Monday, July 1, 2013

Business is a Pyramid

People hear network marketing or direct sales and run in the other direction, which means I should probably change the title. (Original title Network marketing) Ok, now that the title is changed, I may get one extra reader, hopefully. Well anyways, when someone mentions “home based business” people respond to, “I’m listening” STOP. So, you’re willing to work from home, everyone wants to work from home BUT is it possible? Not entirely, unless you live on a busy street that get’s backed up with traffic at rush hour then you might have a chance; (So New Yorkers living in Manhattan here’s your shot) and that’s only certain parts of Manhattan, but the rest of us living on residential streets, we don’t have crowds of people passing our front door so in order to make money, this means you have to get off the couch and go get it.

            Work from home can happen. After you have busted your ass off outside of your house, your money starts to work for you and hence the title, “work from home”. People who are in that position normally stem from network marketing and they fail to tell you the one part that you need to know in order to “work from home”. If anyone is reading this and doing work from home, I’m not knocking the industry because I was involved with some great companies; however, the image of Network Marketing needs to be cleaned up.

If you look at the graph above, this is the life of most CEO's; why can't we have a piece of that life? Here's the funny part about that, most CEO's still have to put in a little more work than you. Once you grow your business, all you have to do is stay in touch with customers, maybe send them some free gifts every now and then and take care of your down line. I understand the problem, people feel as if there not making money and they give up. So in order to give them an incentive to stay, why not give them two of your customers? This allows them to start getting paid, takes the pressure off, and gives them a head start. 

Ok two customers won't bring you that much money, unless your two customers are Bill Gates and Carlos Slim Helu. So of course there is the misconception....wait, there is the one thing that always makes me laugh, "Network marketing? MLM? I would never work or support the business of these people, its a pyramid scheme to take your money." I use to rebut with, "so, the big corporation down the street, you frivolously spend your money at, that put the mom and pop shops out of business is something you support? Big business, the biggest pyramid of them all is something you're in favor of? Then it dawned on me. You'll shop there because of this

It's okay if it's a pyramid because all of the stuff  you know about is here. Why would Oreo have their product in a store that want's to do people wrong? Oreo would not put their product in a store that would do wrong...would they? Oreo wouldn't associate their product with a "pyramid scheme" However, apply the same concept to a network marketing company, and it becomes a scheme. 


Psh! It's a scam! I've never heard of it! Get out of here and get a real job; I don't have any time for your thievery tricks. Thievery tricks? You buy a product, the company delivers it to your door step, you sign, take the product, you use the product, you run out, and the process repeats. Look here world, (Specifically America) every product that you use, got big because someone said, "Coke, never heard of it, let me try it." BAM! Coke is something you don't even think about buying; it's an automatic purchase. America, the world is changing, the job market has changed. About 30 million people work from a home office and they’re expecting that number to rise 63% in the next five years according to Forbes. Is it still a scam?  Look where America is headed, if you don't believe me, then check out Forbes or look up Network Marketing, what you'll see will change your mind.



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