Thursday, July 31, 2014

Soul highway

You’re smile is what caused me to frown, you’re beauty is what caused me to smile, you’re vibrancy of joy is what cause me anger, all because of the beauty of opposite. Everything you are is everything I spite; everything you are is everything I want to become. Who you are can make me smile, while who I am is everything that drives you wild…the beauty of opposite. The fact that I can laugh with you and shed tears with you, that I can grow with you and grow apart from you has my definition of opposite turned around, has my thinking opposites attract doesn’t really exist. Maybe I need balance and you need stability, maybe I need stability and you need balance. Maybe we need each other and maybe we don’t, the thought of hearing, makes me feel, the thought of seeing helps me heal.

Your life crossed with my life and it seemed to be a long cross. Like two freeways running side by side, they eventually separate and take a different path but end up in the same destination with a different name; and sometimes, of those two highways ending in the same destination, one might be the same freeway with a different number. We ended in the same destination; maybe we needed the change, maybe in California they loved me as 66 but in Chicago they love me as 33, maybe you love me as 33 but couldn’t see it because in California they love me as 66, maybe everywhere you go, they love you as the 10; possibly in other parts 10 might not be so wanted but hey, you continued because both of us could not change because one of us had to recognize each other. 

A lot of times having two different routes going the same place can be a good thing. Maybe one road sees the ocean while the other experience the desert. One’s sees the mountains while the other crosses city after city, the point is the experience we share and the people we meet, are the people who journey with us and change our opinion, change our outlook and help us grow. Sometimes, even in the same destination we may never run side by side, but maybe the other highways can only connect with us two; without us two, maybe that city wouldn’t be connected, without us two maybe the city wouldn’t be; maybe I connect with you in that city and continue on; maybe our destination is not my only destination. As long as part of my road is in our destination where you end, I’m okay with that, because when my road ends, there’s always a part of me, somewhere in life that can reconnect with you again….


A Tribe Called Quest - The Hop TBT

This week for TBT, I present to you, "The Hop" by a crew out of New York City, A Tribe called quest. This song "The Hop" appeared on Tribes fourth album called Beats, Rhymes and Life. The album was released in 1996 and most say that this album was one of Tribe's darker albums. If you know about Tribe called Quest, the group is known for joyful, positive vibes music and in 1996, Hip-Hop went full blown gangsta on everyone; actually this was round the time M-A-$-E was starting to get big but if you remember, Death Row record label was huge at this time and they were feuding with Bad Boy records; Hip-Hop was not in a state of peace. Big names at the time like Nas, another infamous group out of New York called Wu-Tang was doing really well and most of their music leaned in a gritter direction when compared to tribe. However, in the darkness, the album Beats, Rhymes and Life landed number one on the billboard 200 and top R&B albums; so this week, I present to you, "The Hop." Hope you enjoy and as usual, thank you for stopping by "No Title" the random blog and pretty please, help a blogger out and click on the green links.One love. =)
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


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When life is warm and your heart is light, when the nights seem to glow and everything wrong in life seems right, the simple thumps of your heart blast out vibrations of passion, stupid silly faces to encourage the laughter, the pitter patter of little feet creeping in the morning, hearing the whispers, “Uncle Dean, Are you awake?” Passed out mouth open from partying the night before, one foot out the bed, hand dangling to the floor, I crack my eyes open and see three sets of eyes looking….The cat with her huge peepers, purring and engaging my hand for a head rub, the boys take her away so happy she’s a cute kitty….Love, something that left my heart for a few years, it’s starting to return but in a different form….

            You see, my relationship left me a little upset and angry, confused at why it ended when I thought everything was splendid, leaving me winded she left me, she just couldn’t accept me, and I couldn’t accept we, she, needed to hold down herself, she has a munchkin, she has problems arising in her own life, I finally understood why she couldn’t be my wife….life got weird,  re-runs of friends and George Lopez as I stared at the television staring at me, feeling winded with my eyes closed tears hit my pillow, had to face people at work with a smile but inside a broken window…..I got kind of quiet, ears closed, eyes open, so when people would speak I would lip sync with my arms open, waiting for a hug my oxytocin was low….even though we didn’t break it off completely, we still saw each other discretely…..

