Saturday, December 31, 2016


There's a different style of thinking and usually its seen in different races,  actually one rules the world right now. The style of thinking I'm talking about is timing. When one creates, it needs to be perfect and one needs to do it in a set amount of time, if its not done with in said time, the creation is wrong; that's not right. The other way of thinking: creating with in a time frame but seeing the beauty in your mistakes when its wrong. In this way of thinking, your end result is the resolution but not "right". In our mistakes, beauty is born but we've been taught that a mistakes is wrong. I feel our creator made a ton of mistakes when our universe was made but in the long run, she kept them, he created, she made perfection of her mistakes and he spoke life. 

Everything in life is connected, life is beautiful when the mistakes made don't frown, when perfection is wrong in the eyes of those who define perfection but can't see even their words are wrong. Ugly is a power word created by man to control. Beauty is suppose to be unique, not catgorized as something wrong....a negative is someone's positive. Much love world and happy 2027. =)

Friday, December 30, 2016


Everyone has a purpose and sometimes its hard to find what that purpose is; sometimes your purpose isn't the big picture but its what makes the picture that's actually bigger then the intended focus. If something as small as a bee can extinct man, understand everything and everyone plays some role in you being here. Peace.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ujamaa (oo-JAH-mah)

Streets of war

You can
drive your
car down the
street, in
the slumbs
of the city
and see a
war is brewing.
you can see
the shattered
cracked streets,
people hustling
for that next
dollar, doing
what they can
only to get
fucked by
the man
that's only
one part of the plan...
a war is brewing.

You have
all the makings,
glammed in
sweeping weeping
issues under the
rug, keeping sleeping
people out of the hub,
shoving distracting
images in your mug,
while stealing your
money they programmed
us to love...a war is brewing.

A country
that's mad,
simple fixes
would make people
Glad but that
would be a wrap,
so we're put in
away emotions,
fixed with triggered
responses, reward
the sleep for
not seeing and
punish the
conscious, its like
we have a voice
with unhealed
tonsils, muffled
by what we
see, troubled
because you
want to
fool people
instead of
letting them
be free, but
the more who
arise will be
troubled by the
wool, divergent
personalities respond
different if been
fooled, holding
our heads under
water telling
us its an empty
pool a war
is brewing...

We are
not stupid,
we can see,
its clear, we
might be scared...
have you seen
someone sleep
walk? There's
no control,
once you wake
them up there
confused, usually
scared but
once made
known of there
they're aware
and they will fight it...
a war is brewing.

written 10/2/16

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ujima (oo-GEE-mah)


You collect
the money
while I work,
creating you
tube videos of
you twerk,
but not all
the women
that you see
twerkin is
checks from
our taxes some
actually working to
get in that $75,000
a year tax bracket,
if so props to you,
much props if
you pimp the government
for school, pell grants,
pell grants, got you
wearing Commes Des Garcons
newest pants, Louis Vuitton
shades, he wearing the
retro J's, I've been staring
at them joints for some
months now this poetry
isn't getting me paid, but
fuck it
I still write
because my
message will be
displayed, that
degree I got
will be paid...

Who the
fuck am
I kidding,
I'm hoping
the government
wipes my
debt, if she
can pop out
kids and get
a check can
my education
get the same
respect? Don't
be a fool
stay in school,
to get us to
spend, when
writing my
papers I noticed
all my
from within.

isn't for
its to make
sure you
get acknowledge,
on my last
interview I took
my degree with
me, hopefully
they agree with

Working at
Sam's Club
nothing bad
to say, not
everyone can
be managers
some are there
for the pay, but
even those
who want
to be managers
are there for the pay,
some don't give
a fuck ...those
aren't leaders...

Let me
shut the
fuck up
before I
stick my
foot in
my mouth,
something I
do on a
regular, but
I'm not full of
shit guess
eating my
words means
I digest my
I am regular.

Shorty twerkin'
on You Tube
he pimpin' the
making 70k
a year because
he "went to school"...

I guess
you have to
meet the right
crowd, I'm
to weird to
hang with
the bros, I
like the universe
and shit, hipsters
see me as
ironic but they're
cool with "No Title"?
the Geeks got
popular and forgot
there roots, so they
look at me funny
when I quote "I am
Groot" I guess my
love for Ninja
Turtles or X-Men
isn't enough, I'm
not a comic book
geek so they
see me as someone
trying to bluff, the
jocks are even more
arrogant, I see them
at the gym, they've mixed
with the bros...

Its warm
under the
wing of the
dragon, its
warm under
the covers
on the bed,
its warm under
the rays of the
sun, but when
the day ends
the night brings
sun to someone else,
the seasons change,
LA isn't always
hot, Brazil gets
the heat then
Summer comes
back up top
but sometimes
 in the winter
LA got the
top back
like its summer
the hipsters
of the season...
we're all

Written 3/9/16

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Kujichagulia (koo-jee-cha-goo-LEE-yah)

Baby Sit

I understand
wanting to drink
til' you can't think,
I understand life
throws us perplex
questions and
simple answers,
I understand
wanting to numb
your senses
because its in
the nature of
people to do asinine
activities while being
conscious of doing
it, I understand
that a stiff drink
could relieve &
release the stress
to the ugly side
of this beautiful
thing we call unique,
I get it, you want to drink...
but have a plan.

Here you are,
this single young
woman abruptly
stumbling into
the bar, slinging
your jacket on
the hook, with
this fuck me look
and loosely strapped
heels, you wanted
a night of thrills
a spiritual
connection with
no feels, you
wanted to dance
the night away
to jazz in Beverly
Hills, I just wanted
a drink after coming
out of the cold
snow filled hills
I just wanted
to contemplate
the day
but I
got a unique
with Janay...

We danced,
we talked
as you slung
your leg on
to my lap and
lightly scratched
my back, you
got close and intimate,
you told me to speak
without holding back...

one drink,
two shots,
two drinks,
four shots, shit
you went from
to slurred baby's
and wanting to fuck...

you kind of
blew my buzz
because your
care free
quickly turned
with the hours
of the night,
instead of
you I found
myself responsible
for you because
you were shit
faced and on
your own...

I didn't
want anything
to happen to
you...please, be
responsible and
watch your behavior,
too many vultures out there...

Monday, December 26, 2016

Umoja (oo-MOH-ja)


Me: Why do you act like this?

Person: I shuck and jive
to stay alive, my race
thinks I'm a disgrace because
I act ignorant and smile in they
face, but I realize in order to keep
them happy I gotta do things that's
crappy, I wear the red lips and keep
my hair nappy deep down inside I know
the pride of my people actually, I never
lose root I just do what keeps simple
minds entertained...not all of us can be
militant some one has to distract, make
others think this is how we act, let intelligence
be a disguise, let me act foolish to catch them
by surprise...but you want to call me out, fight
with me, disgrace me, when you could've used me
as a strategy, you're doing exactly what they
want and they've figured out the angel and the
advantage  but you're mad at me? Now I'm
slaved because your too blind to see the position
I paved, I had there white flags waved but you
dumb negro you saw the coon as misbehaved
instead of a way to rid old I shuck and jive
with tears in my eyes, they hoot and holler laughter tears,
I feel the burn inside! I want to wash away this face and
show the king that I am, my blood line is royalty but to
my people my coonin is my loyalty, I'd rather embarrass
myself instead of pretending I am royalty in a ghetto...Flossin
legit clothes but my credit score blows, is not the life to lead--

Neither is cooning,
I respect what you're
doing but if we work
together, our prospects
of pursuing becomes
something greater fuck
all this cooning! Because
of you...people want to
step to me saying stupid
shit but when I reply with
intelligence they think
I'm a fucking dick because
t.v. has shown them, "niggas
have no wits" I'm not a
fucking nigga, I'm not
my skin tone, I'm a person
step to me like you
step to him, no rehersed
shit...I like to talk about
the stars and other shit
that's "weird" coming
out my mouth from black
lips is not the norm, I'm
suppose to only like Jordans.
dancing, and fucking "mad bitches"
when in reality I like Jordans
if I can afford, I love dancing,
I love poetry and romancing,
I love art, I love reading, I love
learning, but when they see my
face they see your COON ass and
expect the same, I'm afraid to learn
a dance move for fear of them thinking
we're all the same! In reality to create
and learn steps is a sign of intelligence
yet you propagate the bullshit of what
they been selling us, so we regurgitate
 the noise of what they've been telling
us through hip hop but its gets censored
because of how your projecting us,
commercialized images, black people =
no intelligence, left us for dead I feel
like Leo in the revenant...So why do you coon?

