Monday, November 23, 2015

Lupe Fiasco - Lamborghini Angels Music Video


For a year I
lived with this
delusion that
something brewed
between us and the
love I felt for you, I
thought it was reciprocal
until I realized love isn't
difficult...What I saw
was someone easy
to get along with, easy
to be myself with and
my heart leaped ignoring
my surroundings, ignoring
signs, putting too much
into something that wasn't
there blue...I've always
learned to trust my sixth
sense but the future is
never sure because minds
switch...Delusional I tell ya!
Ha! Everything except for
how I felt was forced, I was
in love with a thought, infatuated
with romancing you, I was in
love with a dream, passionate
about dancing with you, I was
in love with your eyes, encourgae
by the thoughts passing through
you...but I was delusional...this
isn't an apology because
I tried that and it was rejected...

For once when
my mind wasn't
clouded with lust,
a relationship I
knew I couldn't
rush, the woman
thinks I'm full of
shit but I guess
karma hit, I guess
karma bit, smakced
me in the face and
reminded me about the
time I split a couple
up, so she,brought cheating
to my engagement
4 times over, probably
more, when I tried
to hop back on my
feet, she slammed that
to the floor, but I
tried to split you
and him like a
deck of cards,
rolled the dice twice
and realize 6
was hard, 8
seemed easy
but she turned
her back, 9
you were breezy
you had my back...
I thought...delusional.
Karma is here...teaching
me a lesson...everyone
laughs at me with
their fingers pointing
back in their direction,
I can say the truth
and you still think
its deception, but the
news can lie
to you and that's
considered to
be perception....
Fuck it, I'll
be the black sheep,
something you can kick
something you can talk shit
about, so you can feel good
when life decides to kick you
out, the dark angel here, wings
flap to keep the demons south
but you're the dark angel trying
to kick the demon out, can't
even tell we're the same, fighting
each other so whose the demon now?
Got our brains tricked, pathways twisted
our ears become our mouth, meaning
you heard what I said so my eyes scream
it out, but I loved you too much so I'll take
the bullet so I can bleed it out, the poison
that's consumed my brain to make me
think that I had a chance with you, I
can see it now...the torture, inflicted
keep the thorn in don't fucking pull
it out, let me rewind back to
Neglected, time travel,
Dean don't do's
only a road of pain,
people who don't care
, people who are better
at this game, a woman who doesn't
love you, and another who smiles
in your face but talks behind your
back, conflicted by her issues
but I pray because she's
better then that....

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

goapele closer to my dreams

Eye contact

I love talking
to you, because
you're speaking to
me, you're
communicating, realating,
searching, as am I, looking
for the spark that lights up
your brain, light it up like
a night train...I love talking
to you, your hand movements
and gestures, watching you
is a pleasure because your
company is a treasure,
feel each other out and
see how far we can go:
measure, the eyes can
go deep, a longer distance,
intertwine with the souls and
really listen, console your
inner cries and kiss your
empty feelings so I can
release what your heart is

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Heavy breathing

it in deep, now
exhale, take
it deep now
feel them swell,
I can feel it get
tighter the longer
I hold it in, my
head getting
lighter, wanting to
bust because
oxygen is a must
so I release and
feel the  rush as
air enters my body
feeding my cells,
my heart beating
faster, my
blood rushing, my
head throbbing, the
binaural beats
bang on my ear
drums making
my ear come...
close to def...

Miguel - Vixen (High Quality)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Body Language

A body can
speak to you
before the lips
part, a body can
forum words
before the
voice sounds,
a body can insinuate
what the words exaggerate,
finding a middle ground to
pierce a subject to
penetrate, the movements
can intimidate, show
flatter and imitate,
allowing my body to retaliate
to your movements
I adore, I appreciate...

A body can
speak to you
before the
lips part, a
light rub can
be gentle and
sweet, arousing
mental release,
arousing relaxation
and sleep...body
language isn't
intricate, its intimate,
its subtle, calming, the
heat released between
the two can be enduring
or a bombing of
emotions, an explosion
of rushed intense
feelings emend, so
I can remove
your clothes to
see the truth
within, you
remove my clothes
to see the blues
within, we both
look in, only
to find myself
kissing the
soul with in, taking
away your damage,
the parts that
sinned, would change
your body language
to a woman of zen...

Zion I - Venus.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Untitled IX

My eyes
heavy but the
lids won't shut,
my mind busy
because my brain
wants to fuck, I
really don't want sex,
I think I just...I think
I just want to go to
sleep and my brain
knows a good pounding,
a tussle in the bed would
release melatonin, have me
stretching and yawning....
I think its funny, I can be
sleepy at work but
wide awake in my
bed...someone once
told me just turn the
lights out and stare at
the ceiling until
you fall asleep, it
makes sense...I
haven't tried it,
well I did one time,
it worked, maybe
I should try it
again, or maybe
I should down
this bottle of gin!
I don't have a bottle
of gin, it just rhymed...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Living Legends - After Hours

My Youth

In DTLA around 6:45 p.m. inside of a dark bar, candles lit, lights low when she came up and said...

