Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cherish the little things...

It’s the little things in life we forget to cherish. A line we hear all the time, something you think would settle in the back of our unconscious mind which I’m sure it does, but we forget; I definitely forgot especially when writing my poem, Dear vacation. Since a young age, parents have always told us to aim high, shoot for the stars and achieve your dreams, don’t be like me, be better than me and your father, don’t make the same mistakes or choose wisely, yet we forget to tell children sometimes, don’t forget about the little things; I mean honestly, it would confuse things, shoot for the stars but don’t forget about the little things? I don’t blame any parents that’s tried, nor do I blame my parents, because it's human nature to forget, to want better, to want the spoils of life; we often forget sometimes the spoils of life  mean happiness.

            In my poem dear vacation, I went on a rant about the negativity at my job and the fact that I wish what I’m doing, having my clothing line and blog would just explode, because it really is a dream job for me, then I talked about the dark side of reality, the skydive back to reality that even in those dark moments, there some light moments, little things that make life a lot easier for me then most. I have the average debt of most college students, bills that appear to eat up my check leaving me with just enough money to go back to work so I can make more money, just enough money so my current bills don’t add to my debt, and after a while it can get annoying, it can get annoying seeing a pay check you receive on Thursday just about disappear by Monday, constantly having to give out rain checks to people because you actually want to see your account have money come the following week. It hits you like a ton of bricks, struggling, living pay check to pay check.

            I can change my circumstances. I know at any moment, I can change the direction of my life, and I know in order to achieve a dream, this means struggle will rear its ugly head but as someone who loves science, I know that pressure makes diamonds. If man truly has all the minerals found in our soil, within our bodies, this means we can actually become diamonds as well. So if you struggle, remember that most of the minerals within us are found within our rocks; diamonds are nothing but pretty rocks….it really is the little things in life…=) I’ll see you at the top. Have a nice day.

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