Person: I coon for acceptance, I want to be assimilated...
Me: So do the rest of us
but we don't coon,
we all want to be looked
at as people and not 20
people and one black in
the room...I mean we all
see skin tone but how come
I can't have a regular  life,
even in "normal clothes" I still
hear bullshit like, "yo those
Jordan's is nice!"  Mother
fucker these are slip-on's from
target...pff...normal clothes because
clothes worn among blacks isn't normal...
If I'm not labeled up I look weird ...just
stop with the cooning so
we can unite as one.

written 3/8/16

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Old man winter

As I stare at
you observing
from summer I
only wonder if Winter
will be so somber,
as you look back at me
from winter you remeber
summer, but the climate
of the world is changed so
my summer is a little different,
you were ahead of me in your
prime years, but a recession
and greed can
hinder the season, flowers that
are suppose to blossom find a
different time to grow, but
you being in the winter makes you
reflect and teach me what I expect...

The lessons you
heed you pass
down to your seed,
but in summer the day
is long and during  night the
air is warm the nights

drag as if time stood still,
worries seem to get abolished
in thee enchanted season, questions
arise but get washed away by careless
four play, lazy afternoons, and routine
that bring joy, it isn't until you
cusp with autumn the spell of summer
starts to lift and you begin to realize you're
not immortal and life is a gift...

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Where did Summer go?

I see the leaves
on the ground and
the glow from the sun
recede into the horizon
early each day and I wonder
where did Summer go?

I just remember
yesterday, the young
nights of balmy gentle
winds would grace our
sweaty skin, giving us
relief, a brief release from
the suns heat, laughing
on young nights with sweet
scents in the air, dreaming
of far places, romance under
the stars, blacked out nights at
loud bars...where did Summer go?

Under the energized
enchanted season my lack
of understanding exploded
with anger, explored our depths,
made us question death seeing to
we're in June and have six months
til December why are we worried
about winter? Because here I am
asking a vacuous question: Where did
Summer go?

Full hearts with empty
minds makes time fly, its
only in Winter when thoughts
are loud and the heart not so
full you recognize it feels like
yesterday you were in the pool..
where did Summer go?

As I reminisce
on long days, cook
outs and shouting kids,
water fights and fireworks,
long heatwaves and heat lines
that made the air quiver like a
snake slither now were wrapped
up in warm clothes trying not to shiver
where did Summer go?

I miss her touch and
warm spark, I miss her
detached eyes with a touch
of honey that grounded her, we
moved through summer into fall
she disappeared with the leaves,
now all I see is naked trees...where
did Summer go? 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dark Choir Music Enchantingly Beautiful!

Winter Solstice (Dec 21st- Mar 20th)

In winter, the season calls for us to slow down and to turn within, to search for truth and to kill whatever beliefs or doubts we have that stops one from having a luscious spring and a carefree summer. In human life,  winter is symbolic to old age, along with that follows wisdom, mystic, mysterious, dark, death, beauty, wonder, joy, aloof, and nostalgia. Each season is made for humanity to grow and transform into something different, leap into each season with a different mind frame but never a complete answer; as seasons repeat themselves, we're suppose to grow, its reincarnation. Welcome to Winter

Monday, October 24, 2016

Fat is not the enemy

At the beginning of each year, a lot of people usually try to make a switch in lifestyle. January 1st becomes this magical day for a lot of people which isn't bad but usually a few things happen; you lose motivation, you lose the weight you wanted to lose, you get sick of your routine, and the biggest problem of them all, you get sick of dieting. In order for one to lose weight, the ratio is 30% exercise and 70% nutrition. Crash diets work for some people, for most its a set up for failure. The biggest mistake most people make is avoiding carbs and anything with the word fat in it; so one is stuck with protein and veggies which usually get a tad tiresome after a while. Why don't these low carb sugar no fat diets work? Well there's a few reasons why they don't work.

In order for us to have energy, we need carbohydrates. How do carbs work in our body? When we eat carbs, our body breaks it down into glucose or sugar which then goes to the liver; after, it is dispersed through out our circulatory system which causes our blood glucose levels to rise. The problem: The liver stores excess carbs for distribution between meals in case our blood sugars drop; if there is any thing left over, our body stores it as fat for long term storage so none is wasted; basically your body realizes you needed this much but you put 3 cupcakes in your body so we're turning these extra carbs into fat. In an environment where food is scarce, the environment is harsh or famine ( droughts, Alaska, Polynesians taking long journeys across the pacific to discover new islands) the body stores fat for these conditions, its natures way of protecting us and harming us at the same time. It harms us because in today's world, we don't need high carbs; on the flip side because we're so accustomed to high carbs when we go on these crash diets, it puts our body into starvation mode. How do you avoid that? It seems like a fucked situation. If one starves, one's body holds on to fat, if one eats to many carbs it turns into fat.

As I mentioned above, when people go on diets or crash diets, they run from anything that has carbs or fat in it. Fat, good fat is good for you. Fat similar to carbs works in the same way, but there's a difference. Carbs as we know, turn into fat if we eat too many; fat on the other hand in combination with a high protein diet and vegetables actually burns fat. Go figure, fat burns fat. When you take away carbs and fat the body has nothing to burn, when you take away carbs and eat only protein, veggies and fat, the body burns fat. Fatty acids like the ones found in coconut oil are not used by the body like fats but more like carbs; the body doesn't store fat its sends it to the liver and converts it into energy; this also applies for the fat on your body as well.  What foods have the fats one is looking for?
4.Coconut oil (you can cook with it or take a spoon full up to you)
5.Olive oil (same deal as coconut oil)
6.Dark Chocolate
9.fatty fish (besides salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, herring are a few)
11.Chia seeds
12.Full fat Yogurt
13.Nuts (besides almonds, walnuts, macadamia, peanuts and etc)
14.Peanut Butter

Foods that burn fat
1.Almonds and other nuts
3.Lean protein ( Turkey, Fish, Chicken and etc)
5.Peanut butter
6.Fatty Fish
7.Green Tea
9.Hot peppers

That's a list of 40 different items that can help you get the healthy fat and food to help you burn the belly fat. If you notice, some foods are a one stop shop that bun fat and supply healthy fats. The one good thing about a high protein lifestyle is you don't have to count calories because all of your calories are coming from protein and veggies which are usually not as packed with calories. This is not a diet this is a lifestyle change. A lot of these foods have been around for centuries. In the Polynesian culture, there diet (before influenced by the west) was a heavy plant based diet and usually consisted of fish or pork, in Ancient Egypt, the diet was a heavy plant based diet as well, A lot of Native tribes usually lived off the land and ate a mix of berries, nuts, veggies and of course game; all through out history,  people have consumed many of the foods I've mentioned above and it was not considered a fad diet or eating healthy it was food.

 final thought: don't be afraid of fat. I understand its what one is trying to get rid of but realize the fat you're trying to get rid of, is damage done by taking in too many carbs; the fat I'm talking about that's found in the food listed above, will turn ones body into a fat burning machine. Eat sensibly, work out moderately and live life. Don't stress yourself on the scale, actually I don't even weigh myself  I go by how my clothes feel; only time I weigh myself is if I feel I look the same or my clothes aren't fitting any different, remember when working and switching eating habits, you shed a lot of inches as well and the scale won't measure that. One will look 15 pounds lighter but only have dropped 2 or 3 pounds. I know it sounds crazy not to weigh yourself but if one is eating right (of course one or two cookies, chips, etc isn't going to hurt you, however the whole box or bag will) what's the point of weighing yourself? I know, you want to see your ideal number on the scale but you remember what its like to be your dream size, you might even still own those jeans, try squeezing into some of those clothes, if you don't fit, keep fighting with fat. Thank you for stopping by "No Title xist" and I'll see you soon. One love.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Amy Winehouse - Just Friends

Time, thoughts, dreams and all that good shit..

