Friday, October 17, 2014

Urban settings

            Swept of your feet taken on a whim, welcome to the city were anything can happen, the breeze wraps around the buildings, cold chills up your spine, not because your spooked but the buildings act as window blinds….the lights, they twinkle in the distance calling out your name, psss! Come down, we got a story you can share with the kids….you hop in your car or take the subway to the attraction of the lights that twinkle at night, excitement fills your chest because you’re not sure what the night holds, hopefully some wholesome fun that will start to unfold…at first it seems intimidating because the energy is rigor, until you find a spot to sit and observe the city and it’s difference, the styles have changed, everything is cutting edge, your clothes feel dull you feel you may not fit in…but that’s what makes you different and some may acknowledge, the others are kind of snobby don’t let them demolish, for all you know they may only have a dollar in their pocket, and that might be their best outfit from out the closet, so be true and stay modest and you energy will attract those who are honest….

            As the day turns to night, the city starts to come alive, the music get’s a little louder you start to feel the vibe….

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