Friday, March 10, 2017

Angels speaking

They say angels
only fight with
intellect, but
demons fight
using emotions, if
it doesn't make
sense we give into
the flesh, the more
we know, the more
we understand, the
stronger our angels,
the weaker our demons...
tricks can be confusing,
thoughts can be misleading,
everything in the environment can
be used for the pleasure of the demon,
everything has to be weighed before
action is taken, everything has to be
acknowledged before intellect is awaken,
the stars have to be aligned before war
is forsaken, growth of man has to be
stunted to see the changes that make him,
separation during growth shows the reflections
that breaks him, we can change the way we think
to grow closer to the maker, a change in our behavior
changes the world and breaks fixed habits....

Winters translation

We live for nostalgic
because our traditions
trigger happy memories,
we change our traditions and
in exchange get a fear of the unknown,
we hate not knowing that's why were
obsessed with time travel, the better we
understand ourselves we lose fear of the
dark, the better we grasp the brain, we can
for see our future before the start, we choose to
believe that all emotions are separate, we think love and
hate are different but its passion that connects them,
someone's love is someone's anger but perspective
changes vision you understand life a little different in
winter to bad our

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