            As the dark love begin to fade, the dark just stayed, and when you’re in the dark, the last thing you need is, people asking you, what’s wrong and let’s talk….you know that folks care, but talking about what hurts doesn’t help, it only makes you focus on what’s hurting and I’m trying to get well. So my silence remained and the rain distained my brain, foofaraw comments kept replaying over until it started to gain, momentum in my life it appeared I did not care, on my college graduation day I didn’t bother to comb my hair, stuffed under my cap I walked to receive my diploma, my outfit was fly but inside no emotion. A time to celebrate but it was robbed by love, the irony of it all the women I love showed up to the stadium…..and at that moment, I saw my parents, who loved me no matter what…even if I wore white Air force ones on that stage they didn’t care, but as we turned to toss our cap and walk to the back, I saw her in her a blue dress and the crowd got quiet; her face lit up and her daughter’s did too, the two loves of my life smiling and proud I made it through, was better than the diploma, the joy in her eyes I will always remember that moment, she cheered me on loudly like if nothing had changed, it was like we stepped back two years but the future was re-arranged.

            The sun shined brightly on her hair she was radiant, the crowd seemed to disappear and I can see her waving clearly at me…….we met each other outside and her hug was the sweetest thing, like a diabetic with low blood sugar I ravished rushed her energy, her sweet tone meshed with, I mean that sweet bone met my, leaping heart, she squeezed me tight, I squeezed back holding her like all the nights, holding her tight, we kissed and locked eyes, held hands, “mini-me” in the middle, her sweet big smile, I could kiss her baby face with short kisses, her big cheeks, her laughter was a happy bomb of bliss, an explosion of joy, a moment of  love, my daughter from another, but our souls signified she was mine….in that moment, time stood still, like I could walk out from that moment and put the current me in that situation, and put the hurt me in the now moment, because the love I feel today, would’ve healed the past and concealed our wrath, and the past wouldn’t be today, more like a nightmare, a mere thought, just a joke, mirror's and smoke....

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mystikal - Shake It Fast

"Bitch ride a dick like she like she makin' a BABY!!!" One of the many infamous bars from Mystikal's famous song "Shake ya ass" that was released on July 18th 2000 off his 4th album, "Let's get ready". The vocals done by none other then Pharrell Willams and produced by the Npetune's landed Mystikal number 13 on the billboard hot 100 and had the whole world shakin' they ass NO style. For those who don't know, Mystikal actually got his first break of success when he was on No Limit with Master P, Silk the shocker ,C-Murder and others who made No Limit a power house. The world had not really discovered Mystikal until this song and then he followed it up with "DANGER!", another hit that made the top 20 as well. Well anyways, for TBT I present to you (since I couldn't find the dirty version) "Shake it fast." (ugh...I like the uncut version better) Well anyways, as usual thanks for stopping by "No Title": The random blog,  feel free to roam around and check out my other writes and listen to more music; also don't forget to click on the green links, Peace everyone and enjoy. (Not my music found on You tube...just making that clear)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hollywood days turn into....

As the sun sets, and Hollywood blvd begins to empty and refill at the same time; the atmosphere changes, the business people in rush hour began to change into people rushing to get to the bar, the same people that make the rush hour crowd rich, is the same people rushing to the bar, the club, some form of entertainment to get away from the miserable corporation, unethical acts of people and having to construe what the public wants, because for some reason the message isn’t clear. Sunset strip, here I come, the bar here I come, roll the windows down and feel the cool damp air, the breeze and smell of Hollywood. The lights slowly began to twinkle as the orange glow from the sunset begins to set; the energy surrounds the blvd preparing for a night of romance and drunken violence; the acts of lust feel the air, as the girls with perfume saturate the air and their hills clack against the piss stained sidewalks of Hollywood. The dispensary gives off the smell of the finest marijuana in the country. The sun giving off its last glow before it rest, simmers on the horizon, allowing the stars to twinkle in the Hollywood sky; night has arrived.