Time: the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. The beauty of time is you can't feel it; if you go far enough back, one can't remember moments exactly how they are because something is going to be different when you replicate a moment, which that's the curse; beautiful moments can never be duplicated but neither can pain.

 Time moves fast but at the same time slow. The way one imagines how 30 would feel at 20 is completely different because you can't remember everything from 20.

 In some sense, the internet can be our time machine. Even on this blog if I go back 2 years, I'll remember the reason for writing something but that's it. Small feeling's arise but nothing like the current moment. In everything we do, we live for the current moment; sometimes we live in the past just to pause current moments but as everything from styles to the atoms in the air change, so does your paused moments.

 Living in the past is like a old tree. The tree never leaves its position but climate, people, animals, and etc change; even the tree changes as seasons change, paused in its moments of life watching the big changes, the tree grows, solid in roots as the fickleness of the world gives away to time and the tree watches, clocking moments in its rings.

Time is something created so that we could be organized. There's nothing wrong with being organized, its part of evolution. How do we figure things out if we don't mark it? They say life sometimes is the blink of an eye, you blink once one's an adult, blink twice one is waking up in a different world as a child again.

Time....such a beautiful thing to observe, especially because were are inspired by it and don't understand it.  Our brain pathways that are deeply rooted will not change, you can create new ones as you learn; however  if not used on a regular, you will go back to the deeply rooted ones which will feel funny in a world that has changed.

 Everyone has brain pathways. Imagine if 7 billion people started living life like it was the 50's? We would have technically time traveled as a whole. can we go to the future? Not really. The future to some degree doesn't have a place, the future is something you create, the past has been created, all it takes is for everyone to be on the same page of thinking, I guess one can say the same for the future, but the future is knowledge and change, everyone has an opinion.

On a post I wrote back in April, I talked about imagination and how to some degree its a way of manifesting. Imagination is a thought, no matter how crazy it may seem, the universe God or whoever some how works it out to make sense. We dream every night and dreams are a combination of thoughts, the sub conscious, imagination, reality and etc. Can we live our dreams? Probably not the crazy ones but even in the crazy dreams, some sense was in there. Thoughts become solid, real life things our five senses can realize, that's why they say watch the company you keep. If we travel back in time on a brain pathway, a product of thinking, we should be able to manifest a past....not sure, just thoughts in my head...=) Have a nice day and I'll see you soon. one love. peace. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Untitled XIII (Werid thought)

If you believe humans have a soul, when is the soul developed? Is the soul developed when the woman is impregnated or even weirder, does some random soul just float into your belly entering your baby? I'm asking because it's meant to question Religion but on the flip side, I'm asking to question who you're sleeping with. When we have sex, its an intimate energy. Souls, Spirits, whatever you want to call it is an energy in science terms. What and who is God? Is it us? Well here's the thing, everyone on this earth was created by another person. Its a proven fact that energy among humans exist, people like plants, can draw energy from others.  “This is exactly why there are certain people who feel uncomfortable in specific group settings where there is a mix of energy and emotions.”psychologist and energy healer Dr. Olivia Bader-Lee.
We transfer emotions and its said that through energy man can actually heal themselves. All of this is at the forefront of metaphysics; these ideals and concepts are not accepted by society at the moment.

What does this have to do with making a baby? Souls are energy and when we have sex, energy is swapped between you and that other person. I could be wrong but I think the energy of an orgasm is transmitted into the woman's body caring information from the man, mixing with her energy which has information as well. The physical and the energy meet. Whatever thoughts, feelings, passions  you may have for each other or display to the world is the soul and that mixes in with  the physical part of the person being created. So what about reincarnation? Well if you have an old blood line that dates back to Ancient Egypt, you carry a lot information in your DNA; remember DNA tells a story. People who may seem like old souls may very well be if you combine the right energy with two people who have an old lineage. The child you created is a combination of your energy, the environment, and DNA. How does God fit in? Well, for sure we are God. However we're not the creator if that makes sense.

I'm not exactly sure nor do I have an answer to explain God; however the universe repeats itself. When people say they see multiple ones in a row, this is a repeated process. 11:11 means a multitude of things. For some it means the Angels are near or for some it means a repeat of something and the universe does repeat itself in a very complex way with simple answers. As we move forward and our technology and a better understanding of metaphysics begins to unfold, we'll begin to have a clear picture on what is going on. We are in the age of information. One is able to find answers on any or everything. The more we learn, the more questions we ask which sparks new pathways, creating new thoughts. Technology is needed. Technology was made for us to clean the planet, which I think will attract other life; if not attract, lead us to other beings; a more grounded answer is technology will evolve us.

In conclusion, what are we? Are our souls a combination of our parents energy and DNA? Or do some of us quickly incarnate from a different alternate universe? The moment you die you're back in the womb but in a alternate universe. Could it be a combination of both? Meaning some people are a product of their parents energy and some are incarnated from else where. Either way, our vibes, energy that we trade back forth between us, everything from a  hand shake to an orgasm (funny words to have in a sentence together) is energy that is swapped. Thank you for stopping by "No Title" have a wonderful day and I'll see you soon. peace.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dogon Tribe knowledge and Vodun (Voodoo)

A lot of people are unfamiliar with this tribe and I think its time for us black Americans to take a gander at who these people are; I think everyone should, but mostly us, people of African decent who do not have a true origin or identity should closely at this tribe and others in W.Africa. We claim other cultures because of similarities but is it ours? Not really. I'm not sure what to believe any more about culture; some people yell cultural appropriation while at the same time jacking others cultures, others believe we're all one, and this list can go on, at the end of the day, it still leaves a group of people here in American wondering, "Where the fuck am I from?" Well according to my mom's DNA test she received earlier in the summer, part of me is from all over the place; the half of me I could see was from a few places in Africa. It was a little relief but not really, I'm still wondering about my dad. In the mean time, I can only rely on stories and feel my way around. Surprisingly some of the places that popped up in my moms DNA I guessed! Okay some of it was an educated guess because most black Americans are of Sub Saharan descent however it was still a shocker to me. So where do we go from here? Well, we study until we officially find out and study more after we find out.

Most of our ancestors came from West Africa; one of the countries in West Africa is Mali. In Mali, there is a tribe called the Dogon. The Egyptians are descendants of the Dogon and some believe that's where the Egyptians got there knowledge of the cosmos. The Dogons are known for there art and tribal costumes but most do not know about their knowledge of the stars. The Dogon spoke about moons that circulated Jupiter and Saturn WAY before telescopes were invented, they talked about a race of beings called the Nommos coming from the Sirius star system, they spoke about the Sirius system having a companion star but it cannot be seen from earth because of Sirius A brightness; researchers have found artifacts over 400 years old showing orbits of these stars. In the 1970's, astronomers found the star the Dogons were talking about. How did the Dogon find this star one may ask?

The Dogon said that most of their knowledge about the stars came from Nommos beings who came from the Sirius system. The Nommos were said to be Aquatic like beings who were there Gods. There are many beliefs the Dogon themselves may have manipulated DNA and could be kin to the Nommos; not sure how true that last one is but I question it because within that same area, a religion called Vodun (pronounced Voodoo her in America and the Caribbean) is a mysterious religion as well. How does this tie in? On a website called, they kind of break down what Voodoo is, "Within the voodoo society, there are no accidents. Practitioners believe that nothing and no event has a life of its own. That is why "vous deux", you two, you too. The universe is all one. Each thing affects something else. Scientists know that. Nature knows it. Many spiritualists agree that we are not separate, we all serve as parts of One. So, in essence, what you do unto another, you do unto you, because you ARE the other. Voo doo. View you. We are mirrors of each others souls. God is manifest through the spirits of ancestors who can bring good or harm and must be honored in ceremonies. There is a sacred cycle between the living and the dead. Believers ask for their misery to end. Rituals include prayers, drumming, dancing, singing and animal sacrifice." Voodoo is through the power of tongue, being able to manifest something from out of nothing. We do it all the time but are we conscious of it? 

