Sunday, March 19, 2017

Cracked Egg

I cracked the shell
and out came life
teeming with spirit,
rebelled by energy,
forced by nature and
spelled by human dna...
one can crack the egg or
be the crack in the egg, one
can be the yolk or be the chick
you decide which grass is greener on
either side of the fence...nothing makes
sense in these final days, it all seems
everything is cracked, we're all walking
on egg shells, just the wrong slip of the
tongue is like the blunt end of the of a
counter...crack, boom, crack, slowly our
emotions ooze out into a pan sizzled and stirred
our society is scrambled...I want to be the force
within, I want to be the reason for the crack, not the
reason why its cracked...I guess either way you look
at it, why is the question that emerges....peace winter,
I'll see you next life time...

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