Monday, June 19, 2017

Late spring conversing with early spring

Early: what's the difference between psychosis  and religion?

Late: what? Dude, that's soo unappropiate.

Early: It is?

Late: Yes, your basically implying that people who are religious have a mental problem and that's totally not cool.

Early: I wasn't trying to hurt anyone...I was talking to winter and winter said religion doesn't exist and people with psychosis see things that aren't there and---

Late: You were talking to winter? Dude Winter is harsh, cold, and old, of course he would imply religious people are crazy...did you ever think winter is crazy?

Early: why would I think that?

Late: because winter lives for Nostalgic moments and never gives an answer or if Winter gives an answer, he tells you to look with in to find the true meaning or some bullshit that makes no sense. Look, Religion is real, however the stories are kind of questionable.

 Early: I don't get it..

Late: ok, religion exsit. We have artifacts, books, temples, churches, all kinds of real stuff to show religion exist. The stories are questionable but they have meaning.

Early: what's the meaning?

Late: read it dude, besides your too young to understand it.

Early: too young? Your only older than me by a few years.

Late: true, but I comprehend things a little different....look I'll tell you this much early, the stories religion present to us are a guideline, an example of what we should do...just keep reading, trust me you'll begin to change...and by the way, your question is totally unappropiate but sinceits something you're pondering, what do you think the difference between religion and psychosis are?

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