Vodun origins can be found in Benin and Ghana. A lot of people and Benin and Ghana were also in Mali. In Mali, the Dogon tribe were not the only tribe to believe in the Nommos Gods, the Mande, Bambara, Malinke, Mandinka, Mende, and the Fulani were a few who also had some beliefs in the Gods from the Sirius system. In Vodun, they do have there God as well. The God Damballah is one of the main Gods. At some point, I think the religion begin to mix, I also think its possible if all of this is true, the Nommos Gods may have been the beings to introduce Vodun. Its possible they may have taught these tribes how to summon. In the later years, the Ancient Egyptians, the Nubians break down something called Egyptian Tantra. The Egyptians believed that the energy from an orgasm was healing energy. It was told that every time we orgasm, the energy leaves out of our crown chakra and it depletes us of our life force. It was said that sexual energy  was sacred and it healed us, preserving life. This practice calls for one to hold their breathe right before you orgasm, force the energy of orgasm to come up the back, wrap around the spine but it shouldn't reach your head....if you're trying to imagine that in your head and your laughing trust me, it looks just as funny as what your imagining. lol. I digress, all of this ties in because there's facts the Dogon Tribe knew about Star Sirius B (a star you can only see with a telescope) way before 1970, coincidentally in the same area Vodun has roots. I mean it could be a reach. (Shrugs shoulders) So why doesn't the general population know about this?

Catholicism, Islam, and Christianity kind of eclipsed a lot of practices of Indigenous people. A lot of it was stolen or a lot of it was mixed in. For example, Vodun now called Voodoo today is cross between the catholic church and a various mix of Native Indigenous tribes in the Caribbean and Louisiana. Is Voodoo bad? Well according to a lot of people yes, its evil, its the devils work. It's only seen that way because Hollywood, mainstream America only shows Voodoo as being this evil wicked twisted kind of practice... I guess that means the Catholic church is bad since Voodoo mixed in, right main stream world? Voodoo was used for good. Voodoo is the power to summon through tongue, kind of like prayer, so why is Voodoo bad? I've met tons of people who pray for some bad shit to happen to people, I've also read Voodoo spells that summoned or prayed for good to happen; the problem is, its not the "correct" God so its seen as evil. Imagine if someone told you, "You prepared your hot dog wrong, the Mustard is first than the Ketchup, relish and onions, your hot dog is screwed up and wrong, here taste my hot dog (same exact condiments) but some how, your convinced there's is better. Is it?

I'm not here to bash other religions because I was baptized catholic, use to go to a christian church, went to the Mosque a few times, kind of dipped into Buddha's teachings, and I really believe in Karma but Voodoo was always lingering in my mind; I was afraid to go near it because I was told its bad. It was a practice my ancestors use to practice, they use to teach. My ancestors had Mansa Musa in the west, Pharaohs in the east, exotic jungles with lush tropical forest whose water beds hid diamonds and if followed, took you to gold. Trees filled with food, mind you it was probably hot as hell if you lived in the desert but trees naturally lower the temperature so you could escape the madness by migrating to literally cooler pastures. If you kept heading west you would eventually hit the coast line which had coconut trees and tropical oceans with cool ocean breezes, an abundance of fish because usually rivers lead out into the ocean and you could probably follow that river which gave a variety of to hunt and pick. Tribal dances in bright colors, teaching each other about the stars and the orbit of the planet, teaching others about the land and its connection to the orbit, understanding the rotation and how it changed the temperature and the torrents of rain that showed up like clock work every year each season....we are as a beautiful as our land and as complex as a history. Everyone is beautiful stop making us feel ugly when we can clearly see. See you soon world. peace. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Brain pathways: A start to changing society.

Have you ever been in a position where someone shows you a different route or way to work, shows you a different approach, or teaches you something new? Have you ever taken that different route or you keep telling yourself or that person when you see them, "I swear I'll try (insert whatever you learned or need to do different) tomorrow. It feels like tomorrow never comes. You go right back to doing the same exact thing you've been doing. It's not that you don't care, it's not that you're not trying, you're really having a hard time remembering. You might start to think, "My memory is slipping, maybe my nightly glasses of wine, beer, shots of 151, JD, marijuana, lack of sleep, poor diet, or simply aging might be the case; it could be, diet and memory go hand and hand but if you're under 25, I doubt diet is your main problem (However you should switch your diet for future reasons but that's for a different post). The biggest reason for this "forgetfulness"  especially for people over the age of 25 is something called Brain pathways.

What are brain pathways?According to Google, "A neural pathway, neural tract, or neural face, connects one part of the nervous system with another via a bundle of axons, the long fibers of neurons. A neural pathway that serves to connect relatively distant areas of the brain or nervous system is usually a bundle of neurons, known collectively as white matter." In a nut shell brain pathways are roads we frequently travel down; kind of like the road you travel everyday to get to work. William James talked about how the brain develops many different pathways over the years; these pathways are deeply embedded. We have so many existing pathways in our brain that we end up not using some and they shut off. As we get older, we end up taking the same path which makes it harder for us to learn new information, harder for us to be influenced. In order to stay versatile, its encouraged as we get older to keep learning.  The brain is naturally lazy. The brain only makes up 2% of our body weight, yet uses up 20% of our daily energy intake.

When ancient man had to hunt and food was scarce, it was a plus to be lazy and cut corners wherever you could cut them; it was survival. As we evolved, that stuck with us. Even today if I ask you to go to the top of the tree to get an orange, you're response would be, "Stupid! there's a fruit at the bottom of the tree." Which, you're right. For de Neys and colleagues said, "Although we might be cognitive misers, we are not happy fools who blindly answer erroneous questions without realizing it,” concluded the authors. While we may be hard-wired by evolution to conserve our mental energies by cutting corners — a strategy that may often lead us into error — we are not, it seems, blissfully ignorant of our brain´s lazy little tricks. A strategy that may often lead us into error"....keep that in mind. It takes three weeks to form new pathways in the brain.

 Every three weeks, someone has a new pathway set up in their brain and that pathway is being embedded deep. From the time we were born, pathways are being displayed in our brains. Think about it, we live in a society that's so negative and our brains just so happen to be set up the way they are. Manipulation comes from a multitude of things. Deceiving is a form of setting up a pathway in the brain. If  every day for a month, someone tells you these shit flavored cookies wrapped in the red and yellow package with the elegant writing and catchy commercial is good, after three weeks, you're interested, you begin to conform and a pathway is set up. You don't like the way shit taste. But the soft and flaky texture, the moist bite that's sweet and sugary, with a the light but some how heavy undertone of shit has sold you. This shit has people saying. " I hate the way shit taste but this cookie right here..." Once you realize this, you begin to understand, its a pathway in your brain set up by a company so you can by their product. They used primal urges to provoke hunger, they set up pathways, they made you eat shit and enjoy it....that is the mind fuck of the human brain and that is society today.

7 billion people on this planet and each every single one of us has a multitude of brain pathways. Racism is a behavior that is taught. Whadda ya know, new brain pathways are a product of learning shit! I digress...William James said that, "In most of us, by the age of thirty, the character has set like plaster, and will never soften again." If you're a bigot, a racist, sexist, or etc, its not that you're stuck in your ways, you choose not to change your view on life. For the future: How do we fix this mess? Well knowledge is the key. Stereotypes of all kinds should reside, telling kids when they're young that," its okay to eat high calorie food, you'll work it off" isn't correct. If  you're an active kid you'll burn the calories; but that's not the problem, the problem is you've set up a dangerous pathway for this persons future. 

Conforming, pathways, and etc is how we are wired; since we know that, its time for us to set up different pathways. As of now we can't change our genetic make-up but we can control what is given to us and realize habits or behavior we find hard to break is a pathway. It might seem difficult but remember, it only takes three weeks for a new pathway to set up in your brain. If you continue whatever you're trying to change within in those three weeks, you'll notice its becomes second nature. Every now and then you may find you revert back because as mentioned, the brain is inherently lazy and those pathways are deep. One thing one will notice is that everyone on this planet has similar pathways in there brain yet we're suppose to be individuals...why? That's the power of marketing, that's the results of billions of dollars spent on marketing. Don't believe me, look at cigarette companies and ask smokers why they won't change brands even though there is no difference (Besides the price) between  Marlboro and Camel.We all have different personalities and that won't ever change unless something dramatic happens; however pathways is what connects us, makes us similar.

