Sunday, March 19, 2017

When I fell asleep

I knew my eyes
would close because I
was sick of looking,
watching while everyone
smiled and dived into their

I got sick
of looking out,
watching others
oversleep so I dived
into the trance myself.
I became a light sleeper,
one eye up, one closed,
I slept in my clothes only
because when danger lurks,
its hard to sleep.

I get sick
of hearing
wake up when
I sleep, fuck you,
I've been shaking,
waking your ass up
for some time and all
you do is roll over yelling
"five more minutes" 4 times,
now you got 10 minutes
to get an hour away.

Why do we wait?

I've been
warning you
and now
you're mad at
me, in disbelief,
like I would lie
to you keeping
time discrete.
Stubborn fools,
don't worry about
the now its here, look

I knew my
eyes would
close, my
lids felt heavy,
I knew the storm
was windy, but
the bombs broke
the levy, I know
that was yesterday
but you seemed
to not learn from
the afternoons
lessons, you keep
praying to a God
asking for blessings,
he keeps speaking
through people
because God is
with in us, you
keep saying man
is full of sin
how could divine
be in us? Because
dark without light
is asinine we're holy sinners...

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