Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Tribe Called Quest-Like It Like That TBT

Today I present to you another song by A tribe called Quest called Like it like that. This song is from the album "The Love Movement" that came out in 1998 which has a smooth sound and jazz oriented beats. The lead single, "Find a way" got tribe a lot of radio play; technically this song was suppose to be the second single, however this was there farewell album and well all know most farewell album singles don't get too much radio play for some odd reason, anyways this album, like the song, "like it like that", has very similar sounds. I would've actually post the album but I couldn't find any complete album uploads. So if you get a chance, pick up a copy or download a copy of the album if you enjoyed this song, it really is a good album.  I hope you enjoy "Like it like that" by A Tribe Called Quest feel free to add any additional information in the comments section below and Thank You for stopping by "No Title" the random blog. When you're finished with everything here, I have one request, when you exit off my blog, if you can click on the green links as your exit. Thank you again and have a nice day! =)

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