In conclusion, society as a whole, 7 billion people have a common pathway. All it takes is a lot of money, the understanding of the human mind and one becomes God to some degree. Jordan shoes are a brand targeted towards athletes, kids, young adults, hip-hop and urban areas. If they wanted to, they could stop targeting and target towards people who live in Turkey or France and all of a sudden they have a new hot button. We as a society have that option to change.I don't think brain pathways is the only step but it's one step. Brain pathways change our thinking. Society  has one mind frame with a bunch of individuals; the individuals fear being rejected by societal norms. Societal norms, quotes, sayings, the way we treat each other; every day we notice or we ask, "Why do I say or do (insert whatever you say or do) because its outdated. For example, in the past, being gay was frowned upon, you kept it a secret from family and friends and if people found out, you were made fun of for being gay; today we make fun of you for trying to act heterosexual (a person who likes the opposite sex)  when you are a homosexual ( not a Homosapien. Homosapien = Human). We make fun of lying or at least its a start. Challenge yourself, what do you want to change in the future? What behavior do you contribute towards society you want to go away? Trust me, I'm asking you this question and looking in the mirror wondering the same thing. None of us are prefect but together we can create a perfect, I don't like that last line, its kind of cheesy...but you know what I mean. lol see you soon. peace. =)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Women and make-up

Women for thousands of years have always worn make-up; even men in certain time periods and cultures have worn make-up. In ancient Egypt, the wearing of  make-up was called God face. The reason the Pharaoh and his queen wore make-up: they wanted to look perfect for their Gods. Queen Elizabeth in the 1600s brought  red lip stick back into fashion, in the 1700s red lip stick was only worn by prostitutes and actors, once the 1900s showed up, red lipstick made a return in silent films.  Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, and Elizabeth Taylor introduced all shades of red of lip stick during their reign. Scientist have suggested that the color of lipstick a woman wears is connected to her sexual desirability. Its also been proven that women with red lips are seen as more attractive. A whole paragraph and that's only talking about the lips. Foundation is widely recognized as an enhancing beauty, eyeliner and mascara exaggerates youthfulness, blush is similar to red lips stick, basically providing a subtle sign of sexual interest and arousal, and last but not least, studies revealed that women wear make-up because it makes them look healthy.

Is make-up really needed? I guess it depends on the person. This year at the VMA, social media and Hollywood went nuts over the fact Alicia Keys decided to not wear make-up. This is something she's been doing for a while; honestly I like the movement she's presenting to mainstream. Its an empowerment and in my opinion a better look at your health. Besides all the test scientist conducted up above, most women aren't rocking red lip stick to seduce ( well, it's not the first thing on the list) but they're wearing it to look healthier, translation prettier. Make- up allows you to cover up those flaws, avoid something that can be taken care of. A simple switch in diet may change a few things about your skin. One can make their skin look like or resemble the wearing of foundation due to drinking enough water, making a few adjustments in your diet and exercise.

Make-up isn't a bad thing but as we move into the age of Aquarius, one will find there will be a push away from "societal norms".  In our society today, we want to hide everything, a lot of things are a facade. If one has noticed in the past few months or so, we have been unraveling a lot of things. The star spangled banner, certain actions/ethics about presidential candidates, the real deal on our judicial system and etc. So why is something as simple as make-up being attacked? Its not under attack but to some degree its false beauty; along with false beauty comes inflated self esteem that's built on a foundation ( pun intended) of other under lying problems. Women you are beautiful. The make up is used to hide what society says you should look like. Don't hide those freckles, work on getting rid of that pimple, drink more water or look for other alternatives to eliminate dry or oily skin  The same goes for us men. I'm slowly starting to lose my hair and at some point have to come to a realization short or bald is going to be a look I have to accept.

Women: I don't want you to think its only you who has to make some changes; men do to. Chivalry is a good place to start. Even if a woman is acting rachet, should you act or treat her in that manner? Hell yeah! just playing...for real, try your hardest to fight your natural urge. Make it a game. Make it a challenge for yourself. Try not fucking her.  What happens if everyone (ironically) stops fucking a thot  and treats her with respect? What happens?  What changes? What comes back? What does it make you?  If you're use to having sex every night but have been turned down for two months or more, what happens? That person will begin to change. We as men have to treat all women with respect and before you know it, make-up might slowly begin to dissipate. I know this transition might be hard (another pun) because we have been bombarded for most our lives with sexual images; hell even the make- up women wear triggers our sexual urges but we're suppose to be sophisticated. Can we control it? Yes, kind of. What can we do?

Women not wearing make-up is going to be different; but acknowledge it, think how heart pounding it is for a woman to go out in public and show her flaws when women are suppose to be Goddesses. Imagine it like someone pointing out an insecurity of yours. Some women are perfectly fine without wearing make-up but its others who feel they need it but don't. We can change society. The things we don't like are not concrete. I could be wrong on everything I just typed up above because every woman (and some men) wears make-up for different reasons....remember beauty comes from within. Everyone pay attention to what is going into your body....

Friday, September 2, 2016

Dela - La Bonne Attitude


From the described experiment it is clear that the mere act of eating, the food even not reaching the stomach, determines the stimulation of the gastric glands. - Ivan Pavlov

The quote up above is referring to an experiment Ivan discovered called classical conditioning. During his experiment with dogs, Ivan discovered that the dogs learned to associate food with his lab assistant.  Ivan realized this was a learned condition because at one point the dogs did not do that. Dogs do not learn to salivate when they see food, it was a wired reflex. Eventually, Ivan realized that anything the dog learned to associate food with triggered the same response. Ivan switched over to using a bell to see if  the same response would arise and it did. Ivan's study grew to become popular and is one of the many methods taught in beginning courses of psychology classes.

What does Ivan's classical conditioning have to do with labels? We all come with a label and to some degree, our stereotypes have "conditioned" us. Is it a bad thing? Yes and no. As long as man has been alive, we survived by associating fire with pain, night with predators, colors like red increase heart rate and metabolism, we know not to touch a stove because it can burn your hand, even if the stove is off. Its in our nature to be conditioned to some degree, but we are a fragile bunch; we are complicated yet simple but in the right position can be powerful. Some may feel manipulating our natural hard wired urges to get us to buy feels wrong, if its something you don't want why trick me? Most sales or marketing teams will tell you as a consumer, one doesn't know what they want; which is kind of true. A lot of companies use tactics like conditioning with jingles, images, or slogan that get people to buy.

It feels scary because to some degree, one isn't sure if they purchased (insert item) because they wanted it or there brain was bombarded. You can relax, most of the time you're buy things because you like it, its that other stuff, those random miscellaneous objects lying around your house, car, office, stuffed in the back of the closet or hidden in the garage you have to question. We all know about the power of selling and most of the mind tactics companies use, especially cigarette companies. what about everything else? Hollywood, history, myths, and etc. how does one defeat that conditioning? Everyone has a label. When one thinks of a grandma, sexy doesn't come to mind (for some it might) but the usual image is some older lady whose slightly stooped over, has a cane and is usually wearing the dark glaucoma glasses.
I'm sure you've seen memes like these floating around Facebook. These are funny but the truth is we all have  labels, sometimes these labels land us in trouble. Like the dog in Pavlov's experiment, we've come across people (Our bells) who trigger emotions in us; however one has to remember, every person is different. Some times are senses can be tricked by our instinct. Similar skin tone, hair style, cologne or perfume, similar clothing, these are the things you see; learn to look at body language and understand culture as well. Learn to understand energy and vibes and know that we can feel that. Give people a chance and don't assume like the funny not so funny memes above. Its harmless but at the same time it could be stopping you from meeting the next person who would make your life heaven....based on a look. Thank you for stopping by "No Title" have a wonderful day and I'll see you soon. ;) 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tricked senses

I'm sure it's no surprise to you that most of the food we eat isn't by choice sometimes; we eat what has been advertised to us, we eat food based on the color of the package,  the jingle stuck in our head, the primal blood colors imprinted on signs and splashed throughout restaurants as an incentive for you to buy more, a reason to stay and eat more even though you're not hungry. The push to eat healthy has been very strong starting around 2009 but it still has not caught on.

