Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What is life?

Life- "The existence of a individual  human being or animal."

That definition wraps it up but does our society agree? Does our biology agree? Since the begginning of our existence, the way we survived were in groups. It's how we bond, protect, grow, nourish, it's who we are today but most importantly it's how we win the game of life.

Groups spawned villages which in turn drived our cities, which brought cultures closer, combining cultures thus creating anew; from inventions down to fashion and the way we speak, groups are the way of life. But what is life?

"The existence of an individual person." How can one be an individual when in a group you have to conform to an alpha way of thinking? The moment you have a different opinion in a group, one becomes an outcast. Our society was created off following trend. Alphas set the trend.

What is life? Our society is fake. The alphas set the trend, the marketers spot it and they manipulate the rest. The brain is sensitive. It takes 3 weeks to form a solid brain pathway, it takes minutes to lay the ground work. The moment its advertised, you have been influenced. What is life?

Life is to have freedom of opinion, freedom of thought, in the game of life you do have freedom but to an extent. When this society was created, its said that ancient knowledge was hidden which lead to a rise of religions. Part of that knowledge was an understanding of the mind.

What is God? God is us. God is our brain pathways which have been manipulated. God in this society is created through religion. Religion has mixed truth with lie. The truth is we can speak anything through the tounge, the lie: was that what you wanted or was that manipulation?

With technology in place, its easier to see what you want, to pray to God and 15 minutes later or to be realistic some days, months later your speech becomes real. The real God, the energy, the universe whatever you call her/him,  moves through the fake society as well. The real God is everywhere.

What is life? Its not this, its not the society you see today. Its not our religions or all the marketing thrown at us. Its not getting up to go buy something, its not going to work, sitting in traffic, this is not life; buying stuff, television, internet/social media marketing is all part of a game, when you take that away, what are you left with? That emptyness you feel, its not empty, its life. Nobody knows what's it like to live unless one is rich. You've played the game, changed the rules.

So I ask you, what is life?

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