"My Youth was
better than yours"
said the young
woman."Was" I said?
"Yes" she said. So
you're not young
any more? Your not
filled with vigor,
willing to damage your
liver...your youth is
past tense? She
replied "No" So
why the use for was?
(Sticks her tongue out)
"You know what I mean."
No I don't. I'm grown,
I'm 31, I've made
mistakes and when I
do something again, I
repeat them knowing,
you on the other hand,
make mistakes because
you're still growing,
you at the age of 20
something "don't give two shits"
me at 31, I really don't give
a shit, but I'm still
young enough to act
stupid but know
when to quit. My
youth is filled with
different scenes,
drunk off wine in art
galleries, trying to
decipher if this
abstract art speaks
to me, pass the
joint, change my vision
now I see the
image...I go to
clubs sometimes,
I hit bars, I still
party probably harder
then you...31 is old?
Fuck no, I
feel better now then I
did when I was 25,
I'm much smoother,
well kind of, I still
fuck up, but I'm
human so that can
happen... shots,shots
drunk on La Cienega.
puke at the pinks with
the strangers I met just
a minute ago...I still
have my friends but
realize THIS WORLD IS is my penis...
I didn't really
mean it....I've been
drinking...the fuck was
I talking bout? Youth.
Your youth is ugly...
(Sticks tongue out) =)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Joey Bada$$ - Righteous Minds


You tick just like
me but you tock
like them, your
number switches
every second, than
it switches every
minute, than you
do a complete change
remaining the same while
the smallest inner parts
of you change, than as
a whole you become new,
my lovely blue...your face
never changes but your hands
do, you seem to be every where
even when I neglect you. If I could
hold your hands I could turn back
your ticking, if you could hold my
hands you could stop our
current moment from existing.

Untitled VIII

If one tells a lie there a bitch; if one tells the truth, one is harsh, yet everyone says they'd rather hear the truth..some of y'all mutha fuckas is lying....he he..

Statik Selektah-Alone (feat. Joey Badass)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Untitled VII

I'm not afraid of homeless people or crazy people, that's already established, that's present, it's known, they need help...I'm afraid of the fault lines that haven't shook...those mother fuckers, we're the crazy ones.

Untitled VI

You know how it
feels to love you
and not get it
in return, it
feels like us
wanting rain while
watching the mountains burn....

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bye Monie

15 years you
spent being
happy and loving
looking for food,
and head rubbings,
at the door when I
was shit faced from
a night of clubbing,
leading me up the
stairs because even
in my drunk mind
you knew I wouldn't
step on your tail. When
I was happy you flourished,
when I was sad you
stayed next to me and purred,
when angry your big round
eyes looked at me as if
I were crazed because that's
not the way I
I have to carry you to your
grave. 15 years you spent
being happy and loving,
always looking for head
rubbings, in front
of the Christmas tree
you would stand,every
year as if that was the
plan, but this year
will be different,
no Monie in front
of the tree only a picture
and a memory, but
you'll be pain free in
front of a angel, with
your kitty wings and
all the Ice cream and
chicken you can
steal, all the
head rubs you
can get, a large
bed and a litter
box that's clean
as soon as you finish...
maybe you won't be
a cat in the cosmos, you'll
be something else...either
way RIP,  love you and
I miss you. bye Monie

written on 11/5/14

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


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   and past    your   of  yourself  forgiving   is  escaping  of  way only The .over  is  it  realize don't  but                                
  beautiful    up bring   ,you  trick   to  like demons   but  free  are  you  ,trapped  not  are  you realizing

   moments in your life, then take them away. We are all beautiful souls and we make mistakes, but don't

get stuck on your mistakes, realize you're not perfect, be humble yet  confident and joyous in situations.

Love when they hurt,  laugh when you hurt, cry when you're happy, and smile when you're sad...

Written 11/15/13


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

South L.A. (1999)

Remember that night,
the evening was young
and the air was warm,
the sun setting in mid
may the party was fun...
our young teenage love
danced and laughed, we
clowned, romanced, your
touching and kissing aroused
my pants, the tugging and pulling
clouded my mind, your fingers
were touching my hands but mines,
where minds do go when lights go
low, the dancing was slow, erotic
fa'sho but too mature for being 14...
as time moved on the party it changed,
exchange for flowers that scented the
air, it change to weed that clouded,
stifled the room, the music turned
up, the blunts burned up, the
gangstas showed up, everything
went up including that little voice
that said,"get the fuck out" buuutttt
you dick was hard,
I was 14, she kept kissing me, I kept
dismissing thee, obvious fact my life
is in danger, Crip flags flying and looks
were glaring, gang signs thrown
and some bloods showed up, they
turned the lights down low and they
slowly rolled up, we all dancing
in the party you know the music
still up and then screeching of the
wheels, pop! pop!pop! pop! Shots
is fired, I'm trying to run
with a boner which slowly began to
leave.... they
turned the block, I'm on the porch
looking at the man in the wheel chair
who got shot, death is in the air it
was quiet but loud, then the bullets
sang again...I'm still standing on the porch
"DEAN GET DOWN!!!" my dad
yelled...we both made it, my mom
in the car nervous...I'm stopping
because that night is blurred...kind of..

Monday, November 2, 2015


I...I use to
fear being with
myself only because
I wondered how others
would view me but once
you realize people are going
to have their opinions, you
stop can be lonely
 sometimes but once you realize
all you need is one or two people
in your life, once you realize that
people together means trouble,
drama, even when you don't want
 to be involved you become content....
to know people from a distance is my
stance, to know a person up close
is a dance, to know them intimately means
their in my pants, that can be taken
sexual or as in hands in my pocket,
intimate is not always sex it can be close,
warm...when I sneeze there's no one
to bless me, but bless you has become
an auto pilot response, not a sincere
thought that you're blessing a person.
when someone sneezes around me,
I bless them for what 11:11
didn't give them...Alone not as
bad, no pressure to speak, no
pressure from the fellas to talk
to a pretty girl, only odd looks
, temptation surface in the
eyes of those who want
out, curious why I'm
alone...he's a loser, he must
be a bad person, his friends suck, its
neither...I'm odd, I like to be to my
thoughts sometimes...I'm searching
for something, something in mankind,
I haven't found it but when I do, I'll
let you know...