For example, if I eat seaweed, most will look at me as if I'm weird or assume its nasty; however its odd that we consume drinks and snacks that sit in our stomachs way longer than usual. I'm curious to see if broccoli were to be advertised and package the same way as Dorritos, will it have the same effect? Do we really like junk food or are we wired to like it? A change in diet altars DNA allowing for one to achieve max benefits. In everyone's DNA lies hidden talents that sometimes surface early on or later in life. Have you ever noticed when you begin to eat healthy your thinking becomes clear? If you have, this is because our bodies need proper nutrients to function; when one doesn't supply that, you leave yourself open to disease. One turns off genes that stop you from becoming the best version of you.

There are alot theories out there about companies using food as a population control weapon and a way of holding back future  competition. On the other hand, there are people who believe its society. We shop for the items we want, supply and demand. Our minds are also manipulated to some degree. In a business course I took in college, we watched a video about grocery stores and strategies used to make consumers spend. As most know, they place the basic necessities in the back making you walk through the store; some stores even place lights that turn on to get a customers attention.  On your way to the back, the red, yellow, orange colors trick your primal urges, while the products in blue packaging seem more honest, the green products are healthy and you connect it with earth; all your senses are bombarded; you only came for two maybe four items.

We crave junk food that's only been around for a hundred years or less yet we don't want food that's been around  for centuries, food our ancestors ate. Part of the problem is society as a whole. Food is a stress trigger for alot of people. We have comfort food, food we usually grow a custom to because life is not comfortable. Bills, lack of money, which can lead to a lowered confidence, barely providing for yourself can lead to stress eating, comfort food. Food is medicine so when we stress, its in our dna to turn to food so you can be strong mentally and physically to combat what life is throwing at you. But we go for the bright red packaging, the yellow packaging or we go out to eat (hunting to some degree) to get food from bright red or yellow  (sometimes both together) food.

Most of the deep fried greasy food is good; but if prepared right, so is healthy food. Fried foods is easy to cook and usually cheaper. Healthy, organic food is expensive because its not in demand. In a nut shell we choose but when the majority isn't making enough to afford organic prices, you're basically pushing our finger to pull the trigger. This has lead people to grow there own food. Seeds cost anywhere from a dollar to $9, a plant that grows fruits and veggies is $15 or less at plant nurseries. As a society, we have a choice. Organic food is food grown without the hormones. Nobody wants you to be broke, we want our senses to not be tricked, we want to like food because we like it. Thank you for stopping by "No Title". Please feel free to check out my other writes and as you get ready to leave, can you please click on those red or green links, that's how some of us bloggers get paid. Thank you again for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Black Wall Street

In the black community today, its estimated that a dollar stays in the community for about 15 minutes. That wasn't always the case at one time. At one point in history, in our country, there was an affluent black community in Northern Tulsa called "Little Africa" or better known to some as Black Wall Street. A lot of people do not know the history of North Tulsa. In this community, 600 successful businesses thrived. 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores, two movie theaters, a hospital, a bank, a post office, half a dozen private airplanes, and a bus system flourished in this community.  In Northern Tulsa, the dollar was said to circulate 36 to 100 times in the community, not leaving for a year. Black Wall Street is compared to  Beverly Hills. This community was around in the early 1900s and was home for many black people who were leaving the south and looking for a better life.

In little Africa, one could find Ph.D.'s, Black Attorney's and doctors. There was one Doctor by the name of Dr. Berry who owned the bus system. His average income was $500 a day which is pretty good in 1910; even $500 a day today one is making $3,500 a week. The area had about 36 square blocks and was home to a population of 15,000 African Americans. In this era, the motto was to educate every child.Children were seen going to school dressed in a tie and slacks. This was truly a beautiful community but of course, there were people who wanted the community destroyed and evidence of it erased.

On June 1, 1921 the Ku Klux Klan burned the community to the ground in less than 12 hours. It left 3,000 African- Americans dead and 600 successful businesses lost. Some of the survivors of today believed it was planned because neighboring communities that were predominantly white didn't help or invest to rebuild. Imagine what the community would've been like today. This post isn't to spread hate among all white people because not all white people hate black people. This is a post  to remind us that 95 to100 plus years ago, we had a community that was compared to Beverly Hills.

In today's society, there's so much hate being shown about the black community but not enough positive history being spread about the black community. The negative is always shown. A lot of us gravitate towards the history of Kemit which is cool, but a lot of people cannot relate because it's a different world. We do have something a lot closer that is similar to Kemit/Ancient Egypt and that's Black Wall Street. I'm aware that #blacklivesmatter is trying to get people to recognize there's a serious problem with police and African Americans however in the mean time, we should be trying to emulate Black Wall Street. We should be focusing on our neighborhoods..."We gotta make a change...It's time for us as a people to start makin' some changes. Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live and let's change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn't working so it's on us to do what we gotta do, to survive." 2-Pac -Changes (1992)

Black Wall street was burned to the ground due to hate. A lot of us are being killed today due to hate. A lot of us are also doing things that get us put in a position to be killed. I think I've mentioned before in a post back in May, its a vicious cycle we get stuck in. A lot of people need to understand even if a person is doing dirt, they don't deserve to die. In some since, it feels like the black population is being sandwiched into extinction. Sure, we're killing our own people but when we stop that, can one guarantee the cops will stop hunting? It's not all cops either. There are good cops out there. I digress. The point of this post: Black Wall street was real. This can happen again. In today's world it doesn't feel like it but trust, if we were able to start a thriving community like this in the early 1900's, I'm sure we can emulate this today. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to leave your opinion. Please be respectful of others and thank you for stopping by "No Title" peace.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Traveling the Stars with Action Bronson, Ancient Aliens 420 Special (Ful...

This is just funny to watch. I figured I'd take a break from the serious. Laughter is key to good health as well. However these shows do open your mind up a little...make you wonder. Enjoy and have a nice day.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Dorsh - Je t'aime

Conscious people and fashion

Conscious: aware of and responding to one's surroundings; awake.
                   synonyms: aware, awake, alert, responsive, sentient, compos mentis
                 2. having knowledge of something; aware.

The above definition of conscious is the exact definition I pulled from Google. When I see memes like this, I understand the intent but not everyone who is conscious looks at designer sneakers as being clown shoes. There's a difference between personal preference and being able to afford high end sneakers/clothes. I understand in the black and Latino communities, we tend to put fashion in front of important choices; what's more important to the person?  I get the tactic, by making it a trend to not like Jordan's, Nike's, Red bottoms, Timbs, Polo and etc, it pulls away from the distraction but what are we replacing it with? The reason high end fashion is popular in low income areas is because its synonymous with success; you take that away and what are you left with? Its okay for one to own high end fashion as long as one is not depending on others to survive.

On a show I watch called States of Undress, The host Hailey Gates takes a trip to the Congo. Democratic Republic of Congo, is actually the poorest country on the continent of Africa and the third poorest in the world. On the show, you see the environment is horrid but the people are extravagant, lavish, a tad gaudy but the approach and air is regal. The people of Kinshasa have turned the streets into a run way despite western views and economic down falls. These people I speak of are called the Sapeur people. "The Sapeurs, which stands for the Societe des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes (the Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People), are a band of men who turn the art of dressing into a cultural statement, and abide by a code befitting of the gentlemanly clothes they don so resplendently each morning." These people have made the conscious decision to walk down dirt roads of their town in alligator boots and designer suits while remaining in poverty. 

Among the Sapeurs, there is a Fashion designer by the name of Khaditoza who breaks down the rules of the Sape. "The Sape has to be well dressed, have nice hair, well groomed and smell good. The Congolese, we don't care about much but we care about clothes, clothes are our friends, they come to the grave with us, we'll leave behind our phones, our watches, but we will wear our clothes; you'll lie down and they'll dress you so you can go to the grave."  Another fashion designer by the name of Fanny Mandina said that, "The Congolese women care tremendously about appearance. The Kinois women would rather starve than be badly dressed." I bring this up because that meme I posted at the top, is saying that people who own high end fashion are stupid. Part of one being conscious in coming to the conclusion that people are conscious of the decision they make even though it may not seem wise to you; its what that person finds to be important to them. 

One person may find owning a home, having money for the future is idea for them, yet another may find being well dressed is life. There are a lot of people who make enough money to live in areas that are not poverty stricken but choose to own an expensive car and be able to afford nice clothing. In America, to live in poverty but own the best of the best is asinine; some may find the Sape to be absurd. A lot of  people buying expensive shoes, are turning around and selling them online at a higher price. I can't look at Jordan's or any other high end fashion and think clown shoes especially if I know nothing about the person. I understand wanting to show others that there's more to the world besides clothing, however the person has to come to that point on their own. 

