Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Janet Jackson - That's the way love goes (1993)

What is it like to kiss?

I often wonder,
I plunder, and
fight the thunder
of passion that
constantly implodes,
What is it like to kiss?

It looks
disgusting at first,
its the initial shock,
the exchange of spit....

from a different
perspective it looks
soft and slow, like time
stopped....the way ones
lips slowly drag across the
face like a train to a wedding
dress, the obsessed stare and
tugging of hair, the ability of hands
moving across each others body
like a mime, pulling each other
closer signaling your mine,
kisses on the neck sending
goose bumps up the spine,
the light bites on the ear lobe
like your whispering naughty
thoughts to my mind, the
light grind against my zipper
telling me its time....

What is it like to kiss?
What if its not quite right?
What if the person is a lip bitter
but to damn hard, like from
erotic to pain, confusing my

What if its sloppy?
What if its a stingy
kiss from someone
with full lips? Like
there heart is still on
the cliff while the brain
went spelunking unequipped...
night eyes graze the sky with
a wish, what is it like to kiss? 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


My parents said
to never trust strangers,
those are people you
don't know, those
are folks who want
to hurt and say all kinds
of nasty words, those
are not your friends...
but I'm starting to undestand,
strangers aren't just unfamiliar
faces either...