only one who can hate the poor but love the crime, hate the rich but love the wealth, take someone’s life yet bring health; one million you bitch. In love with the millions but only need one million. That Ironic bitch can make me mad. Someone always trying to take you, trying to make you, I’m the only millionaire that can actually “break” you, if you leave me, I guess I can re-make you, A Millie, you low-self esteem Narcissist bitch I only need one million. 

When we obtain wealth, this narcissist attitude is bestowed upon some of us. Wealthy plays two sides of the fence; technically you can still be wealthy and poor at the same time; or you can be poor and rich at the same time, opportunity is the one to close or tie the loose ends. I was at the bank the other day and was looking at how we have put so much value into something that can be scammed. If a counter fit is done well, not observed correctly, there is a possible chance it can be exchanged multiple times before it goes noticed. I wonder how many times have overseas counter fit products have been made using counter fit money? It’s funny to think that, there is a real business going on selling and receiving fake stuff. I know, two different economies, a black market and then there’s the market; somewhere, counter fit lies between the two.

This brings me to love. Has our love or lust become fake? Do we really urge or  yearn the way we use to or are we just simply memorizing the feeling and acting out? The lust or love for money and material, even when it’s fake, still drives us; yet the hate and anger we spew at those who obtain the things we love, we thought was real, has become--- when do we learn to separate? When do we learn to value? These values are instilled in us but are driven, pushed to a limit to where we can’t comprehend anymore. The thought of knowing that technology is being put in our hands at such a fast rate, and most of society still owns a FLIP PHONE.  Love and money, the two should never be in the same room because value is never there. 


In love with the millions but only need one million. The thought of becoming rich is a relaxing headache. The thought that, most of our problems would go away with more money might be true; however, sometimes our problems may increase. Sure, if someone gave you $10,000 dollars, you could probably clear up most of your debt; notice the word most is in there. I mentioned that, somewhere in this world, there is a fake transaction going on between fake money and something fake. Could you imagine a world, where everyone could print their own money, but you had to use money, in order to buy the material to make the money? (Excluding inflation) Would poverty still be an issue? Would everyone have their millions? Or would nature just balance out life? 

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