Fashion is something that has been popular for centuries. The conscious Ancient Egyptian people, our God kings adorned the fashion and garments of the time, the gold, the gems, exotic foods and metals, they lived a lavish life. Mansa Musa, the king of Mali enjoyed the same as well. The people who weren't of royalty enjoyed  fashion and trends as well; even if they didn't have much, they still sported something that was fashionable of the time; people took these things to the grave with them. All through out time, man has always cherished or adorned something because fashion is art, art is creativity, and creativity is life. It may not be seen in today's society because we chase the name instead of the product, but we purchased those shoes, jeans, or shirts because we like the cut, choice of fabric or design; its a way of respecting ones creativity. Fashion, if you look closer, goes deeper then what most people think.

I have a post I wrote called "To Replica or not to Replica: That is the real Jordan" that talks about how people who own replica Jordan's look down on those who can't afford the real Jordan's. I almost tie this in because its people telling other people what to do; however buying replica Jordan's is similar to buying a piece of art that wasn't created by the artist yet if the artist were to create a master piece and paint it 100 times after that, it won't be the same as the first by the 2nd one. When you get a chance, check it out. My point is: replicas, spending on high end fashion all of this comes down to the love of the artist and for some its a way of life and they are conscious about it. Its a culture and it makes some people happy, that's why we live life right? If you're coming to my house decked out in a$1,000 dollar outfit but asking me for food, money for your bills, I'll begin to think one is not aware of their lifestyle. Do I think how to manage money should be a course in first grade? Yes. Do I think we can improve the quality of certain neighborhoods? Yes. Where do we start? Where do we begin. Its not fashion; but a better, useful educational system is a start.


Monday, May 2, 2016

Mental health

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Mental health is something we take  lightly in today's society; besides going to therapy, what is it a person can do to insure the well being of others? We live in a cold world but we need to change it.

A lot of times those we see as needy can become irritating to others who are very independent, but sometimes you have to put yourself aside. A lot of times in life, we have bad days and we tend to take things out on others, forgetting that others might be having a bad day as well. At the end of the day, "all I got is myself"  but you're not an island....what kind of contradiction is that? Those two sayings seems to circulate and I wish they would subside. I understand there's a lot of people out there who are doomed no matter what you do; but you should still try.

We don't care about others anymore and a lot of people say, "Why is it my job to care about someone I don't know? Because someone you do know might care about the person you don't care much for.(Social media has clearly showed us people we might know.) We realize we're all connected but some days I think it's something we just reciprocate. Some people we make connections with, others its a "you scratch my back I'll scratch yours" kind of relationship, for some its just a season.

 I bring this topic up about mental health because I'm in a group on Facebook called DTLA and on many occasions, I see someone posting about a person jumping off the roof of a building. What was going on in that persons life they felt a need to end it? How could one be in a world of 7 billion people and feel isolated? I'm not blaming the world for being cold or anything, but for one to end their life, they had to been battling, facing some demons that we all may have faced at one point.

A lot of people say if you faced them, and I faced them, and we're still here, why couldn't he or she? Because that person was an individual different from everybody else. Biological factors, genes,  brain chemistry, traumas, family history of mental health contributes as well; just because me, you, him or her were able to take it, doesn't mean we should ignore that person and let them battle alone.

It's that kind of thinking that's like nails on a chalk board. Are you that cold? Are you hurt, upset that someone could be weak, selfish enough? Does one look down on someone for not being able to take the pressure? Do you feel a sense of pride? I guess you can but not everyone can figure it out on their own.  I get there are bigger problems but what is a big problem? There's universal big problems, things that affect, change life as a whole, then there's individual problems; however because we're all connected, one's individual problem can eventually ripple. If we help one link, does it strengthen the rest?

Here's a few early warning signs of mental health problems

  • Eating or sleeping too much or too little
  • Pulling away from people and usual activities
  • Having low or no energy
  • Feeling numb or like nothing matters
  • Having unexplained aches and pains
  • Feeling helpless or hopeless
  • Smoking, drinking, or using drugs more than usual
  • Feeling unusually confused, forgetful, on edge, angry, upset, worried, or scared
  • Yelling or fighting with family and friends
  • Experiencing severe mood swings that cause problems in relationships
  • Having persistent thoughts and memories you can’t get out of your head
  • Hearing voices or believing things that are not true
  • Thinking of harming yourself or others
  • Inability to perform daily tasks like taking care of your kids or getting to work or school

      Looking at this list might strike a few chords. Usually we ignore people who display these signs because we don't recognize them as a problem; also the signs that are displayed are not as blunt because people usually mask their emotions. If someone is experiencing low or no energy, it can be covered up with, "Oh, I haven't been taking my vitamins" or "I've been busy at work" are examples some may use. Using normal everyday reasons as to why; and it can be true. Battling mental health is almost like fighting in Vietnam, its gorilla war fare. One learns to blend with their environment, usually these signs pop up and we can't tell and we don't want to assume so its like our hands are tied behind our backs and we're getting slapped. Speak. If someone doesn't want to hear you, there are others who will listen.  It may come off as weird, depressing, or even erratic but its better you speak; and as the ear, don't judge. You may not even like the person but the reason you may not like them could be due to their mental health problems, yours, or both.

A lot of us suffer and instead of speaking, seeking help, we just spread it. If one is having sever mood swings or Feeling unusually confused, forgetful, on edge, angry, upset, worried, or scared,  this causes problems in all points of life. For example, these feeling may arise with certain people in your work environment. One's average response is to outcast the person, dislike the person, treat them differently from others because you write it off as, "that's who they are."

  If one is at work and they feel they're being set up for failure all the time, its best to investigate the problem. The person could be set up for failure and they're dealing with someone who has mental health problems, or the person claiming to be set up for failure could be dealing with mental health problems  or c, they both have mental health problems. It sounds funny but the truth is, it causes unnecessary problems in the work force which in turn generate into the world. Those problems in a different environment translate into fighting or starting problems, drinking, cutting people off in traffic because you want to piss them off and if it does, it spreads, it continues it reaches you again who is still generating negative. Its a constant cycle.

In this patriarchy world, its hard to express how you feel without someone turning you into a meme or judging you.Once again, I think its about finding a balance.

 I know everyone can't be saved from their own brutal anguish because sometimes we get stuck in our ways; yet we can stop the war on each other, evolve into a matriarchy/patriarchy world. Without sounding cliche, make this a better place for our children. We may not completely restore the current , but we could get ourselves intact enough to help the future, help them realize its okay to express how you feel; also help them understand there's some people in the world who will make fun of you and that's fine, because we can all joke about ourselves and have a laugh, its healthy, when it becomes unhealthy, we need to speak and feel free to speak.

 A lot of people won't be on board because some want to control, eventually (not being mean) natural selection will root out those personalities. If you're fighting mental issues, the environment will not stay like this forever. People will change due to people pushing for the change and you either evolve with it or get left behind; usually as the environment changes, so will your mental health issues.

I can keep going with this because mental health touches on a variety of topics. If you're still reading at this point, thank you for stopping by "No Title" and please feel free to share your opinion in the comments section or on the Facebook post; please be tasteful. debate is fine. teaching is fine. bullying not accepted. Making  fun in a healthy way is fine, but not at the expense of someones pain. Once again thank you for stopping by "No Title" and have a wonderful day. One love.

Mom Tudie & Tom Misch - Waiting On You

Monday, April 4, 2016


When we imagine situations, usually one uses it as a way to escape into a reality they truly desire, we see imagination as something not reasonable. Imagination can be reasonable. We can manifest situations into our lives, create the impossible; if you don't believe me, take a look at our technology. At some point, our phones, tablets, computers, televisions, cars, any thing you think of was apart of someones imagination at one point. You might be thinking, "Yes I'm aware of that" are you? When we think imagination, we think of children, adults who use their imagination are usually labeled as someone on drugs or someone whose not in touch with reality. In reality, these people are creating a dream world, the trick is putting it into action. When people think imagination, they think things like talking cats, or something as crazy as puppy monkey baby come to mind. A talking cat, a mix up of a puppy, monkey, and a human baby is asinine to the brain but our science has come a long way, its possible we could manipulate the feline DNA to be able to understand, articulate words and communicate through speech; its possible we (I don't know why) could combine human and non human species to make some hybrid.