            For a brief moment the traffic has died, only to turn into drunken idiots behind the wheel, honking horns and tourist astounded by lights, the magic that is Hollywood. The litter streets of the fame and TMZ, the masses of people on highland out on the town for a cool stroll, sun glasses worn at night by a group of guys drenched in old spice, wearing 90’s style clothing, like time has stood still; until they open their mouth is when you notice, this is a different time. Not a bad thing, it’s different. As the night proceeds, the people began to pour in and the traffic is backed up on the 101. Traffic accident caused in DTLA by someone dropping their blunt and almost causing the car to almost burst in flames; “Come on!” someone is yelling, trying to make it to the same destination as the accident. Pass by the 110 freeway only to see the traffic is worse, backed up because of the Dodger game, LA WE NEED A SUBWAY LINE BADLY. Oh how I would love to ride the train home drunk like I was on the A train in Manhattan. 

The sun is gone. The night is born and in full swing. Music glares out of cars, art galleries filled with hipsters from silver lake are starting to line the streets; oh how I love this new Los Angeles. The passion of the night can be felt as the people began to pour out their house into this late summer Virgo evening. The bars are filled with live bands and people talking about whatever; it’s mainly noise. The clubs are filled with, raging hormones of 20 something’s waiting to get laid and thinking. “that ass tho” with their hands out chasing the first person they see to fuck. The alcohol pours up, the night grows and enters into its prime years.(hours)

            The night is still young, the energy seems to not stop, more and more people are seeping into clubs and parking garages, more throwing up, more change for the homeless man on the corner, oh you know the night is really good; they set up check points around the city. WHEW! The wind acting as a coffee straw,  stirring the night with passion and pheromone; the sniff of the cologne, the smell of her perfume, combined with intoxication has you romantically dancing, not caring for the rhythm, only knowing just one kiss, one touch, the slight hair pull, the lips touching the neck, his full fledge erection penetrating your thin fabricated dress poking your panties and lightly rubbing against your clit; the grinding motion in the heat intense club, as the DJ mixes in some house soul with Gypsy Woman, her caressing of your pants and slightly pulling down your zipper to discretely rub your manhood, the kinky abrupt, the show watching attention, the shadows of the dark drenched night club, the heavy breathing and the smell of alcohol lightly dancing on each other’s breathe, the hidden fantasy and eroticism of being caught, the one person who notice, the person that joins, the person you boot away, that person that ruins all of that magic, the smile of relief, the feeling of release, and your clothes were still on.  The balcony were all the cigarette smokers are loudly talking, puffing away, drinking their drink; finding your corner only to look down three stories and see the three drunken chicks trying to carry each other back to the car, the taxi’s, and then the cool LA breeze hit’s you soaked sweat shirt, you sit back, still a tad aroused, light up your cigarette, and glaze out, only to see Downtown Los Angeles twinkling in the close distance.

            The lights, the million of individual stories have become one, and the moment we figure out all of our stories sound the same, hate might began to break down. The Jack and coke mixed, the jack and coke mixed, the ack na cke meixd…whew yeah….the moment we realize, the moment we realize, the moment you realize your personal thoughts have become a conversation with some other drunken bastard whose response is far off, far out butt fuck Egypt, in its own league off the wall gibberish; you relate, you toast then you spot miss, then she spots Mr., you know, the two of you having sex with each other on the floor, each one smile, she walks over, grabs your hand, Tom Ford blasting loud against the speakers she twerks that, I mean she really works that, bent over touching her toes she, “claps for a n***a with his rapping ass” “blow a stack for your n****s with you trapping a**.” As you grab her waist, and she slowly wiggles back into a upright position….

                                                        L.A. NIGHT’S