Monday, May 12, 2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fate or Lifestyle?

            Fate and lifestyle: Are the two connected? Do we choose the life we live or are we destine to live the life that was given? Here’s an even better question, do you think the people who are currently in your life helped with your fate? So for example, if I would’ve decided to live a rich lifestyle, would the person/s I was suppose to meet would’ve been rich as well? In some sense I agree they would’ve been because if fate is real, how in the hell would two people who are suppose to meet, living two different lifestyle ever meet? I assume in some sense, if I’m suppose to meet someone, and we are on opposite ends of the money chart, one or three things can happen: either the rich person becomes poor, or the poor person becomes rich or there’s that movie moment in life, were two people from opposing worlds meet and become best friends or lovers; they walk off into the sunset and magic begins…..I know corny. However, somewhere in the world, that has happened. 

                        Fate….such a funny thing…..I was sitting in traffic the other day and if you live in Los Angeles or any metropolitan, you know that traffic is a dread. First you see the brake lights, then you see that one person whose still trying to do 80 by jumping from the lane to lane( which by the way can you stop doing that. You do realize if you cause an accident, this gridlock will get worse and wherever you were trying to get to, will take you even longer or you may not get there. So stop for the love of yourself or just for the fact your making traffic worse.) Anyways, you slowly start to dwindle down from your speed limit, the hands go up, the grumbles begin, the radio goes up, if you’re a smoker, the cigs light up, blinkers are constantly going off…..welcome to traffic. As I sit there frustrated because I left an hour early for work which is only 30 minutes away but I’m still going to be five minutes late, who in the fuck are all these people driving? As my speed decreased from five to zero, it gave me a minute to look around at all of these people; there were cars ranging (with the naked eye) ranging from as little as $500 dollars to as much as $100,000 dollars, there were 18 wheelers, taxi’s, every car you could think of just sitting in traffic; some people picking their nose, some checking themselves out, some texting, some just sitting there, some smoking, some just grooving to the tunes, some people just laughing….I started thinking, which one of these people stuck in traffic will influence my life? I’m sure you’re thinking, “they’ve already influenced it, they’re making you five minutes late for work.” Yeah I get that, but a direct influence. Out of these millions of people on the freeway (and that’s not even counting the folks on the other side flying by) who have I met already?  Is my future wife on this freeway? Is my next best friend on this freeway? Are my new co-workers on this freeway? I mean we’re all going in the same direction but as I mentioned, every car on this freeway has a wide range in price. Out of all the random people stuck in this traffic, whose life will I influence and whose life will influence my life? 

Maybe I won’t meet any of these people, but I find that kind of hard. In just a short distance from where I’m at in traffic, until my next exit, there are thousands of vehicles, but millions of people (that’s counting the people who have more than themselves in the car and city buses) all of these people coming from and going to different places, one of them I’m bound to meet at some point. One day when you’re stuck in traffic, look around. Ask yourself that question….who on this freeway will be in my next (insert position in life)? At that moment, the person next to you on the freeway, you may think you would never meet. Looking at the car, you can assume the lifestyle, but that may only be temporarily. I can’t talk bad about the rich, nor can I talk bad about the poor, sure one another may talk bad about each other but only because neither understand the lifestyle; unless you’ve lived both. Usually, once you start living one lifestyle, you have a tendency to forget how you lived the other…in some sense, I would say lifestyle get’s in the way of fate. I mean we judge people before we meet them which can hinder our chances of meeting the person we really needed to meet. Doesn’t that suck to some degree? Racism, how many people would have a beautiful life with another person if racism did not exist?  So let me ask you a question reader, do you think your decisions help shape others future? Or is it just coincidence that you and whomever you meet have the same mind frame?