If we truly believe in something, it will manifest. Even if you have to fake it, eventually one will begin to believe in what it is they're trying to make happen. One's imagination plays a big part in making wants, needs, manifest in your life. Imagination is powerful because you're picturing something and combining it with passion. Have you ever imagined yourself on that dream vacation? Usually in your imagination, there's that one far out thought that seems far fetched, something like one doing some crazy surf moves but you have no clue on how to surf. What happens is the vacation comes to forefront early on, following is usually a bunch of things leading you in the direction of surf classes, surf boards on sale, maybe you find an unused surfboard at a garage sale, all kinds of things begin to manifest all because of your imagination. In some sense, the universe, God, you, will only attract in your life what you can handle.

Deep down there's some situations or journeys you may not be ready for. You may not be ready to have a child but you have love for children, so the universe may put children in your path, change your career to something dealing with children. It may not be what you want but there's something deep inside of you that's not ready. A bunch of test are thrown at you, practice is thrown in your direction until you can fulfill you imaginations desire and you become what you imagined. Imagination is something us adults shouldn't shunt away. Of course it seems crazy with kids, because kids will say something like, "I jumped off the mountain and I landed on the beach and me and Ninja Turtles started fighting bad guys". So technically you jumped from a high height and didn't die (maybe we do come back. I say that because they say children have memories of a past life sometimes) landed on the beach (water can symbolize rebirth, reincarnation) and battled the bad guys with the Ninja Turtles (You, nature, God, battling demons). That's a HUGE Imagination or are children a gift in more than one way? Can imagination be simply memory of a past life being displayed through young minds, an insight of another world connecting their past life with things in this world? We know what imagination is, we've proved it.  However I've also finished books on a subject only to find there's a new discovery. Have a nice day and thank you for stopping by "No Title" the random blog.

Friday, April 1, 2016


Humans often wonder, is there somebody else out there besides us? In this large universe, filled with complex patterns, unique galaxies, suns that are bigger and younger than ours, other planets that can support life light years away, black holes, gases that if combined create something else that can harm or help us, the question will always remain: Do other species exist? We don't have to look far, we can start right here on our planet. Besides our multi legged creatures or four legged friends (sometimes enemy depending on situation or position) most of the answers lie within us. What makes us who we are today is found in our DNA. At one point on this planet, there were two other upright species (some call them races) that roamed the land among us: Neanderthals and Denisovan. Of the two, Neanderthals are the most known leaving Denosivans to be a small mystery to us. Let me give you a small back story about the Denosivans. Scientist have found that there is an overlap between the Denisovan genome and people of present day east Asia; also a group of Pacific Islanders living in Papua New Guinea known as the Melanesians. The Denisovan contributes 3 to 5 percent of their genetic material to the gnomes of Melanesians. Scientist believe that Denisovan living in eastern Eurasia mixed with the modern human ancestors of Melanesians. When the humans crossed the ocean to Papua New Guinea 45,000 years ago, they brought their Denisovan DNA with them.

In a nut shell, there was another species that lived amongst us and we mixed in with them. According to other studies, the Denisovan's may have been the inhabitants of Asia. They were small in numbers so it didn't take long before Denisovans were no longer pure. Within our own DNA, there's proof that another species did exist. Something human like walked with us. Imagine if the Neanderthals and Denisovans were around today, something that looked similar to us but through evolution, they became immune to cancer and other diseases that are human. Imagine the brain development, ideas and cultural ways, I'm sure at some point there would have been a clashing, all out war between one species and another but once things cooled off, imagine the leaps in our technology. Would our planet be in the same position? Would we even question if there's anything else out there?

We would still question? Knowing that there's three different species living on this planet who are similar in looks and structure, would change the question, we wouldn't wonder, we would know. It's funny because not much is different today in this world. We don't have a separate physical species in front of us, its in our DNA; in some sense, I guess you can say we're the separate species and current species in one. For those who don't believe other life exist, all the signs point to other life forms existing; we have found earth like planets and our own DNA has proved another species human like lived with us...

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Climate change

Our planet has been under a lot of changes before we were here. The climate changed multiple times almost as if it was making the living conditions sutible for life, for us. Some question if we were the main reason for destroying our ozone layer; chloroflurocarbons combined with other halogenated substances are mainly responsible for man made chemical ozone depletion. We're not fully responsible, the earth is just as harsh on itself as we are, we just sped up the process. The only problem: we're not sure the direction the weather is going to take and were not sure how harsh the conditions can be. The planet will change, but as the planet changes, we should change with it.

The one thing I feel we should do is educate ourselves so we have somewhat of an understanding and not fear what our media propagates. For example, its predicted that when the ice caps melt, the sea levels will rise 20ft; its alarming for cities on the coast at or below sea level but it seems scary if that happened now because we're not ready, years up the road when we are, we'll be ready and educated about the situation. What's going on? It appears winters in certain parts of the US are more harsh, how could it be global warming? Its our ocean currents and weather patterns. Our weather patterns act like a freeway. A low system moves in, then it moves out to somewhere else, behind the low pressure system might be another low, followed by a high and the pattern continues; the rain storm in Los Angeles becomes the snow in Chicago, and New York. As of recently, our weather pattern has been in a traffic jam because of our ice caps melting, changing the temps of the ocean, changing the currents, thus changing our systems.

The change has allowed for countries like the US to experience extreme conditions in certain regions. For example, Chicago (or the North/Midwest) may experience three or four lows pressure systems coming in during the winter which causes snow, as they move on, a high pressure system may come in warming up the region a little bit and eventually it moves on. What's happening now is that a low pressure system moves in, and parks its ass over that region for weeks. As that happens, the high pressure system that was suppose to leave Los Angeles and travel east, doesn't because the low in Chicago can't move because the high pressure on the East Coast can't leave; now you have New York and Baltimore with an unusual winter yet its still cold because its winter and the temps in the Atlantic are slightly different, poor Chicago, Detroit, and other cities by the great lakes are getting slammed by that low pressure system that's sucking air from out of the arctic with no signs of letting up soon, then there's us, sunny Los Angeles California whose desert trees are dying from drought, lakes dropping in elevation, while threatening the population of drinking water.

All of that above, is due to our ice caps melting and changing the temps in our ocean. The temps of our ocean is responsible for certain temps in areas. For example, the Pacific ocean, as far south as Los Angeles,  still gets cold which allows us to not have hurricanes in the summer; even though our latitude suggest hurricanes...that California current tho. lol. Anyways, that current jets cold water down from what happens when all the ice caps melt? yep...unless we magically change positions because hurricanes can't reach higher latitudes, a hurricane in high latitudes is like running up hill for us, you start off fine at the bottom but lose steam right around the middle/before the top...unless you're in crazy shape this example doesn't apply to you but, you catch my drift, hurricanes lose steam in higher latitudes due to colder water and gravity. My point: Those Ice caps melt and everything changes.

In the process of our climate changing, one is going to see extremes because the ice caps melting and changing the temps of the ocean is kind of like diabetes to the planet... or think constipation if you're not sure how diabetes works. Until all of that ice melts or we figure out how to cool this bitch down, this is what we will be dealing with: backed up weather systems. Should we beat ourselves up for polluting the planet? No? because like I mentioned up above, the planet is just as harsh on itself if not worse; should we continue polluting it? fuck no, earth needs no help, nor do we need to speed up a process we kind of understand with no exit out. That's like me saying make Trump our president. That was a bad joke. Or was it? Anyways, climate change is real. Climate change is what evolved us... because it was cold or hot during travel, we realized  walking would not work, so we got horses, which was faster but we wanted to go faster to beat the grips of a winter death or a heat stroke, eventually cars were created which goes faster AND shelters us from the elements during a long journey; unfortunately because of that invention and many others, it caused pollution...kind of defeating the surviving purpose; so we evolve again. Only problem: we're getting ahead of ourselves.I could be wrong.  Feel free to leave your opinion or knowledge in the comments below.