Thursday, July 6, 2017

Life in motion

Swag on
trill, 100 dollar
bills, flossin on
the gram for the
glam, I miss
Stephanie but her
man, well he's, and
she's, let's just say
bee's get violent when
you near the hive, and
I'm a bear with the honey...

Swag on
Trill, 100 dollar
bills, flossin on
the gram that part
is a lie, I'm taking
pictures of the sky,
yet I'm reaching for
space, I'm scared of
heights so my success
is delayed, it's like I get
the momentum and I look
behind, like you not high
enough stop looking behind,
the ground is still close, fear is
mind, own the mother fucker,
my fear is mine, you need your
vision clear and fear can blind,
I build Rome at night so I don't
see the grind, I fall when the sun
rise, rise when the sun shifts, eat
a quick breakfast take a shower,
take a shit off to my shift, this is
some bullshift, I guess everything
in life at some point has to shift...

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